Outlook or Thunderbird: The Search for the Best Desktop Email Client

Over the years there have been many email clients that have attracted users’ interest due to their unique features and productive email services. Out of these many have become obsolete whereas some have managed to establish their dominance among email users.

Two such email services have been Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. Both have captivated people from all fields of interest such as IT professionals as well as non-IT users.

Both these email client applications have a set of features which make them a preferred choice for communication over emails.

The question is which desktop email client is the better one. In the forthcoming article, we will try to analyse both the applications on the basis of their features.

Let us study and compare these email client services and try to reach a conclusion about which one out of the two is a better performer.



• Thunderbird gains an upper hand if we consider the parameters as it is available completely free & open-source software. You can download it from the Thunderbird website free of charge and hence there are no licences to be purchased.

• Outlook comes with a fixed licence cost and is available as a paid email desktop client.This also makes it very clear that Thunderbird, being free will not have all the functionalities that MS Outlook provides. However, some of the functions can be availed through Plug-ins.

If you have no use of the Microsoft Exchange Server that is associated with Outlook, it is advised that you should go for Thunderbird.


• Being a product of Microsoft, Outlook will only be supported on Windows OS versions such as Window 2007, 2008,8.1. 2010.

• While on the other hand, Thunderbird can be used with Windows OS, Mac OS, or Linux.This makes it available to a greater number of users globally than Outlook.


• MS Outlook comprises of a Calendar facility which is integrated with Email and Contacts. You can create appointments very easily by just clicking on the day, week or month section. Each appointment can be connected to reminders which are highly useful for remembering important events such as birthdays and anniversaries.


• Thunderbird does not include a Calendar by default, but a calendar can be added through Plug-in called Lightning.

• Users can create their own calendars, get a subscription to calendars available on the web and efficiently manage schedule using the Thunderbird Lightning Extension.


• Thunderbird is an open source desktop email client, which means its source code is freely available to anyone who wishes to obtain it. This helps in the development of Thunderbird into a better application as it can be altered and made more efficient by the thousands of developers, security experts and programmers present worldwide. Thunderbird became open source after its parent organisation- the Mozilla Corporation made an announcement about stopping its further development. As of today, Mozilla only releases updates for maintenance and security. The responsibility of addition of new features has been taken up by the entire open source community since then.


• Outlook, on the other hand, is a proprietary software of the Microsoft Corporation. Its source code is therefore not made public by the company on the Internet

Updates for maintenance, security or the addition of new features and GUI is the sole responsibility of Microsoft developer team.


• Outlook is not only available as a desktop client but you can also carry your Outlook data with you wherever you go. This is made possible by the Outlook Android app which works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. So users can sync their Outlook data to their portable devices and access it from anywhere.


• Thunderbird is not present on the Android platform and hence it fails to provide portable services to users. This is a major disadvantage that comes along with using Thunderbird over Outlook.

Our verdict

If you want to use a desktop app that is free, has basic, simple features and works on any desktop platform then you should go for Thunderbird.

On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for an advanced set of features, along with an intuitive GUI and high availability of services, you should opt for Microsoft Outlook.


Recommended: For those users who are currently using Thunderbird and want to shift to Outlook, they need to know that it is possible without any loss of data items.

For migrating from data from Thunderbird EML to Outlook PST you can follow various manual methods of conversion. Alternatively, there are automated, third party solutions that are also available for this purpose like the EML to PST Converter that makes the migration very easy to achieve.

Article is written by James Smith

He is a data recovery expert who works as freelancer technical blogger. He has been in the Data recovery industry for 10+years and specialized in data recovery solutions & data management techniques. He researched on various email client issues & now willing to share information among people through the Web.


Top 5 Editing Steps Every Photographer Should Know

The scenario of photography and photo editing skills have changed numerously with the availability of lots of new features, tools, and settings. You can try these different photo editing steps for improved photo quality effortlessly. In most recent camera devices, you can find more advanced features and apart from this photo editing apps also offer far better results with some unique built-in features.  Let’s discuss top 5 useful editing steps that every photographer should know.

Crop: Cropping can benefit even the well-composed images. Using this tool, you need to click and drag the box into the position, further you need to fine-tune the crop by dragging the small box on each side. Here, you can level the horizon by dragging any of the corners of the box to rotate the crop. Using this tool, you can simply cut short the image to your desired level. You can select the area using crop shape to retain, rest will be deleted. Here you will find a new cropped image. Crop function offers rotate and straighten tools. For better cropping results, it is suggested that you should first rotate the image then straighten it. This is a useful feature to edit unwanted corners and shadows and other problems of the image.

Color Temperature/Color Adjust: This tool allows you to adjust the photo’s color temperature. When your camera device’s white balance doesn’t match up to the color temperature of the predominant light source, the resulting photo may have an undesirable color cast. Using this tool, you can either select a color neutral selection (gray or white) in the image and let the tool shift the color balance to match, or you can change some settings or sliders to make photo “warmer” or “cooler”. It’s better to have this tool in camera, but it can help rescue images that otherwise have improper color casts.

This tool can simply help you maintain color temperature of your image to make it look better. When you are editing images on your Mac, you can try mac photo editor apps to edit your images on Mac effortlessly. These apps offer numerous useful features for improved results instantly. Similarly, there come many useful apps from Windows as well.

Curves and levels: These tools or features are more sophisticated version of the Contrast and Brightness tools. Where Levels allows you to tweak the white, mid and black points of photo and it will help you shift the image accordingly. It is useful tool to push darks darker, whites whiter and adding some useful lightness to mid tones. It is also useful to bring up skin tones on faces while keeping every bright element unchanged. Curves is even more useful and more flexible, which allows you to describe a very sophisticated transformation of the original photo’s characteristics. When you use these tools in excess, the result would be more surreal or abnormal in appearance.

Channel Mixer: This useful tool allows you to tweak the amount of red, green and blue in your images. Its real value lies in being able to tailor a black and white conversion to include a certain amount of red, green and blue to image. When you select “Monochrome” as the output, you can mix the red, green and blue channels to bring out more sophisticated features that a straight black and white conversion will not be able to do. The default level stands at 33% each of red, green and blue. You can experiment with different values like 70% 20% 10% of various modes and see elements like bricks or blue sky or green leaves will change. This is a useful feature to maintain the natural color of the image.

Resize: This tool is different from Crop, as it allows you to resize your complete image when keeping all the objects in the image intact. This tool is used to tweak the size and number of pixels or image dots in an image file. For example, when you try to upload certain images to any website it suggests you bring pictures of certain pixels to make it easy to load instantly. For printing purpose, you may need to resize it larger.  Resizing is a tricky tool to use, as it may affect you photo quality when you try to resize an image beyond its original pixel dimensions. Called Interpolation, this program may deliver mixed results when you try to increase the image size too far beyond its original dimensions. Combined with Crop tool, this is a good choice to preview and prepare any photo to be printed in a specific paper size.

You can follow these simple yet powerful steps to edit your images in a much better way. Apart from these editing steps, you can also try saturation, brightness & contrast, clone/rubber stamp, eraser, layers, sharpen, remove sensor dust and much more to make your images look beautiful.

Summary: Numerous photo editing steps can help you transform your regular image into a piece of art. Many of these features come built-in to help you edit your images seamlessly. Let’s discuss few useful photo editing steps.


This is a guest post written by Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar is working at Systweak Software , as an SEO analyst and  technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC  tips ,Android  and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Apoorv on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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How to Combine Outlook 2016 Inboxes

Outlook supports the facility of configuring multiple profiles and provides services for several accounts held by the same person. In some cases, you may feel the need for having a unified mailbox that contains all the data from several individual accounts.

This would make handling of information much easier as all the contacts, emails, tasks and other data would all be under the same roof.The versions of Outlook prior to 2010 delivered emails from several POP3 accounts to a single .pst file and mailbox. But this feature became obsolete for Outlook 2010/2013/2016.

How to Combine Outlook 2016 Inboxes

This article will provide techniques to fulfil this requirement in the higher versions and to create a cumulative Outlook Inbox for all email accounts owned by a user

Like every other solution to a problem, this one too has two approaches viz Manual and Automated.

Firstly we’ll discuss the manual approach to combine Outlook 2016 Inboxes into a single one.

Change the Path of Delivery

To bring back the feature of consolidated .pst files which were present in previous versions of Outlook you need to change the destination path where emails are delivered for an account.

For performing this task, follow the simple steps as below:

  1. Open the Account Settings dialogue box
    File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> tab E-mail
  2. Choose the POP3 based account for which you want to change the delivery path
  3. Click on the “Change Folder” button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  4. Select the folder to which you want your new messages delivered for that account.
  5. This can be an already existing folder such as the Inbox of your main mailbox or a separate (sub) folder.

After you have changed the path of delivery you can remove the previously set empty .pst file in the following way:

  1. Open the Account Settings dialog;
  2. File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings…-> tab Data Files
  3. Choose the PST file that you want to remove.
  4. Click on the Remove button.

Despite having manual methods to merge multiple PST mailboxes there exists a simpler alternative.This is in the form of third party tools which lend a helping hand to make the process a lot simpler.

These tools are capable of combining multiple .pst files into a single one to ensure that all data is present at a single place for better handling.

The features and capabilities of a third party tool that can be used to merge Outlook inbox folders are described in detail below


This tool is a third party software package that provides an automated and simpler way to merge the data from different accounts belonging to a single user on Outlook 2016.

The tool has a number of outstanding features that make it a highly preferable option for keeping data from different accounts in a single place.

Productive Features of the Tool

The PST Merge Tool has an exciting range of features that assist users in creating a common file which contains all their data(emails, contacts, calendars) from different mailboxes.

These features are described as under-

 Join Multiple PST Files

The PST Merge Tool allows users to combine two or more PST files to form a new PST file.

This file contains a folder for holding the data of both the combined Outlook PST files.

For example: If you have two email accounts like Gmail and YahooMail configured on Outlook and you wish to have a single PST file for both rather than separate files then you can use this feature of the tool.

Merge Multiple PST Files

This means that similar folders such as contacts folder of the first PST file and also contacts of the second PST are combined to form a new .pst file that contains contacts from both the files.

In other words, the user obtains a new .pst file that has a contacts folder which possesses all the contact information from the different Outlook mailboxes.

Merge Only Contacts Folders

If you only want all of your contacts at a single location and don’t wish to integrate every type of data from your different accounts, you can perform selective merge of contacts as well.

The result obtained after the process has ended will be a new PST file that holds a contacts folder that includes the complete set of contacts from both the accounts.


The process of combining multiple Outlook Inbox can be done manually but it takes up a lot of effort and time. For avoiding hassles involved with the manual approach a third party software such as the PST Merge Tool can be used.

It’s highly useful set of features and intuitive user interface makes it very easy to utilise and to carry out merging of data from different Outlook inbox.


About James Smith

He is a data recovery expert who works as freelancer technical blogger. He has been in the Data recovery industry for 10+years and specialized in data recovery solutions & data management techniques. He researched on various email client issues & now willing to share information among people through the Web.


Recover Accidentally Deleted Useful Files on Mac in Few Simple Steps

Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Losing data accidentally can produce grievous results sometimes. It becomes trickier when you don’t know how to recover this accidentally deleted data. To help you find a solution to it we can discuss few methods here to recover your accidentally deleted data. These methods include manual basic steps to using advanced data recovery tools.

Recover Mac Files

Check into Trash Can: Once you have deleted something from your system it directly goes to system Trash Can. You can lose files accidentally or while managing (removing and rearranging) them to speed up your Mac.  It holds your items until you set them to be permanently deleted. To recover data from Trash Can follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Trash Can from the desktop.
  • Now scroll through the Trash Can to find the item you have accidently deleted and want to recover.
  • Right-click on the item and select Put Back. It will restore the item to a destination where it was before you deleted it.

Check the Time Machine: Time Machine is the built-in backup feature of your Mac it helps you take backup of all files to an external drive so that you can retrieve this data (if needed) in future. To retrieve the data using Time Machine you need to follow these steps.

  • Open the window that originally contained the file which you have deleted. For example, you have deleted a file from Documents folder then you need to open Documents folder.
  • Connect the external drive on which you have backup data.
  • Now open the Time Machine by going to Menu bar. Now select and enter Time Machine. Your system will take few moments to connect to Time Machine.
  • Use timeline on the right side of the screen to go to specific backup or use the arrow keys to move back and forth between snapshots of that folder to find a specific file. You can also use the search bar to find any specific file in the snapshot.
  • Now double-click on the file to open it. Then select it and click on Restore option to recover the file to its original location.

You can select multiple items to restore them all at once. If the file was in multiple folders, then you can recreate the folder so that the file can be restored.

Recover files using Data Recovery Program

The first and most important step to recovering data using recovery programs is to refrain from system usage further once you have deleted some file. When you delete some file it is set to be overwritten by fresh data. It will increase the chances of data recovery as the files have not been overwritten yet. In fact, do not open, save, create or delete any file or program. Turn your system off, if the file is on your startup drive.

  • Now download a data recovery program on another computer or drive so that you don’t overwrite the file you are trying to recover.
  • If possible, download data recovery program on a portable drive like USB flash drive. It will help you connect to the Mac and run the program easily, preventing any task performing on your disk.


  • Next is to scan the drive. Select the drive that originally contained the file you accidentally deleted. To narrow the search, you may require mentioning the type of files you want the program to look for. You may find quick or full scan option. Try quick scan first if it can help you find the file as the full scan may take a significant amount of time. Certain data recovery programs come with an image that you can boot from.
  • In the scanning results, you will find the list of files that can be recovered. Select the file(s) you want to recover and save it. Try to save the file to an external drive and then transfer it to any drive. Always prefer to recover most important files first as the recovery process itself can overwrite the files.

You can follow these simple steps to recover your deleted files smoothly on your Mac. Using data recovery tools can help you recover files more accurately and instantly. In fact, these tools can save a lot of your time and efforts.

Summary: You can lose files accidentally or while managing them to speed up your Mac. Recovering these files include some manual efforts else you can use data recovery tools to recover them instantly.


This is a guest post written by Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar is working at Systweak Software , as an SEO analyst and  technical Content Writer. His potential of writing is PC  tips ,Android  and Mac tricks and he is anxious in writing other technical blogs. You can also find Apoorv on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Social Media Design Tool That Create Stunning Images/Artwork

Make KickAss Social Images

Let’s face it, if you want to create great content, you gotta complement your article in every possible way! Moreover, Social Medias play a very vital role to promote your content, get traffic and build conversations. Social Media marketing involves a lot of tactics, one of them is to create beautiful, eye-catch sharing images. But, making photos should backfire your productivity! So, here is one of the best photo editing apps for you to try out.


For now, I had been using my very own python script to create images just from text, the no hassle way. However, when you want to create a bit more complicated and elegant eye-catchy images, Fotojet can be a very good option.

Fotojet UI

This app focuses on simplicity and prebuilt layouts which you can tinker with to create awesome social images. Besides, there are a number of prebuilt sizes that goes excellent with your context. Whether you create a Youtube Banner or a Facebook Cover, Fotojet has its own category and in these categories, there are lots of good quality sample images which you can take inspiration from.

UI and Features

There are some useful features you can use

  • Add text
  • Add effects to your images
  • Use Local Font
  • Use Google fonts
  • Use Excellent free backgrounds
  • Add premium elements to your image

The basic UI looks like this

Fotojet Review

You can also use various elements like icons/vectors and edit them as your preference.

Give it a Go!

As far as we have tried it, we loved Fotojet for creating social images/making collages, photo on text, facebook cover, Youtube banners and another whole bunch of things! We surely hope you would like to it and make you more productive. Let us know in the comments after giving Fotojet a go!


10 Ways Technology Can Make Your LIFE EASIER

There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives to such an extent that if a person from the previous century comes back, he won’t be able to understand that it is the same world in which he lived. In the present century, technology has made unprecedented progress and changed the entire course of the world. With the help of technology, we have better access to things and we are spending a more comfortable life. The man has to work less; automatic machines are there to help him in any regard. Such are the optimistic aspects of technology that we have developed so far.

On the other hand, there are pessimists who think that technology is leading us towards destruction and they have their own arguments. For instance, they argue that the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence will be a turning point in the human history and human beings will be the slave of such artificial but far more intelligent robots.

We must keep in mind that the development of technology in itself is not a bad or destructive thing, but how we use it is the matter of concern. We can use technology in positive as well as in negative ways. We can use nuclear energy for destruction as well as in the generation of power for more beneficial purposes. Ultimately, these are the human decisions that make technology good or bad. Keeping such view in mind it won’t be deniable to say that technology has made our lives easier and secure, and for your better understanding, here is a list of 10 ways that how it did so

  1. Telecommuting opportunities

One can clearly notice the shift from physical force to mental force and genius of a person. In old days, physical force was the standard, but in our days, intelligence is the standard and it is because of technology. Gigantic machines have replaced human beings in heavy physical tasks, the only task that man has to do is to run those machines, and for that purpose, he uses his mind.

Keeping in mind this scenario, in old days, people used to go far off places in search of work because trade and physical labor were among few professions that persons could choose. With the advancement of technology, you can work from your home. You might take this thing for granted, but for a person who was born few centuries before, this could mean a heaven.

Working from home has also reduced many risks like the risk of theft and risk of accidents. With the help of the high-speed internet, you can access whatever you want instead of rushing into crowded streets only to stress yourself.

  1. Instant answers to everything

Do you want to learn? Learn sitting at home. In this advanced world, where technology offers us so many pleasures, it also offers us opportunities to educate ourselves. In this world, remaining ignorant is a choice, not compulsion. In old days, when there wasn’t any press, people used to copy books with their hands and there were few libraries in the entire world.

In today’s world, you can have access to each and every book in the world only with the help of your tablet. You can attend classes online, you can take tests online and you can study on your own by accessing books from the online database.

In many intellectual circles, debating is a charm. In old days debate could last for months because people weren’t sure that what the opposite party quoted, really exists or not. Today, we just search on the internet and the debate is concluded in less than three hours.

We can also find many of our solutions online and it has resulted in the developed awareness among people. They no longer have to rely on clichés and norms. They can read multiple perspectives on the internet and decide for themselves what is better and what not.

  1. Bringing families together

Technology has made this vast earth a little village. As in old days, people only had access to nearby villages at most. Today, we have access all around the globe. We know exactly – by virtue of news channels – what is exactly happening in the world. On the other hand, it is no longer difficult for persons to go abroad for work availing excellent opportunities because whether they remain at home or abroad, they can talk to their family members anytime they want.

In the domestic or local scenario, technology also brings people together. For instance, everybody remains busy all the time, thus it becomes very difficult for him to spare some time for relatives or other friends. As time passes, the distance among people keeps on increasing resulting in the final isolation. But, with the help of technology, people remain connected. It is proved by scientific reports that the people who use social media services are 10 percent closer to their friends and relatives that those who don’t.

  1. GPS makes it difficult to get lost


When people started exploring the water routes, they started their journey keeping in mind that it is possible they would never be able to come back again. Naval journeys far apart, people even were lost in their own cities. Today, we have GPS which not only tells us our place but also gives us directions about how to reach a specific destination. It has made the journeys easier and comfortable.

  1. Exercise incentive

Exercise is vital for health and as the common saying goes, they healthy body contains the healthy brain. If anyone wants to be efficient in his work, he must realize the importance of exercise because if not done properly, lack of exercise initially can cause frustration leading to serious health issues.

It is claimed by many critics that when the technology developed, people confined themselves to their rooms without showing any interest in physical activities whatsoever. This is true and cannot be denied keeping in mind the mind absorbing games etc. But, technology has again changed its course and your mobile or other gadgets can provide you incentive to exercise on regular basis. One such example is the newly trending game, Pokémon Go. The more you walk, the more you are rewarded in this game.

  1. Reduce wasted resources with used items

Can you imagine how people found old or used items in earlier times? They certainly bought used items because the industry wasn’t developed much and they relied on hand-made domestic things and exchanged these things for other materials like food which they needed. Today, we can buy a used or second-hand thing from almost any corner of the world. We can do say by exploring on the internet and then contacting directly with the person who owns that thing without any mediators.

On one hand, it has made our live easier; on the other, it has also helped us in making our environment clean because we tend to use more and more second-hand things. Buying old things reduces landfills, thus resulting in the comparatively cleaner environment. You can find everything in second-hand good condition ranging from books to most developed technological gadgets.

  1. The rise of smart cities

Technology can also persuade us to be more eco-friendly by spreading awareness. Many social organizations start their campaigns on social media services and as it is most likely that you use social media service, you will be aware of it instantly.

In a more systematic way, many companies have developed software which helps you set your goals regarding the consumption of natural resources. For this purpose, companies are building smart cities. In such cities, you will have a dashboard installed in your home which will tell you about the daily usage of the natural resources. By setting goals, you can make sure that you are consuming less and consequently, making less waste.

  1. Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the most helpful and distinguished features of the modern technology. First technology created a global village in which you could have access to anything you want and then it created ways in which you can get things sitting at your home by giving you the assurance of delivery services and transactions.

As most people are busy today, they cannot spare much time to go to shopping centers for grocery shopping or for other necessary things that they want. Now, they can simply pick their tablet, buy anything they want – ranging from food items to household things and furniture – and the things will be delivered to their house. Isn’t it amazing? It saves your time as well as gives you best possible deals. There are many websites that offer outstanding discounts if you are shopping online and Groupon is one such website.

  1. Safe

    Online Payments

Keeping in mind the increasing scope of the online shopping and how identity thieves are making use of it for theft and other negative inclinations, many companies pondered to develop a new and secure way for transactions, and finally, they succeeded. The result is safer online payments and easier transactions.

For instance, one such example is Apple’s Pay App, which stores all your accounts data at a much secured source and if you want to make any transaction you can use this app and can access your account with the help of a fingerprint. No matter where you are, you remain safe and unworried from the physical heft as well as from the online robbery.

The other such example is PayPal. This service also keeps your information secure and lets you do shopping and other online transactions without any discomfort.

  1. Improved healthcare

Technology has improved healthcare because of the awareness people receive by using social media services. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the technology has improved the health care to such an extent that such improvement is never recorded in the entire course of history. It was because of two different reasons: the first one is the development of some apps related to healthcare and the second is the manufacturing of machines that help you in doing exercise.

Many applications are developed which let you test your blood sugar or heart beat only with the help of your mobile. You don’t have to go to a faraway hospital for check-ups; you have all the necessary instruments in your house which you can use to make sure that your health is perfect.

On the other hand, the presence of exercise machines inside houses has given people a great incentive for regular exercise. Even though it is better to do exercise in the open air but the main thing is doing it, and you can do it anywhere you want. Some people are afraid to go outside and other feel shy; so the presence of exercise machine ensures your fitness.

All these things conclude that technology has made our lives much easier and secure.




HP Releases Chromebook 13 With Sleek New Design

HP Releases its Premium Chromebook 13

It is true that electronic products have become the prime need of everyone and each person is seen dependent on these treasured entities. No-one could escape the benefits and hence either at the individual level or at the corporation level, digital and electronic devices are ruling.

There are many brands are coming up with some exciting digital commodities. Gratefully we have the names like HP and Chromebook that have merged their essential aspects to make the masterpiece called HP Chromebook 13. We have usually observed the smooth structure and efficient performance of every HP laptop but this good is quite being admired by the audience.

Chromebook is basically the series of laptops that operate via Chrome operating system designed by Google. The hardware structures are developed by various bright names like Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Adobe and Asus but this time, HP has shown its brilliant side. HP Chromebook 13 is released at the end of April 2016 in US and expected to be released worldwide in May.

HP Chromebook 13 specs – the features to flatter

This new Chromebook is all about its slim structure and smoothness. The thickness is nearly 12.9 mm. The entire body is metal based upon brushed aluminum. The total weight is 1.29 kg which is quite light to be effortlessly carried. Because of its lightness and thin body, it is said to have resemblance to Apple’s MacBook Air.

The battery life also matters a lot when we have to utilize the laptop for longer period of time. HP has proudly announced that this Chromebook will have the life of 11.5 hours which is quite a good number for an efficient computer system like this. On the other hand, the approximately 13 inches of screen resolution gives a broad view of the graphic with sharpness and clarity. Although it is a new product but many of the online marketplaces choose the latest entities to sell in reasonable amounts and with safety to each and every customer. Kaymu is one them which is soon making the availability of Chromebook in Bangladesh easier.

Other specifications include the ports, which encompass a headphone jack, a microSD card reader, two USB Type-C ports and one plain old USB 3.0. These aspects will surely be seen in the HP Chromebook 13 in the catalog of online portals like Amazon that never compromise on quality and always satisfy the customers, making it comfortable to get this HP laptop in Bangladesh.

The sophisticated design and a backlit keyboard makes this product the perfect piece for the office. Even if you are using it while sitting on the bench outside, it will still depict the same flattering beauty. The audio and video quality is also considered to be excellent and 3200 x 1800 pixels demonstrate the best pictures.

The initial HP Chromebook price is said to be just 499 dollars which means it will be nearly 39,147 takas in Bangladesh. Although this has just been introduced in US yet, soon the world will relish the sheer advantages and distinction of this new product.


Why IDM Is Still The Best Downloader – 2016

Admit it! You need a good download manager to manage your downloads!

Choosing The Best Download Manager

While searching for a good download manager, we’ve to consider at least some features to make into the final cut. A good download manager should be able to resume downloads with ease, has good browser integration and work seamlessly. Video downloading is a plus and it should be easy to use. I have been playing with different download managers for some time now. Today I’ll let you know what I found, IDM is still the best download manager even in 2016. There is not a single download manager that can beat IDM comparing it’s speed, ease of use and vast functionality. I’ll be explaining why


Ease of Use

One of the best features of IDM is its ease of use. The download manager is dead simple to use. After installing, you’ll be greeted with a screen like this which enables you to manage all your downloads seamlessly. I have found this UI extremely easy comparing other mainstream downloaders like FDM, Eagleget & DAP.

Why IDM Is Still The Best Downloader

From here, you can do various things, you can even schedule your downloads and sleep so that it shut downs your PC upon completing the download!

 icon-youtube Download Videos with Ease – The best video grabber in a Download Manager

Trust me, I have tried different download managers, the one thing that always kept me faithful to IDM is its incredible built in Video Grabber. You visit any site with video, it shows an option to download the video. As simple as that! It is one of the best features of IDM and not many download managers support it. Moreover, IDM is the only one, which shows Download Video button in almost all websites that has video in it. The best way of downloading webpage embedded videos from the Internet is here. After installing IDM, “Download This Video” button pops up whenever you are watching a video anywhere in the Internet. Just click on the button to start downloading clips.

 icon-rocket Increase Download Speed Up To 5x

Internet Download Manager can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times due to its intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology. IDM was one of the first few managers that introduced this file segments downloaded technology and it still beats others ass! IDM still achieves best acceleration performance comparing all others. I ran a test comparison, downloading the same file from same server using different download managers. The result was something like this:

Why IDM Is Still The Best Downloader - 2016


As you can see, I got maximum speed while downloading with IDM

 icon-forward Resume Downloads

IDM can resume unfinished download from the place where they left off. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost or dropped connections. IDM can resume one of the worst downloads which other downloaders couldn’t resume for me.

 icon-gears Other Miscellaneous Features

  • Schedule Downloads & automatic shut down
  • Best browser integration – Supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other browsers
  • Drag and Drop – you may simply drag and drop links to IDM and it’ll start downloading
  • Download Categories IDM can organize downloads automatically using defined download categories.
  • Automatic Updates

 icon-warning Why You Should Not Pirate It & Buy It Instead

Despite having a lot of trouble, some people prefer to use IDM via various cracks and other illegal ways. Hey, DON’T DO IT. There’s one major disadvantages of using cracks.

  • You cannot use the always updated version
  • You cannot take update via auto updater
  • Browser Integration breaks

The major problem of using old version of IDM is, it looses browser integration capability. The browser integration has to be updated regularly to have 100% functionality. And it’s a pain, cracking each time after update. So what you can do, you can head over to the Internet Download Manager official site and buy licensed copy for $19.99 a lifetime license 

Believe me, it’s worth it! You can have a peace of mind, paying a little appreciation to the software company 🙂

Mobile Technology

HTC Releases M10 | Price & Specs

HTC M10 was released Last year, it released the stunning HTC M9. The HTC M9 Review + Specifications were praised by majority of critics and buyers. Now, with the first quarter of 2016 almost over, people are eagerly awaiting the release of the new HTC M10.

  • What is it? HTC’s new flagship smartphone
  • When’s it out? May 2016 worldwide
  • What will it cost? US$699.99 (£569.99, around AU$900) SIM free

 icon-mobile HTC M10 Release Date, Price & Specs in Bangladesh


Historically, HTC smartphones release in March. Nothing from HTC suggests that this time would be any different. This April, HTC annoucned the new M10.

With rumor mill going strong, let’s take a look at what HTC M10 would offer to customers.


 icon-calendar HTC One M10 Release Date

As mentioned before, HTC has released its previous flagship phones in March. The One M10 should also be released in late March or maximum by early April of 2016. You can preorder it from late April onwards.


 icon-map-marker HTC M10 in Bangladesh

The HTC M10 price in Bangladesh is expected to be around $650 when released. Almost all HTC flagship phones have this price when released and the One M10 should be no different. HTC now releases phone with warranty in collaboration with Gadget & Gear. So you can expect it soon.

In the meantime, lets enjoy this amazing video on One M10:

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How To Save/Export WhatsApp Chat as PDF?

 icon-question-circle How to Save Whatsapp Chats as PDF?

So sometimes, if you have a conversation on Whatsapp, that you want to store as PDF which you can open or read offline or access in your convenient time, but you don’t know how this might be actually possible? Yes, it can be done and you just need to have a bit of patience through the process. Then, you can always read your bae’s chat history anytime you would like.

 icon-info-circle Apps Needed for Exporting Whatsapp chat as PDF

  • WPS Office
  • Whatsapp

 icon-file How to Export Whatsapp Chat As PDF?

  • Open your desired chat which you want to export and click the dot in the upper top-right corner.
  • Click More
  • Click Email Chat (Without Media because it takes time to export media files)
  • Select Without Media
  • Choose your email app and send to your own email.
  • Open your email
  • Download the attached txt file.
  • Open the txt file with WPS office.
  • Click Tools >> Export To PDF
  • Set your saving path and you’re done!

    You have your Whatsapp chat now exported as PDF which you can use for any purpose you want.