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I’m Saif Hassan 👨‍💻

A Product Manager by passion & profession.

Where developers are focused on code, architecture, performance, and engineering, I would focus on the big picture of “what are we trying to do” and on the details of the user experience, the feature set, and the way the product will get used. Lead Product Manager at weDevs, former PM @ Poptin & Premio.

Passionate about writing & tech. I’m an advocate of Human-Centered Design. I believe that websites and the tools used to build them should be well crafted, intuitive, and accessible. A WordPress ninja, an HCI expert & a design thinker💡

I love joining WordCamps 🤝 and
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Engaging with Communities

I love engaging with communities and join WordCamps. I’m also a co-founder of a Facebook group of over half a million people.

Featured on The Daily Star ↗

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