Celebrating weFamily Day 2024 – Where Families Reign Supreme

At weDevs, we’re all about teamwork and treating each other like family. That’s what keeps us going strong in this competitive world. weFamily Day is a flagship event of weDevs, brainchild of our founders Tareq Hasan bhai, and Nizam Uddin bhai.

The concept of weFamily Day is simple — all employees get to bring their family (parents/spouse), get to know everyone who works at weDevs, meet and greet with other families, and have a fun filled day filled with lot of activities specially planned for our parents/spouse/babies. We learn, work, and celebrate together.

Why do we prioritize families?

Our families are our biggest supporters. It’s important for them to know what we do and who we work with. Getting to know each other’s families helps us bond even more. We also believe in being happy and satisfied with our Rizq. Families help us to be focused, stay true to our goals and be happy and satisfied to aim bigger and foster more innovation.

Like every year, weDevs brought everyone together for the weFamily Day. It’s a chance for our families to see where we work and what we do. When our families understand our work, it makes our team stronger. Parents can be proud to see our workplace, understand what we do, and how much we value working with strong ethics, dedication, hard work — all while being spiritually aligned with Islamic values and culture.

Here are some pictures of the latest weFamily Day

It’s not just an event; it’s a revelation of our culture, our values, and our work ethic. Imagine a day when your dear old parents get to have fun by participating in games and activities, reminiscing about their youth with every laugh and cheer. And here’s the magic: there are no losers, only winners, following the practices of Islam

After every weFamily Day, there’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing the sheer pride radiating from the faces of our parents.

It’s a day where every smile counts, every connection matters, and every heart is filled with warmth. It’s a sight to behold! Welcome to weFamily Day, where the spirit of togetherness and families reign supreme!

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