Nuvision TM800W560L Driver/Touch Issue & Factory System Restore [Fixed]

Nuvision TM800W560L Tablet Driver Fix Touchscreen Fix Audio Fix Windows Fix

Cheap Windows Tablets are sometimes great. Specifically, if it comes with Microsoft Signature Edition Windows version as the Windows does not have any junk.

However, cheap often comes with some trade offs. For example, I bought this really cool Nuvision TM800W560L Tablet.

But someday ago I messed it up. I thought of installing a clean Windows and it went horribly. After installing I did not have any sound or touch or battery. I thought this would be a junk and Nuvision Customer Service was one of the worst. The customer care guys do not know a thing about this particular tablet TM800W560L Nuvision Tablet.

Why I had to clean install?

My installation stuck at about 68% while I tried to install an Insider Preview. The tablet wouldn’t turn on. It would just keep restarting in a loop again and again. And nothing seemed to be working. I often got a GSOD but it rebooted so fast, I never could read what’s the error. So I thought of installing a clean Windows.

 Boot to BIOS on Nuvision TM800W560L

So how can you fix your driver issue of Nuvision TM800W560L? Or how to restore factory Windows in Nuvision TM800W560L? After 2 weeks of countless tries, applying different methods I have finally made it work. Just like the review video. You can fix your touchscreen issue on TM800W560L or audio issue. You can see my full review about the tablet here.

How to USB Boot Nuvision TM800W560L

The Nuvision customer service representatives are so dumb they don’t even know what is the key to boot. I had to restart countless times to actually find it out which is the key to boot.


1) USB Hub

2) Keyboard

3) USB

4) Micro USB to USB Converter

The Nuvision TM800W560L booting key is F7. You need to turn off the tablet. Click the power switch and immediately start pressing F7. (plug keyboard in USB hub). You’ll see the boot menu popping up.

Nuvision TM800W560L Driver Issue Fix / System Restore

Your Nuvision TM800W560L has no touch? No audio? Messed up? Not Booting? Then you need to restore your Nuvision  TM800W560L to factory image. But the problem is, Nuvision Download Center does not provide software for this tablet anymore. Fortunately, I downloaded the System Image and I can provide you that.

Download TM800W560L Factory Image from MediaFire

After downloading and extracting to a local folder, you’ll get a directory with files like this

But how to make use of these? I’ll show you how.

How to install Drivers/Factory Windows on Nuvision TM800W560L

  • First, you need to make sure your USB hub is working and the plugged in keyboard is working. You can try pressing F7 while rebooting to check. If it’s okay then go on to the next step.
  • Download the software from above link.
  • Extract it in your PC.
  • Format your USB to fat32. Copy all the contents that you extracted to your USB. After completing the copying, we have taken all the files to the USB.
  • But we still need to make the USB bootable. (We can’t use Rufus because Rufus would have needed an ISO or img).

 icon-folder-open Make USB Bootable

So, we’ll make it bootable via Command Line Prompt.

  1. Open cmd.exe with admin privilege
  2. Navigate to the Extracted folder where you have extracted all the files and navigate to the folder using cd command
  3. Type cd boot
  4. Type bootsect.exe /nt60 F: (where F is the letter of our removal/USB disk drive.)

Now here is the tricky part. Boot this USB from your tablet by pressing F7. If you are lucky, your PC will find itself working again. But in my case, the boot script was formatting the USB itself every time.  And I was getting an error like this

The USB key was partitioning the USB key itself, whereas it should have been partitioning the internal hard disk of the tablet

Now in this step, I began studying about how this mechanism works. The thing is Microsoft has a different way to install Windows on smaller devices which has less RAM and storage. It’s called Windows PE Deployment.

I knew the boot process was right. All I had to do is to let the system select the internal hard disk not the USB. So I began reading files from the extracted contents. And I finally found the fix.

The Final Trick

You need to go to the Scripts folder in your USB. You’ll see these files. Open the Main.cmd File using any text editor. And you’ll find a line about set disk on line 26.

set disk=

I knew this line was the culprit because the automatic mechanism wasn’t selecting the required disk. it was selecting disk 1 whereas it should have selected disk 0. I changed it to

set disk=0

The Final Trick 2

If the above workaround did not work for you, there is an easy alternative I found recently. After doing everything just rename the USB Disk as “WINPE” and restart. It should solve the problem!

Saved the file and plugged into USB. Finally, it worked!

Voila! It worked perfectly!

44 thoughts on “Nuvision TM800W560L Driver/Touch Issue & Factory System Restore [Fixed]”

  1. Thank you sooooo much Saif!! This guide worked perfect! I had to do all the steps for it to work. All the way up to “The Final Trick 2”.
    I appreciate you taking the time to write something like this for those of us who thought our tablet was just a paperweight.

    I wonder if you have tried to install Android or linux on it with any luck?
    I did wipe it clean and install Android x-86(8.1r1) but the touch screen and the Internet were intermittent. :(
    anyway, I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for bringing my tablet back to life :)
    Keep up the GREAT work.

    • Welcome! I did not try Linux because I bought the device to run WIndows specially. I lost few nights trying to figure out how to solve this thing. Glad I kept a copy of the drivers as Nuvision has deleted the original files from their server.

  2. Hi there,

    Thansk so much for the guide… I have a problem with getting a letter assigned to the drive.
    It says CurrentControlSet\Control registry entry is not found. It is trying to use it to assign the letter.

    Next I see, WinPESource is drive letter “”
    and therefore, it cannot call the main.cmd script.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Would this image work on a TM800W610L? I have one and I goofed it up by installing Linux on it. I want to go back to the original Win 10 image but Nuvision’s download page goesn’t work, and just installing the standard Windows 10 ISO straight from Microsoft leaves a lot of important drivers out

  4. I followed your instructions three time it didn’t work the only thig it did was to wipe out three usb drives. once I ran the program the usb drive didn’t show any files on it and I haven’t been able to restore them back to their original settings to try again do you have any suggestions

    • Brother

      Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator.

      Type “diskpart”.

      In the new command line window that opens, to determine the USB flash drive number or drive letter, at the command prompt, type “list disk”, and then click ENTER. The list disk command displays all the disks on the computer. Note the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive.

      At the command prompt, type “select disk 1”, where X is the drive number or drive letter of the USB flash drive, and then click ENTER.

      Type “clean”, and the click ENTER. This command deletes all data from the USB flash drive.

      To create a new primary partition on the USB flash drive, type “create partition primary”, and then click ENTER.

      To select the partition that you just created, type “select partition 1”, and then click ENTER.

      To format the partition, type “format fs=ntfs quick”, and then click ENTER.


  5. Before I start this task, I want to confirm that all of the drivers are present in the system restore image at mediafire. Is the wifi device driver incorporated into the restore image (the non-working nuvision download center page — the IP address/port of the downloads for this device point to a non-working server/service) has both a OS download and a driver download, so I want to know if I should chase something additional down before starting the restore. Thank you, Saif!!!

    • Again, thank to Saif for providing great resource and community for TM800W560L!

      Found a solution to my question about archived drivers (shown on nuvision site but along with all the others, no server operating.)

      In Windows power shell, as administrator

      PS C:\> Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination c:\tm800w560l-drivers

      This ran for about half a minute and yielded about two dozen folders of files (all in a folder named c:\tm800w560l-drivers in this case.) As an experiment, I removed one of the application/drivers (an accelerometer sensor), confirmed driver missing, then re-installed it by pointing search for updated driver to this folder. Worked immediately. Still not sure if Saif’s OS archive (linked to mediafire) lacks anything, but it’s good to have backups given nuvision’s defunct support.

      Two other encouraging notes –

      1. Updated to Windows 10 release 1909 – as I have very little on the C: drive, there was enough room to download and complete the update (I did this with power source attached to the USB port.) Appears to run fine.

      2. Found that the tm800w560l has virtualization enabled in the BIOS – installed virtualbox 5.2.36 (the last version supporting 32-bit hosts), used this to install linux (xubuntu 18.04 32-bit alternate installer) with vm files on a 32-GB TF card (formatted exfat to allow virtual drive file larger than 4GB.) This works very well (not fast, but quite usable), and with guest additions installed (and allocating about 800MB to the guest), it tablet lets me play with linux school projects. Gives linux capability without need for dual boot, nor need for the numerous specialized drivers required for tablet operation.

      Again, thank you Saif!!!

      • After doing the boot from WINPE with the downloaded files it seems to load the image correctly. But then I am get the cryptic “Press ESC in 1 seconds to go to startup.nsh, any other key to continue”. I have read it may be a BIOS setting, Has this happened to any of you? Any idea of a solution?

        • Problem solved! I started from scratch with a cleanly formatted USB drive and a different extraction tool for the RAR (7-Zip) . I followed all the steps and it worked. There must have been something funky with the image I was trying to install.

          Thanks for the excellent process.

      • Dave, can you please upload the drivers backup archive you creted to a file sharing service (mega, google drive, Dropbox etc…) And paste the link here? Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi, I have Nuvision tablet model TM101w545L, it was missing touch, sound, can’t even using plug in mouse, or keyboard mouse. Fortunately, I contact Nuvision tech support they’re reply to me a link to download the window 10 sw, no instruction how to install at all, until I find your website, thank you for instructions how to make a bootable usnb drive, now mine tablet is back to life. With many thanks..

  7. brilliant work. i did a clean install 8 months ago and it wrecked the touch inputs. i tried all iknew but it was bad.

    thank you for sharing

  8. Thank you Saif for the great tutorial.
    Year or more ago, I followed your tutorial to install windows 10 on my tm800w560l tablet and it just worked fine from the first time.
    Recently, I believe there were windows updates which broke windows and the tablet started to boot into an empty blue screen.
    I prepared my tools and refreshed my memory and started the installation one more time, but unfortunately it did not work this time.
    I get back to this tutorial and I found your tricks, Rename the USB drive to be “WINPE”, and this time I’m received a new error message “Failed to make w:\recycler\windowsre directory”.
    Any idea what might be the cause?

  9. Can someone please upload the driver folders? Windows update 20H2 killed accelerometer, audio and touch so hoping to avoid a new install. Thanks.

    • I would second this. I had the same problem. Tried to start using it again and thought I should update it first, but this was clearly a bad idea.

  10. I mounted the install.wim image file from the PE OS, extracted the drivers with dism and uploaded them to Google Drive:

    Anyone who has installed a clean installation and has no drivers at all can import them all at once by pnputil (see the bat in the file I uploaded).

    For those who have installed Windows updates and the devices are no longer detected, like me, it turns out that the problematic driver is I2C. To resolve this issue in Device Manager find “Intel (R) Atom (TM) / Celeron (R) / Pentium (R) Processor Serial IO (SIO) – I2C Port 1 – 0F41” under System Devices and in the properties, on the “Driver” tab, click “Roll Back Driver”. This will connect the disconnected devices. The other drivers I think are not problematic, I do not remember exactly what I did but if I remember correctly there was no need to roll back any additional driver.

    • This site turned out to be a saviour in getting my Nuvision Tablet working again. I tried the loading from scratch but could not make it work. I then found this download of the drivers, so I installed a clean version of widows 10 and then tried to install the drivers. I kept getting “access denied” even though I was using administrator startup of CMD.exe. Then I found a sight with the same problem for other drivers and they found that by starting windows in safe mode and then using CMD in administrator mode it worked. So I tried it and Eureka! it worked beautifully. So thanks all for the help on the site

  11. I loved this article (hope this note identifies it). I have a NuVision Duo 10. The drivers file is, is there any chance you might be able to rustle up this file or the drivers it contains? My Tablet got to the point where it would not run anything. I managed to download the operating system and re-install that, but without the drivers the touch-screen does not work, the text is 90 degrees rotated to the left, and I doubt the bluetooth or wifi work. Since the operating system file downloaded, I never suspected that the drivers file wouldn’t download. If someone has a working Duo 10, they could extract the drivers like this:

    Start up PowerShell as an Administrator and run this command:
    Export-WindowsDriver -Online -Destination C:\Drivers
    This command will extract all third party OEM drivers from your current Windows installation to a directory called C:\Drivers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  12. I tried to follow your way but when I press F7 my computer won’t boot. Do you have a way to fix it? Please help me my computer has lost touch sound operating system and more…

    • Keep pressing the shift key and then restart your table(keep pressing the shift key until it turns on and bring the boot options)

  13. Hi,
    I recently did a factory reset on my Nuvision TM800w560L tablet. Everything was working fine but since morning the touch, sound and camera are not working. I checked the updates and everything but still no luck. I went to device manager but I count find any Sound, camera or touch drivers. I’m missing these drivers so I can’t update any.

    I tried installing the operating system also the drivers from this website but after it brings the boot options after the restart, it shows a page with number of lines of codes and stays same for hours. I tried system recovery image(it says there isn’t any previous image), UEFI firmware settings, but still no luck. I’m a University student and I would greatly appreciate your immediate assistance with this.


  14. THANK YOU!!! I have looked all over and been messing with this tablet for months. I followed your article and now I have a working Windows 10 Tablet.

  15. Hi, I have an error messange “phase1 initialization failed”. I have no problem to enter the bios, but after following all the step above….i still didn’t find the boot from sd card (i am using bootable sd card). Would you please help me? is it because i am using sd card other than USB ?

    best regards

  16. Hello, very good work, it worked wonderfully for me, only the sound drivers of the tm101w638l tablet are the ones that are not installed. I have been using many things to be able to install them but they are successful. If anyone has the drivers that they can send me, I appreciate it. Greetings from Costa Rica


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