I’m Saif Hassan, a Product Manager by passion & profession. Lead Product Manager at weDevs, former PM @ Poptin & Premio.

Where developers are focused on code, architecture, performance, and engineering, I would focus on the big picture of “what are we trying to do” and on the details of the user experience, the feature set, and the way the product will get used.

I believe that websites and the tools used to build them should be well-crafted, intuitive, and accessible.

A Cyclist. Reader. A WordPress ninja, HCI expert & a design thinker. Passionate about writing & tech. I’m an advocate of Human-Centered Design.

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I love building communities

I love engaging with communities and joining WordCamps. I also co-founded a Facebook community of over half a million people.

Featured on The Daily Star ↗

Featured on the BBC Bangla

I love public speaking and joining WordCamps <3

I love engaging with open-source communities, contribute to WordPress, and join WordCamps. I was featured in Microsoft’s Global Event.

I frequently write on Saifiction!

I am a writer by day and reader by night.

Wefamilyday Optimized

Celebrating weFamily Day 2024 – Where Families Reign Supreme

At weDevs, we’re all about teamwork and treating each other like family. That’s what keeps us going strong in this competitive world. …
Saif Hassan
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Movie Reviews

Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki: Exploring SRK’s Return to Boyish, Evergreen Charm and Family Drama

Dunki Unveiled: A Shahrukh Khan classic worth revisiting. Explore SRK’s evergreen charm and memorable moments.
Saif Hassan
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Movie Reviews

Loki – The best thing MCU has put out since Endgame

Start to finish, Loki S2 was fantastic. The time travel stories and mechanics, the characters development for Loki himself and the rest of the TVA agents, the development of stories on branched timelines— all of it.
Saif Hassan

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