Why I hate self-driving cars – Frustration Increased in Locals

Self-Driving Cars under criticism – A hate factor is developing among the general public

One of the largest self-driving cars development and research company Alphabet has its test facility in Phoenix suburbs in Arizona state. One of their new self-driving car Waymo has been under testing phase for more than a year now. Locals in that area reportedly complaint the media that they are frustrated and suck of these self-driving cars and often struggle to cross the road in the area. An expert reported that it is a challenge for the self-driving cars to drive in different situations where traffic is not like the same as it was a few decades ago. Even the human drivers sometimes face problems handling the certain situations on the road, then how these self-driving cars can handle those situations easily?

The Alphabet self-driving cars are annoying the neighborhoods, says more than a dozen locals to a media reporter in Chandler, Arizona. People working near the Waymo office in the area said that they reportedly struggle to cross the T intersections and even fear of walking along the road where these vehicles are being tested. Almost everyone said, “I Hate Them.” Which is not a good sign at all for this swiftly emerging new development in the world. People are fearing these vehicles and car engines even when they are not riding them.

What did locals say?

A woman said that one of the minivans of the company suddenly stopped when it was trying to make a right turn and she hardly saved herself from being hit by the van. Another man said that he goes to his work by using the same route, he gets so frustrated waiting for these cars trying to cross the intersection or even on the give way signs in the area. Sometimes, he has to illegally drive around them to cross them and reach at his workplace on time, which is even dangerous on a busy road.

The stories of the locals highlight a serious challenge which would possibly be faced by the self-driving cars in the future. This frightening situation which has been reported by the locals in Arizona can happen in most parts of the world upon the introduction of these cars.

How can this situation be controlled?

Here is a big need arise to educate the people especially the general public around the testing facilities that how these vehicles would help the world in the near future and how they would get benefit from them. They must be taught about the challenges and opportunities at the same time.

The self-driving cars are designed to drive conservatively and learn to master the situations that a human can handle on the road. For example, overtaking might be easy for these cars but merging and finding the gaps is one of the toughest situations on the roads when traffic high.

What Waymo say?

Upon speaking to the Waymo spoke person, he says that the self-driving cars are in the learning phase and they are continuously learning but meanwhile safety remains their top priority while testing any of the systems in general public. He further stated that they are using the feedback system to improve their technology though he declined to comment on the intersection problems and complaints by the locals.

The company planning to introduce a self-driving commercial taxi service by the end of this year with a driver to handle the hard situations to improve the services and technology in the future.


How AI is changing the world as we know it!

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. AI is contrary to Natural Intelligence (NI) that is demonstrated by living beings. AI can be termed as a simulation of Natural Intelligence by machines, in particular computers. Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from just being a buzzword. It is in practice and is impacting all the industries in a big way.

Many movies have warned us about Artificial Intelligence. Take the example of the Will Smith blockbuster “I, Robot” where the warning shot was clearly sounded about machines taking over. Take the case of Elon Musk warning Mark Zuckerberg to shut down Facebook’s AI wing. Over the years we have all heard our share of the tech pundits and media warning us about AI and how it is going to destroy humanity. Let’s take that with a pinch of salt and focus on how AI is making the world a better place.

The Automobile Industry:

The thought of a driverless car has been in our heads from the early 80’s. It was shown in to us in movies and always did capture our imagination. Today that has become a reality. This became a reality due to giants like Google and Tesla dumping billions into R&D to make this dream a reality. When we talk about a driverless car, we aren’t talking about something in its incubation stage. These aren’t even partially self-driven car. These cars are entirely based on Artificial Intelligence and are 100% auto pilot driven. The 2018 Tesla Model S is the most advanced car in terms of artificial intelligence.

Take Google’s tagline for its self-driven car subsidiary ‘Waymo’ – “Building the world’s most experienced driver”, what does this tell you? They are pumping in millions and millions of dollars to perfect the art of a self-driven car. Tesla is already rolling out production grade cars at the moment. Safe to say, welcome to the future!


In a survey, 85% of the top executives of tier 1 and tier 2 organizations stated that they believed that AI was the key to their competitive advantage. There are tons of AI technologies, but the ones with the maximum demand and the most popular ones are chatbots. A few facts to substantiate our point:
• Oracle says 80% of the businesses want chatbots by 2020
• Juniper Research says chatbots will reduce business costs by 8 billion USD by 2021
Let’s see how chatbots can help transform your business:
They automate internal tasks – Chatbots powered by AI can streamline the routine tasks that are labor intensive.
Service to customers – This is by far the most important and famous application of a chatbot. An AI powered chatbot will eventually reduce dependency on humans as it keeps machine learning and evolving. A survey by Gartner tells us that by 2020, 85% of the customer issues will be solved without human interaction.
Smart digital assistants – Digital assistants in the form of AI powered chatbots will reduce the dependency of employees on anyone else as they will have hands on help from the chatbot. Once the chatbot is seamlessly integrated messaging platform, it will act as a digital assistant.
Artificial intelligence in Supply Chain:
Today, supply chain has been reimagined with the introduction of AI. Software’s that fully monitor the supply chain from production to transit to deliver have come into play. The major players who have incorporated this are Amazon and Siemens.

How AI is transforming the Supply chain industry 

Process Streamlining – While overseeing the entire supply, the AI learns to cope with changes and becomes better in the process. Using historical data and trends the AI can streamline the entire process with aim of meeting the market demands in the best way possible. During this process, there are scenarios that constantly change and the AI can learn from past mistakes making future decisions error free.
Transportation – As discussed earlier, Tesla and Google are working hard to perfect the driverless car technology. With this technology coming into play commercially, transportation which is the key factor in supply chain will be revolutionized. This will decrease lead times, reduce labor costs and even fuel costs (with the introduction of electric cars). The accuracy achievable with this technology will be unmatched.

Plan to perfection 

We draw certain parameters for ourselves while planning a supply chain due to data limitations. With AI in place, we do not have to worry about it at all because of the infinite sources of data that it can comprehend in seconds. This leads to accommodative change in plans, rerouting and planning with a near zero error rate.

AI in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has taken to Artificial Intelligence like no other. Healthcare has embraced AI with open arms to the extent that AI has become a real time device that is in play. It is estimated that AI in the healthcare industry will save the US economy approximately 150 billion USD by 2026.
How is this possible?

Surgery assisted by Robots

The science behind this is cognitive surgical robotics. What this does is, it uses historical data and actual surgical experiences to improve surgical techniques. Integrating pre-op medical records with real-time operating metrics will improve surgical techniques. A patient’s stay in the hospital post-op will be reduced by 21%.
Administrative assistance – Automation of administrative workflow will aid in the prioritization of urgent matters and will lessen the burden on medical personnel. Routine non-patient care tasks like ordering tests, writing charts, medication prescription etc. will be automated by the AI.

Virtual Nurses 

Unnecessary hospital visits can be reduced and this will lessen the burden on medical personnel as well. AI virtual assistants have been accepted by 64% of the people in the US who said they were comfortable with AI assistants. The AI assistants can provide round the clock monitoring, answer quick questions about medications and are available 24/7.
AI in the Music Industry:
AI is changing the way listeners consume music content today. AI helps the music industry redefine its marketing strategies, improve the connect between the artists, industry and fans.
Artificial Intelligence is no newcomer to the music industry.
• The suggestions we receive from YouTube, Google Music and iTunes are all based on the AI powered core. The AI learns the search patterns of every user and provides them with suggestions based on music genre, artist preference and various other filters.
• The applications like Soundhound and Shazam have been prevalent in the music industry for many years now. They have been the benchmark when it comes to AI in the music industry. These applications listen to a particular song that is being played out loud and correlate with the existing database of the million songs available and give you the perfect match in a matter of seconds.

Experts claim Artificial Intelligence may be a bane to humanity. I think not! Look at the ways in which it is revolutionizing every industry. I have listed just a few industries, but the applications are manifold. AI is here to stay and it is the future that we are walking into!


How to use Tasker: Beginners Guide to Use the Tasker App

Our Android devices are similar to a Santa Claus goodie bag, it has gifts in the form of apps, games and much more. It is just like a homogenous genie who grants all our wishes instantly. The Android device flinging in our pockets is equipped with communicating facilities, productivity apps that fulfills all office work, gaming apps like Tutuapp , Modern combat versus app for the speed lovers and much more. The task control and automation apps like a Tasker helps to perform all your daily activities.


In this article, we shall help you to use the tasker, but before it, it is important to learn the basics. We shall equip the user with the utility of the features offered by the tasker. Let us move down to make our base, clear before going into much detail.


Tasker Terms

Action: The functions and features of a phone or a tablet that performs to bring the phone to a certain state. It has more than 200 actions grouped in 21 categories.

Task: The functions performed by the user. It offers features to run within another tasks including import, export, clone, local tasks etc.

Context: Conditions that help to execute the tasks associated with us.

Profile: A container used for context and linked tasks. Use several contexts for a single profile with true conditions for the linked tasks to run.

Variable: Unknown Value that changes over time.

Scene: It allows to create your own layout.

Project: It consists of profiles, scenes, variable and tasks.


Sorting the Tasker’s UI


Tabs and modes

The features are rather complex and sophisticated. There are 3 default tabs- Profiles, Tasks, Scenes. A default UI interface is provided for the beginners. In the beginner mode, find 3 buttons like Search, Add and Help. Also, find Add button and Vars (variable) button.

Even move to the ‘Advanced mode’ or press on the main tab’s name that opens to the menu for importing files and to set the sort order.    


Project Tabs

In the ‘Advanced mode’ tap on the default project tab opening to the menu with buttons labeled such as Add, Import, Rename, Lock/Unlock and Set Icon. Create a new project with ‘Add’ button and share your task or projects using the Import and Export options. Use custom icons to your project tabs. Set a lock code to view or edit an important project.  


Main Menu

It allows to command and provides options to use as well as manage the app. The Menu key or virtual Menu button gives you access to the main menu. The following things will be found on the menu:

Browse Examples: Takes to a list of pre-made example profiles to download and import to tasker.

Info: Information regarding the app and its uses

Data: Used for clearing, backing up and restoring backed up data.

Run an Action: Completes a single task at a time.

Run Log:Keeps a record of all event done.

Preferences, Enable/Disable tasks, Search Tasker, Exit all can be easily understood. The search tasker is not available in the beginner mode.  


Tasker Configuration

The options provided are divided into 4 tabs. Customize the UI using the UI tab, set a personal preference using the Monitor tab. The Action tab helps yo set values for functions like camera delay, widgets, number of queued tasks etc. the Misc tab allows with the duration to keep backups, allowing other apps to run tasks, debugging options etc.



Using the tasker, the user can simplify many of his works. Using it at an earlier stage might be complex, but continuous use will surely make it simpler. Hope we have covered with the basics, making it clear for you to move to the next stage.



Sejal Parmar is an Android Geek and she loves exploring apps. She blogs about Android Apps & Games at    



How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database using Best Techniques Available

Description – Do you want to recover damaged SQL database? If yes, then follow this blog and learn how to repair corrupt SQL database in the best possible way.

Find Out How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

repair damaged SQL database

If are having a damaged SQL database and you want to fix the database then it can be a tedious task if you don’t know the proper technique. There are two ways to recover damaged SQL database, first is a manual method and the second one is a professional third party software which is a reliable and easy solution as well. There are a lot of applications available to perform the recovery procedure but getting the best one is also a difficult task. But, before knowing the apt solution for recovery, we will first discuss the reasons of the corruption.

What is SQL Server?

SQL is a database management system mostly used to store and retrieve data by other applications. It is developed by Microsoft and uses three types of files to store and manage data. The three types of file formats managed by SQL Server are Primary Files (MDF), Secondary Files (NDF) and Log Files (LDF).

  1. The primary database files of SQL Server have a .mdf file extension. Every database has one primary file and it contains data and objects which include Indexes, Columns, Views, Tables, Keys, Functions, Values, Stored Procedures, Default Values, Triggers, etc. It also stores the startup information of the database.
  2. The secondary files of the SQL Server are the optional files and have .ndf file extension. You can create n number of NDF files as per requirement. These files are commonly used to spread data across several disks. NDF files can also be used to store user data in them.
  3. Log files are the backup files of SQL database. These files are used to recover the database in case the SQL data gets corrupt. Log files have .ldf file format and every database has at least one log file. It stores log information of the database.

Reasons Behind SQL Database Corruption

SQL Server database can get damaged due to various possible reasons. As MDF files are the primary database files which contain users data. So, its corruption can cause the entire SQL database corrupt. The multiple reasons that can cause damage to the database are mentioned below:

  • Corrupt storage media where the MDF files are stored.
  • Saving SQL database in compressed folders.
  • Modifications in SQL Server account.
  • Accidental deletion of data.
  • Damaged file header.
  • Bugs in disk drives.
  • Network failure while the database is in working condition.
  • Unexpected system shutdown.
  • Virus attack on the database.

When the SQL database gets corrupted then it becomes inaccessible i.e. you cannot access the database and throws multiple error messages until you don’t fix damaged SQL database. If you are a database administrator, then you have to take immediate action to prevent data loss present in the database.

How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database Manually

There are some manual solutions available to recover damaged SQL database but they do not ensure efficient and secure recovery.

You can use LDF file i.e. Log files available to restore the database. Although, log files are not capable enough to retrieve the entire database and in some cases, these backup files also get damaged if the corruption level is severe.

Another solution to fix corrupt SQL database is to use the database console commands i.e. DBCC DEBREPAIR and DBCC CHECKDB. These commands can be useful to recover the damage if it is a minor one and these commands are not efficient enough in all corruption cases. One more point which is to be kept in mind while executing these commands is that you should have certain technical knowledge which is not easy for non-technical users.

Expert Solution to Recover Damaged SQL Database

As there are both manual and automated solution available for the recovery of the database but the third party solution is always suggested. As the manual solutions have some limitations like they are not time efficient and requires so many efforts. While performing the database console commands, you should be technically sound as if any mistake occurs either intentional or non-intentional, it can cause permanent loss of data residing in the database. On the other hand, the automated solution is designed specially to fix corrupt SQL database whether it has minor or major corruption level. It has the ability to recover all kind of data items present in the database such as Tables, Columns, Indexes, Values, Functions, etc.


After analyzing the issues faced by the users while using MS SQL, we have discussed both manual and expert solutions to repair corrupt SQL database in this article. The reasons behind the corruption of SQL database are also discussed.


Recover Oversized PST File & Split into Smaller Parts in Outlook

Do you want to split a large sized PST file? If yes, then follow this blog to recover oversized PST file in Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016.

Recover Oversized PST File in Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016

In the present arena, MS Outlook is an application, which is utilized by numerous of users to manage their data. However, the earlier edition of Outlook 2002 has a foremost drawback. Actually, MS Outlook 2002 preserves PST file in ANSI format. Whenever file size increases more than 2 GB then, it can get corrupted as well as takes time while loading. In this situation, the one is unable to open Outlook data file. Even one cannot read their crucial data. To recover oversized PST file, users require Outlook Recovery tool. However, the condition can be escaped by using the PST Crop Tool provided by Microsoft, which is found as pst2gb.exe.


When Outlook PST file crosses its file size limit then, users receive an error message like:

Methodology to Recover Oversized PST File in Outlook 2016/2013/2010

Method 1: Manual Solution

The inbuilt utility of MS Outlook, i.e. Inbox Repair Tool fails in such situation because of corruption as well as large file size. Before utilizing any Outlook Recovery utility, we can make the usage of MS Outlook Repair Software. It will help to take 2 GB of free space by using the given steps:

  • Download the tool and extract the file 2gb152.exe into an empty folder.
  • After that start Pst2gb.exe.
  • Now, begin cropping PST by choosing file and identifying the destination.
  • Specify the amount of data, which is to be truncated.
  • Utilize Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) to check integrity.

Note: Take the backup of complete data before cropping as the data truncated may contain important messages. As many times cropped files fails to open.

Using scanpst.exe tool user can manually repair oversized PST files and the corruption issues in it. A system-defined tool that repairs the PST files. An inbox repair tool to diagnose PST files and repair the fault in them. Users need to operate scanpst.exe tool manually on their machine. The given steps are to be followed for repairing the PST files using scanpst.exe:

  • Locate scanpst.exe file using Windows explorer
  • Double click on scanpst.exe executable file
  • Use Browse option to locate the PST file
  • And click on the Start button to proceed

After running the Inbox repair tool scanpst.exe, the user can restart Outlook and recover the repaired data. Scanpst.exe is easily operable and repairs faulty PST files.


There is one limitation of using the scanpst.exe tool; after repairing, the PST files may lose some data as part of the procedure. The utility is programmed in such a way that it eliminates the corrupted/damaged portions of the data file as part of the recovery.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Recover Oversized PST File

To overcome all the issues or limitations faced by the above method, there is a software named SysTools Outlook Recovery software. The application is programmed in such a way that it makes easy for the users to recover corrupt PST file. In case you are from the non-technical field operating the software would be absolutely easy for you as it is made with easy operational algorithms considering the technically novice users. To repair oversized PST files within a secure range of repair process, one can invest in our technically capable application. The level of data security guarantee offered by us is unmatchable due to the ultra modern set of techniques installed within the software algorithm.

Fix Outlook Errors Strategically Via Tool To Recover MS Outlook PST

  1. The Outlook PST data repair solution from our organization offers a set of lineaments that have been featured in the software in a sequential manner to help you experience a smooth data restoration process.
  2. You can repair the damaged PST files successfully from any possible sort of corruption, as the tool owns the respective ability.
    In order to proceed after recovery for Outlook PST, you have to get the licensed version, which is available at reasonable price and lets you perform complete recovery of data along with restoration.
  3. With MS Outlook PST recovery program it is possible to restore unlimited number of PST items out of corruptness and to restore all the PST components is also feasible i.e. emails, contacts, calendar items, journals, notes, etc.
  4. The security of PST data is not the only thing that is guaranteed in fact, while you we also ensure that the email meta-data remains intact and retained throughout recover corrupt Outlook PST file the process.
  5. With support provided to all available versions of Microsoft Outlook client and Microsoft Windows operating system platform versions, this application offers a levelheaded and smooth MS Outlook PST recovery process.
    Once the data is recovered by using the utility, the application also gives an option to split and repair large sized PST file into smaller parts accordingly. It makes easy for users, as the one does not need to invest in another tool.

Summing Up

Outlook data files are vitally important for its users for personal as well as professional purposes. Therefore, it is important to keep utilities handy to be able to overcome the issues on user’s end itself. However, selecting the right utility is more of a task than utilizing it. In the above-discussion, we have discussed ways to recover oversized PST file issue by using PST Crop Tool.


Convert Eudora MBOX to PDF Document

Convert Eudora MBOX to PDF Document

This article aims to answer the popular user query about "How to Convert MBOX files to PDF?".
But first, it is absolutely essential to know about the source platform which is Eudora Mail.

About Eudora Email

Eudora is a desktop based email client application which was developed to provide emailing services on various operating systems such as the classic macOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows versions. It was originally created by Steve Dorner in 1988 and was later acquired by Qualcomm in 1991. Initially, it was distributed as a freeware
Eudora works with the IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols and also has support for SSL(Secure Socket Layer).
Along with this, there is a facility that allows users to sign or encrypt their communication through S/MIME.
Eudora supports a modified mbox format (*.mbx), which uses plain text files for storing emails contiguously rather than as a database. This helps and enables users to selectively back up their email correspondence without the need of creating a backup of the entire database.

The Problem at Hand

Despite its wide range of useful features, it also has various problems which make it difficult to handle email messages and perform other tasks.
For example, Eudora lacks the support for any type of character encoding.
As a result, it caused issues for the users communicating in languages apart from Western European ones and after UTF-8 became popular, virtually everyone faced problems while using Eudora mail.
Mac users, as well as users of other OS, have migrated to different new email clients presently available to get rid of these problems. A common query as we know for Mac users while migration has been about "How to convert MBOX to PDF files securely to avoid any loss of crucial information?".
Furthermore, storage should be done in such a way that the emails can be opened and viewed on any system irrespective of the OS used.

Most Preferred Alternative For Solving this Problem

A good way to do this would be to convert all the emails present within the .mbx files to PDF format. This is particularly useful in satisfying the needs of all the users as PDF files are well designed to provide some highly useful services in the form of data security, data integrity and platform independence. These features are described in further detail in the following section.

Advantages of Saving MBOX to PDF Format

PDF stands for Portable Document Format.
As the name suggests, it is capable of ensuring that any type of data stored within it can be accessed on systems without the need of a supporting application to be installed on them. In other words, PDF files are platform-independent. Hence they can be easily accessed on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, or Linux etc.
Along with the portability feature, users can also safeguard their data from threats such as intrusion, attacks on confidentiality by locking their document by the help of a password.
Password protected PDF files prove to be much secure than other forms of protection applied on data files. Hence the decision to convert MBOX to PDF is a wise one in terms of security
PDF files are capable of saving information of varied nature. The various types of data that can be stored in PDF form ranges from documents(.doc, .ppt, .mdb, .xls) to media(.jpg, .mpeg, .gif, .mp4, .avi, .mp3, .wav).
Additionally, the data integrity is also maintained when we export MBOX to PDF document. Email formatting, fonts, headings, images, hyperlinks, can also be preserved after conversion to Adobe PDF. There is no need of having the parent application to be installed on the system on which the PDF document is opened.

Quick Solution to Convert MBOX to PDF with Attachments

Users can make use of a specialized Tool such as the Mac MBOX Converter Tool that can convert MBOX to PDF with attachments within a very short time.
Also, possesses the capability to convert Eudora emails to several other popular formats. These are Outlook PST(Personal Storage Table), EML(Email message), and HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language).
The software is loaded with a number of useful features which make the process to convert Eudora MBOX to PDF on Mac a very simple and less time-consuming task. These unique features of the software are described in the forthcoming section.

Productive Features of Mac MBOX Converter

• Ability to convert more than 100 MBOX to PDF at once
• Inherent email structure remains intact post MBOX to PDF conversion
• Option to apply naming conventions and Email filtering
• Original formatting of emails remains unchanged after export of MBOX to PDF
• Compatibility with Mac OSX 10.10 and its later versions
• Simple and user-friendly GUI to help even non-technical users
• Trial version of software gives the option to convert MBOX to PDF free


Nuvision TM800W560L Driver/Touch Issue & Factory System Restore [Fixed]

Nuvision TM800W560L Tablet Driver Fix Touchscreen Fix Audio Fix Windows Fix

Cheap Windows Tablets are sometimes great. Specifically, if it comes with Microsoft Signature Edition Windows version as the Windows does not have any junk.

However, cheap often comes with some trade offs. For example, I bought this really cool Nuvision TM800W560L Tablet.

But someday ago I messed it up. I thought of installing a clean Windows and it went horribly. After installing I did not have any sound or touch or battery. I thought this would be a junk and Nuvision Customer Service was one of the worst. The customer care guys do not know a thing about this particular tablet TM800W560L Nuvision Tablet.

Why I had to clean install?

My installation stuck at about 68% while I tried to install an Insider Preview. The tablet wouldn’t turn on. It would just keep restarting in a loop again and again. And nothing seemed to be working. I often got a GSOD but it rebooted so fast, I never could read what’s the error. So I thought of installing a clean Windows.

 Boot to BIOS on Nuvision TM800W560L

So how can you fix your driver issue of Nuvision TM800W560L? Or how to restore factory Windows in Nuvision TM800W560L? After 2 weeks of countless tries, applying different methods I have finally made it work. Just like the review video. You can fix your touchscreen issue on TM800W560L or audio issue. You can see my full review about the tablet here.

How to USB Boot Nuvision TM800W560L

The Nuvision customer service representatives are so dumb they don’t even know what is the key to boot. I had to restart countless times to actually find it out which is the key to boot.


1) USB Hub

2) Keyboard

3) USB

4) Micro USB to USB Converter

The Nuvision TM800W560L booting key is F7. You need to turn off the tablet. Click the power switch and immediately start pressing F7. (plug keyboard in USB hub). You’ll see the boot menu popping up.

Nuvision TM800W560L Driver Issue Fix / System Restore

Your Nuvision TM800W560L has no touch? No audio? Messed up? Not Booting? Then you need to restore your Nuvision  TM800W560L to factory image. But the problem is, Nuvision Download Center does not provide software for this tablet anymore. Fortunately, I downloaded the System Image and I can provide you that.

Download TM800W560L Factory Image from MediaFire

After downloading and extracting to a local folder, you’ll get a directory with files like this

But how to make use of these? I’ll show you how.

How to install Drivers/Factory Windows on Nuvision TM800W560L

  • First, you need to make sure your USB hub is working and the plugged in keyboard is working. You can try pressing F7 while rebooting to check. If it’s okay then go on to the next step.
  • Download the software from above link.
  • Extract it in your PC.
  • Format your USB to fat32. Copy all the contents that you extracted to your USB. After completing the copying, we have taken all the files to the USB.
  • But we still need to make the USB bootable. (We can’t use Rufus because Rufus would have needed an ISO or img).

 icon-folder-open Make USB Bootable

So, we’ll make it bootable via Command Line Prompt.

  1. Open cmd.exe with admin privilege
  2. Navigate to the Extracted folder where you have extracted all the files and navigate to the folder using cd command
  3. Type cd boot
  4. Type bootsect.exe /nt60 F: (where F is the letter of our removal/USB disk drive.)

Now here is the tricky part. Boot this USB from your tablet by pressing F7. If you are lucky, your PC will find itself working again. But in my case, the boot script was formatting the USB itself every time.  And I was getting an error like this

The USB key was partitioning the USB key itself, whereas it should have been partitioning the internal hard disk of the tablet

Now in this step, I began studying about how this mechanism works. The thing is Microsoft has a different way to install Windows on smaller devices which has less RAM and storage. It’s called Windows PE Deployment.

I knew the boot process was right. All I had to do is to let the system select the internal hard disk not the USB. So I began reading files from the extracted contents. And I finally found the fix.

The Final Trick

You need to go to the Scripts folder in your USB. You’ll see these files. Open the Main.cmd File using any text editor. And you’ll find a line about set disk on line 26.

set disk=

I knew this line was the culprit because the automatic mechanism wasn’t selecting the required disk. it was selecting disk 1 whereas it should have selected disk 0. I changed it to

set disk=0

The Final Trick 2

If the above workaround did not work for you, there is an easy alternative I found recently. After doing everything just rename the USB Disk as “WINPE” and restart. It should solve the problem!

Saved the file and plugged into USB. Finally, it worked!

Voila! It worked perfectly!


Use Easeus Partition Manager To Expand Your Drive Without Loosing Data

Easeus Partition Manager is one of the very few useful software that have been saving loads of work for the it engineers for quite some time now. I heard of Easeus Partition Manager around 2010 and I loved the fact that I don’t need to lose data if I wanted to expand my drive. It’s 2017, and Easeus Partition Manager is still the best free partition software you could ever ask for.

First things first, Easeus Partition Manager have a different version. But for most users, the free version will be more than enough. (Disk resizing, partition delete, format, convert to MBR or convert to GPT). But if you still need more features you can always upgrade.

EaseUS Partition Master is comprehensive, which enables you to perform basic and advanced partition operations. – Softpedia

Here are some of the best features of Easeus Partition Manager.

Manage Disk Partition

You could do pretty much all the things what you expect from a partition software. You can Resize/move/copy/merge/create/delete/wipe/check/hide/explore partitions. In free version, the hard disk capacity is up to 8TB.

You can Check: [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#0b2849″ size=”6″ radius=”5″ icon=”icon: external-link”]MiniTool Partition Wizard 10.2 Free Edition[/su_button]

Disk and Partition Copy

Got a new PC? Or a new portable hard disk? Want to Backup the entire hard disk or partition by partition? Forget the standard copy paste and instead use the disk and Partition Copy feature. You can copy entire hard disk to another and transfer data from one disk to another for disk upgrade

Disk/partition conversion

Change primary partition to logical, logical to primary or FAT partition to NTFS, convert data disk between MBR and GPT. Many times we need to convert to MBR or convert from MBR to GPT because of Windows installation. Without Easeus you have to delete the whole partition before converting. Now you can convert without losing any data. It’s one of my favorite features of Easeus Partition Manager


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Recover Contacts from OST File Using Best Possible Way

Do you want to extract deleted Outlook contacts from .ost file? Learn best tips and tricks to recover contacts from OST file easily.

Recover Contacts from OST File Using Efficient Tips

Microsoft Outlook is widely used in large organization where all the systems are interconnected to each other using MS Exchange Server. The mail contacts of Outlook are connected to Exchange Server allows the users to work in offline mode. Working in Offline mode creates OST file or Offline Storage Table. If any changes are made in the OST data file in offline mode, then it gets synchronized automatically when the connection re-establishes. Thus, OST file is a copy of items stored on a Mail Server. So, it is not necessary to backup OST data. While using OST files for a long time, there can be a lot of contacts which are stored in it and are not required anymore so, users delete them and those contacts go to the trash folder. The deleted contacts stays in the trash folder until it is removed from that folder too. If it gets deleted from trash folder then the question arises that how to recover contacts from OST file. In this article, we will be going to discuss different ways to retrieve permanently deleted contacts from Offline Storage Table.

User Queries
I have deleted some of my contacts from Outlook offline storage table but now I want to recover deleted contacts from .ost file. Is there any way? If yes, then please suggest me as the contacts which are deleted contains some very important contacts.

Accidentally, I have deleted one of my important contacts from my Microsoft Outlook contacts folder. Now, I need that contact urgently and I don’t know any method to recover Outlook contacts from .ost file. Please help me and suggest any way to extract the permanently deleted contact.

Solution to Recover Contacts from OST File

The technique to retrieve Outlook OST contacts is different. It depends whether the contacts are temporarily deleted or permanently deleted. If the contacts are temporarily deleted, then users can go for manual approach but if the contacts are permanently deleted then users have to opt for automated solution to retrieve Outlook contacts from .ost file.

Method 1 – Manual Solution to Recover Contacts from OST File

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and navigate to Deleted Items Folder.



2. After that, select the contacts which you want to retrieve from Offline Storage Table(OST).



3. Now, Right click on the selected contact and select Move option from the context menu. Then, choose Other Folder option.



4. A Move Items window will be displayed on the screen. You can navigate to the OST file from this window where you want to save restored contacts. Select contacts from the list of items and then click OK.



5. Now, users can see that the restored contacts are vanished from the Deleted Items Folder of Outlook and are moved to their original location. Therefore, after following this approach users will be able to extract contacts from OST file successfully.



Limitations of Manual Method

The manual approach to recover Outlook contacts from .ost file as described above has some limitations. It can be helpful when the data which is to be recovered is less, if there is a huge amount of data then it will take too much of time and is complex too. Another thing which is to be kept in mind is that this method can be used only if users want to extract contacts from OST file which are temporarily deleted.

Method 2 – Automated Solution to Recover Outlook contacts from .ost File

As explained earlier, the manual approach have some limitations. So, the most efficient and reliable solution to extract contacts from OST file is OST Recovery Tool. It allows users to recover deleted Outlook contacts from Outlook OST file without any data loss.


In this article, two approaches to recover contacts from OST file are discussed. Users can use the manual as well as automated solution as per their requirement. Manual approach can be beneficial in cases when contacts which are to be recovered are temporarily deleted. But in the case of permanent deletion of Outlook OST contacts, the automated solution is always advised. It can retrieve deleted emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from .ost file independent of temporary or permanent deletion. It does not even alter or modify the contact information during the recovery process.


Outlook or Thunderbird: The Search for the Best Desktop Email Client

Over the years there have been many email clients that have attracted users’ interest due to their unique features and productive email services. Out of these many have become obsolete whereas some have managed to establish their dominance among email users.

Two such email services have been Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. Both have captivated people from all fields of interest such as IT professionals as well as non-IT users.

Both these email client applications have a set of features which make them a preferred choice for communication over emails.

The question is which desktop email client is the better one. In the forthcoming article, we will try to analyse both the applications on the basis of their features.

Let us study and compare these email client services and try to reach a conclusion about which one out of the two is a better performer.



• Thunderbird gains an upper hand if we consider the parameters as it is available completely free & open-source software. You can download it from the Thunderbird website free of charge and hence there are no licences to be purchased.

• Outlook comes with a fixed licence cost and is available as a paid email desktop client.This also makes it very clear that Thunderbird, being free will not have all the functionalities that MS Outlook provides. However, some of the functions can be availed through Plug-ins.

If you have no use of the Microsoft Exchange Server that is associated with Outlook, it is advised that you should go for Thunderbird.


• Being a product of Microsoft, Outlook will only be supported on Windows OS versions such as Window 2007, 2008,8.1. 2010.

• While on the other hand, Thunderbird can be used with Windows OS, Mac OS, or Linux.This makes it available to a greater number of users globally than Outlook.


• MS Outlook comprises of a Calendar facility which is integrated with Email and Contacts. You can create appointments very easily by just clicking on the day, week or month section. Each appointment can be connected to reminders which are highly useful for remembering important events such as birthdays and anniversaries.


• Thunderbird does not include a Calendar by default, but a calendar can be added through Plug-in called Lightning.

• Users can create their own calendars, get a subscription to calendars available on the web and efficiently manage schedule using the Thunderbird Lightning Extension.


• Thunderbird is an open source desktop email client, which means its source code is freely available to anyone who wishes to obtain it. This helps in the development of Thunderbird into a better application as it can be altered and made more efficient by the thousands of developers, security experts and programmers present worldwide. Thunderbird became open source after its parent organisation- the Mozilla Corporation made an announcement about stopping its further development. As of today, Mozilla only releases updates for maintenance and security. The responsibility of addition of new features has been taken up by the entire open source community since then.


• Outlook, on the other hand, is a proprietary software of the Microsoft Corporation. Its source code is therefore not made public by the company on the Internet

Updates for maintenance, security or the addition of new features and GUI is the sole responsibility of Microsoft developer team.


• Outlook is not only available as a desktop client but you can also carry your Outlook data with you wherever you go. This is made possible by the Outlook Android app which works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. So users can sync their Outlook data to their portable devices and access it from anywhere.


• Thunderbird is not present on the Android platform and hence it fails to provide portable services to users. This is a major disadvantage that comes along with using Thunderbird over Outlook.

Our verdict

If you want to use a desktop app that is free, has basic, simple features and works on any desktop platform then you should go for Thunderbird.

On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for an advanced set of features, along with an intuitive GUI and high availability of services, you should opt for Microsoft Outlook.


Recommended: For those users who are currently using Thunderbird and want to shift to Outlook, they need to know that it is possible without any loss of data items.

For migrating from data from Thunderbird EML to Outlook PST you can follow various manual methods of conversion. Alternatively, there are automated, third party solutions that are also available for this purpose like the EML to PST Converter that makes the migration very easy to achieve.

Article is written by James Smith

He is a data recovery expert who works as freelancer technical blogger. He has been in the Data recovery industry for 10+years and specialized in data recovery solutions & data management techniques. He researched on various email client issues & now willing to share information among people through the Web.