Download PowerAmp Permanently Cracked

 icon-lightbulb-o What is the best Android Music Player?

Best Android Music Player

For many fans, the answer will be PowerAmp. For long PowerAmp has been the absolute favorite music player for Android users. Why wouldn’t it? It has the most features anyone can ask e.g gapless playback, silent timer, folder based playing and good UX.

The only major flaw with poweramp that they don’t offer any free version.

However, there’s a problem. The problem is quite ironic and sadistic. It had no free version and people who cannot buy from play store, they cannot use it. Moreover, Poweramp has built-in checking system that suspends the usage after 15 days.

 icon-question-circle   So is there any free alternative to PowerAmp?

Yes! there is and it’s called Shuttle+. This app is undoubtedly the best free PowerAmp alternative than cracked PowerAmp.


 icon-puzzle-piece Why Shuttle+ is essentially the cracked version of Poweramp?

Because Shuttle+ offers all the great features of Poweramp and they offer a free version. Moreover, it boasts of one of the best UI designs found on Android platform. Moreover, the Shuttle+ version also offers folder based playing ability like that of poweramp.

 icon-download Download Shuttle Music Player

If you want to give a try, simply go to play store and search for click the green button below. But if you really need the folder based playing Android app try searching from Shuttle+ Music Player on the play store and buy it. If you can’t buy Shuttle+ for country restricts, do a Google about Shuttle+ apk, though I wouldn’t recommend that absolutely. Because the great developer of the app needs appreciation. And you can do it by easily purchasing the app.

Download Shuttle Free | Download Shuttle+ from PlayStore

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