Convert Eudora MBOX to PDF Document

Convert Eudora MBOX to PDF Document

This article aims to answer the popular user query about "How to Convert MBOX files to PDF?".
But first, it is absolutely essential to know about the source platform which is Eudora Mail.

About Eudora Email

Eudora is a desktop based email client application which was developed to provide emailing services on various operating systems such as the classic macOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows versions. It was originally created by Steve Dorner in 1988 and was later acquired by Qualcomm in 1991. Initially, it was distributed as a freeware
Eudora works with the IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols and also has support for SSL(Secure Socket Layer).
Along with this, there is a facility that allows users to sign or encrypt their communication through S/MIME.
Eudora supports a modified mbox format (*.mbx), which uses plain text files for storing emails contiguously rather than as a database. This helps and enables users to selectively back up their email correspondence without the need of creating a backup of the entire database.

The Problem at Hand

Despite its wide range of useful features, it also has various problems which make it difficult to handle email messages and perform other tasks.
For example, Eudora lacks the support for any type of character encoding.
As a result, it caused issues for the users communicating in languages apart from Western European ones and after UTF-8 became popular, virtually everyone faced problems while using Eudora mail.
Mac users, as well as users of other OS, have migrated to different new email clients presently available to get rid of these problems. A common query as we know for Mac users while migration has been about "How to convert MBOX to PDF files securely to avoid any loss of crucial information?".
Furthermore, storage should be done in such a way that the emails can be opened and viewed on any system irrespective of the OS used.

Most Preferred Alternative For Solving this Problem

A good way to do this would be to convert all the emails present within the .mbx files to PDF format. This is particularly useful in satisfying the needs of all the users as PDF files are well designed to provide some highly useful services in the form of data security, data integrity and platform independence. These features are described in further detail in the following section.

Advantages of Saving MBOX to PDF Format

PDF stands for Portable Document Format.
As the name suggests, it is capable of ensuring that any type of data stored within it can be accessed on systems without the need of a supporting application to be installed on them. In other words, PDF files are platform-independent. Hence they can be easily accessed on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux etc.
Along with the portability feature, users can also safeguard their data from threats such as intrusion, attacks on confidentiality by locking their document by the help of a password.
Password protected PDF files prove to be much secure than other forms of protection applied on data files. Hence the decision to convert MBOX to PDF is a wise one in terms of security
PDF files are capable of saving information of varied nature. The various types of data that can be stored in PDF form ranges from documents(.doc, .ppt, .mdb, .xls) to media(.jpg, .mpeg, .gif, .mp4, .avi, .mp3, .wav).
Additionally, the data integrity is also maintained when we export MBOX to PDF document. Email formatting, fonts, headings, images, hyperlinks, can also be preserved after conversion to Adobe PDF. There is no need of having the parent application to be installed on the system on which the PDF document is opened.

Quick Solution to Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments

Users can make use of a specialized Tool such as the Mac MBOX Converter Tool that can convert MBOX to PDF with attachments within a very short time.
Also, possesses the capability to convert Eudora emails to several other popular formats. These are Outlook PST(Personal Storage Table), EML(Email message), and HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language).
The software is loaded with a number of useful features which make the process to convert Eudora MBOX to PDF on Mac a very simple and less time-consuming task. These unique features of the software are described in the forthcoming section.

Productive Features of Mac MBOX Converter

• Ability to convert more than 100 MBOX to PDF at once
• Inherent email structure remains intact post MBOX to PDF conversion
• Option to apply naming conventions and Email filtering
• Original formatting of emails remains unchanged after export of MBOX to PDF
• Compatibility with Mac OSX 10.10 and its later versions
• Simple and user-friendly GUI to help even non-technical users
• Trial version of software gives the option to convert MBOX to PDF free

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