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Make KickAss Social Images

Let’s face it, if you want to create great content, you gotta complement your article in every possible way! Moreover, Social Medias play a very vital role to promote your content, get traffic and build conversations. Social Media marketing involves a lot of tactics, one of them is to create beautiful, eye-catch sharing images. But, making photos should backfire your productivity! So, here is one of the best photo editing apps for you to try out.


For now, I had been using my very own python script to create images just from text, the no hassle way. However, when you want to create a bit more complicated and elegant eye-catchy images, Fotojet can be a very good option.

Fotojet UI

This app focuses on simplicity and prebuilt layouts which you can tinker with to create awesome social images. Besides, there are a number of prebuilt sizes that goes excellent with your context. Whether you create a Youtube Banner or a Facebook Cover, Fotojet has its own category and in these categories, there are lots of good quality sample images which you can take inspiration from.

UI and Features

There are some useful features you can use

  • Add text
  • Add effects to your images
  • Use Local Font
  • Use Google fonts
  • Use Excellent free backgrounds
  • Add premium elements to your image

The basic UI looks like this

Fotojet Review

You can also use various elements like icons/vectors and edit them as your preference.

Give it a Go!

As far as we have tried it, we loved Fotojet for creating social images/making collages, photo on text, facebook cover, Youtube banners and another whole bunch of things! We surely hope you would like to it and make you more productive. Let us know in the comments after giving Fotojet a go!

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