Why I Absolutely Loved Sleepless in Seattle Even Watching It After 27 Years of Its Release

Img 5186

Today I watched Sleepless in Seattle 27 years after the film got released. And I loved it. I don’t know why I didn’t see this movie earlier in my life. I usually avoid RomComs because I am keener in thrillers, sci-fi but missing this movie for so long was an utter stupidity. I should have … Read more

The Science Behind The New Facebook App Settings UI

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Facebook recently rolled out a new User Interface for accessing the settings from mobile. The new user interface is quite a bit different than the previous user interface. But why did Facebook roll out such a drastic change? If you analyze the new settings cards you’ll find actually find a few HCI principles coming together. … Read more

How to Choose Smart Security and Alarm System for Offices

Choose Smart Security And Alarm System For Offices

The installation of a smart Security and Alarm system is mandatory for offices, shopping and entertainment places, and many types of industrial premises. You must always keep in mind that any object with material assets located on it needs protection. It does not matter the size of the assets and where it is placed- in … Read more

Hosting From Web Host Python – Should You Go For it?

webhostpython review

After searching so many web hosting I have found a technical is a sound web hosting company which offers Litespeed hosting with a very robust platform of hardware. If you want Litespeed reseller with NVME SSD, it will be the best platform for you. What is the benefit of Litespeed server? Litespeed serves static content … Read more

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