Loki – The best thing MCU has put out since Endgame

It’s an open secret that I have been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Robert Downey Jr announced he was Iron Man in 2008.

Like plenty of others, I couldn’t but became a fan of RDJ, Iron Man, and the whole MCU. I haven’t missed any MCU movies of the Infinity Saga and find myself rewatching some of the movies from time to time.

Loki – The TV Show

When Marvel announced the Loki series, I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to know how the 2012 version of Loki goes from there. And boy, it delivered.

Last year, I watched the first season of Loki immediately when it came out. I couldn’t predict anything and loved where the story took me in season 1. It kept surprising me with its impressive storytelling and screenplay. They kept it short, didn’t play it safe, and gave characters the growth and screen time they deserved.

The whole TVA thing, the set, characters, story, screenplay – everything screamed that they thought the entire thing throughout, and then they pieced it together with different episodes. This is quite lacking in other things Marvel has put out after Endgame. Everything fell a bit off place, disorganized. Loki was a rare distinction in this regard.

If last year’s Loki S1 was the beginning, the second season just knocked it out of the park this time.

Loki – Season 2

Loki Season 2 is easily the best thing the MCU has put out in a long time. Probably the best thing post Endgame.

Start to finish, these six episodes were fantastic. The time travel stories and mechanics, the characters development for Loki himself and the rest of the TVA agents, the development of stories on branched timelines— all of it.

No other Disney+ show or movie has evoked this level of emotion out of me since (Sorry WandaVision/No Way Home) note. It was a masterpiece.

The ending? I did not see the finale going where it did, especially revisiting those key moments from a past episodes. Just brilliant.

All around, both seasons work together really well. The character development of Loki was thoughtful and absolutely astounding.

Loki has been fantastic and seems to be putting the MCU on his back.

As Tom Hiddlestone recently put it, it all comes full circle.

It all comes full circle

Tom Hiddlestone

The ending reminds the words spoken by Odin in the first Thor movie,

Only one of you are taking the throne but both of you were born to be kings


I loved how he achieved his Glorious Purpose in the end but in a way that helped others (which was likely not what he originally set out to do). He got what he had wanted all along, but in way that also showed development into being a person who cares about his friends, and finally ascended the throne when he wanted the least. Burdened with Glorious Purpose – what a fitting title for the finale!

This all comes full circle with the Loki series and and as a fan of the MCU, it’s quite fulfilling to see Loki reaching his ultimate potential and destination. Overall, Loki S1 & S2 were breath of fresh air.

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