Recover Contacts from OST File Using Best Possible Way

Do you want to extract deleted Outlook contacts from .ost file? Learn best tips and tricks to recover contacts from OST file easily.

Recover Contacts from OST File Using Efficient Tips

Microsoft Outlook is widely used in large organization where all the systems are interconnected to each other using MS Exchange Server. The mail contacts of Outlook are connected to Exchange Server allows the users to work in offline mode. Working in Offline mode creates OST file or Offline Storage Table. If any changes are made in the OST data file in offline mode, then it gets synchronized automatically when the connection re-establishes. Thus, OST file is a copy of items stored on a Mail Server. So, it is not necessary to backup OST data. While using OST files for a long time, there can be a lot of contacts which are stored in it and are not required anymore so, users delete them and those contacts go to the trash folder. The deleted contacts stays in the trash folder until it is removed from that folder too. If it gets deleted from trash folder then the question arises that how to recover contacts from OST file. In this article, we will be going to discuss different ways to retrieve permanently deleted contacts from Offline Storage Table.

User Queries
I have deleted some of my contacts from Outlook offline storage table but now I want to recover deleted contacts from .ost file. Is there any way? If yes, then please suggest me as the contacts which are deleted contains some very important contacts.

Accidentally, I have deleted one of my important contacts from my Microsoft Outlook contacts folder. Now, I need that contact urgently and I don’t know any method to recover Outlook contacts from .ost file. Please help me and suggest any way to extract the permanently deleted contact.

Solution to Recover Contacts from OST File

The technique to retrieve Outlook OST contacts is different. It depends whether the contacts are temporarily deleted or permanently deleted. If the contacts are temporarily deleted, then users can go for manual approach but if the contacts are permanently deleted then users have to opt for automated solution to retrieve Outlook contacts from .ost file.

Method 1 – Manual Solution to Recover Contacts from OST File

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and navigate to Deleted Items Folder.



2. After that, select the contacts which you want to retrieve from Offline Storage Table(OST).



3. Now, Right click on the selected contact and select Move option from the context menu. Then, choose Other Folder option.



4. A Move Items window will be displayed on the screen. You can navigate to the OST file from this window where you want to save restored contacts. Select contacts from the list of items and then click OK.



5. Now, users can see that the restored contacts are vanished from the Deleted Items Folder of Outlook and are moved to their original location. Therefore, after following this approach users will be able to extract contacts from OST file successfully.



Limitations of Manual Method

The manual approach to recover Outlook contacts from .ost file as described above has some limitations. It can be helpful when the data which is to be recovered is less, if there is a huge amount of data then it will take too much of time and is complex too. Another thing which is to be kept in mind is that this method can be used only if users want to extract contacts from OST file which are temporarily deleted.

Method 2 – Automated Solution to Recover Outlook contacts from .ost File

As explained earlier, the manual approach have some limitations. So, the most efficient and reliable solution to extract contacts from OST file is OST Recovery Tool. It allows users to recover deleted Outlook contacts from Outlook OST file without any data loss.


In this article, two approaches to recover contacts from OST file are discussed. Users can use the manual as well as automated solution as per their requirement. Manual approach can be beneficial in cases when contacts which are to be recovered are temporarily deleted. But in the case of permanent deletion of Outlook OST contacts, the automated solution is always advised. It can retrieve deleted emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from .ost file independent of temporary or permanent deletion. It does not even alter or modify the contact information during the recovery process.

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