How to use Tasker: Beginners Guide to Use the Tasker App

Our Android devices are similar to a Santa Claus goodie bag, it has gifts in the form of apps, games and much more. It is just like a homogenous genie who grants all our wishes instantly. The Android device flinging in our pockets is equipped with communicating facilities, productivity apps that fulfills all office work, … Read more

HTC Releases M10 | Price & Specs

Htc One M10

HTC M10 was released Last year, it released the stunning HTC M9. The HTC M9 Review + Specifications were praised by majority of critics and buyers. Now, with the first quarter of 2016 almost over, people are eagerly awaiting the release of the new HTC M10. What is it? HTC’s new flagship smartphone When’s it … Read more

OnePlus One Low Mic Fix Guide [Solve Permanently]


OnePlus One Low Mic Fix  icon-warning OnePlus One Low Mic Fix, is the magical fix you are looking for. Granted, OnePlus One is a great beast comparing its price, but the low microphone and low call volume issue could be very annoying. A phone is firstly a  communicating device. If you cannot do calls properly, … Read more

Download PowerAmp Permanently Cracked

Best Android Music Player

 icon-lightbulb-o What is the best Android Music Player? For many fans, the answer will be PowerAmp. For long PowerAmp has been the absolute favorite music player for Android users. Why wouldn’t it? It has the most features anyone can ask e.g gapless playback, silent timer, folder based playing and good UX. The only major flaw with … Read more

Why Design Inconsistency Is Ruining the Overall Experience of Windows Mobile 10

Windows 10 Mobile What Needs To Be Fixed

Microsoft Needs to Fix The Broken OS Microsoft is getting back with Satya Nadella at the helm & Terry Myerson as his lieutenant. Desperate moves such as giving Windows 10 for free to pirates were taken, and the company has now moved to Windows-as-a-service era. Nevertheless, Microsoft hasn’t quite gripped the mobile market despite big … Read more

OK Mobile Introduces Octa-Core Android Jupiter Z7 at 12000 Taka

OK Mobile Octa Core Android OK mobile is introducing a new Android phone which boasts some good features and a good price also. The launching set, which currently named as, OK Jupiter Z7, is having Android Kitkat on board and include 5inches HD IPS display. Perfect display for every work. We are also pretty certain … Read more

Moto E for Rs 6999 ($130 Unlocked) & Why You Should Care About It!

Moto E with Shells

Ever since Motorola launched Moto G, I was tempted to buy it. Eventually I bought Moto G and posted the reasons why I chose it over Nexus 4. There’s actually no competition where it comes to deliver softwares updates for Motorola phones. Even though, they cancelled Android updates for some of their previous handsets like … Read more

Dodol Locker – Make Your Android Lockscreen AMAZINGLY COOL

Screenshot Dodol

The most awesome feature of Android is, how deeply you can customize it. The customization was one of the key things back in 2011, when Android became a super hit across the globe. This post is bringing you one of the great new locker that will replace the stock lock screen on your Android smartphone. So … Read more

Bought My 2nd Smartphone: Moto G – Complete Review with Kitkat

Moto E with Shells

Moto G – Complete Review with Kitkat As you all know, Moto G is the new budget friendly smartphone which is selling like hotcake. For $199 (16GB) it is really a bargain. Not to mention, I was tempted too! My first smartphone was Motorola Atrix 4G, which was the first dual core smartphone in the … Read more

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