The Best Kacchi Biryani In Dhaka City

Umm..who doesn’t love Kacchi Biryani? Personally, it’s one of my most favorite food item in Dhaka. The fragrance of smoky hot Kacchi – kind of heaven on earth feeling! However, with the growing people of Dhaka City, there has been a growing trend of food carts and good food shops across Dhaka, from Mohakhali to Dhanmondi, from Banani to Khilgaon, from Gulshan to Rifles Square.

 icon-eye So what’s the best Kacchi In Dhaka?

The Best Kacchi Biryani in Dhaka City

As a foodie myself, I tasted various Kacchi Biryanis in Dh
aka City. While listing the best, you should also consider these as they were competitors for their taste.

  • Sunami Restaurant – Kacchi – Jigatola
  • Star Kabab – Kacchi – Farmgate/Banani
  • Star Kabab – Kacchi – Thataribazar, Puran Dhaka
  • Fakhrudding Restaurant – Kaccho – Various places in Dhaka
  • Nanna Biryani – Kacchi – Becharam Dewri, Puran Dhaka
  • Hanif Biryani – Biryani – Najira Bazar, Puran Dhaka
  • Some other unknown shops

  icon-check-circle The best Kacchi in Dhaka

The best one? It was not actually a close decision! After tasting Kacchi Biryani from different places from time to time, I can safely say, the best Kacchi can be found to Puran Dhaka, Kolkata Kacchi Ghor (কোলকাতা কাচ্চি ঘর) 


Simply by the taste, price and quantity, no places in Dhaka provides as delicious and as yummy Kacchi Biryani in Dhaka. However, don’t expect too high, because taste differs from man to man and as far as the place is concerned, you might just lower the expectation.

  • Awesome Taste
  • Served Hot
  • Good, juicy & comparatively large piece of mutton
  • Good quantity
  • Good Price

The only con of Kolkata Kacchi, is the place is far from mainstream Dhaka restaurants and the place is not what you’ll expect. The place is very narrowand only 12-16 people can eat at once. Moreover, there’s no AC.

 icon-dollar Pricing

Their pricing is pretty reasonable. Per plate 150 taka. However, it may seem pretty low to you and you’re being so much happy but bear in mind that the place is too bad that’s why they can’t ask more. But if you don’t care about environment, just go for it!

 icon-map-marker Tell Me Direction

The direction can be marked in Google Maps, I’m leaving the Google Maps link below. However, if you need more like a guideline how to get there, here’s step by step direction

  • Go to Shahbag (Bus/Rickshaw/or anything)
  • Take a Rickshaw and tell him you would go to “Dhaka Central Jail” or “Central Jail”
  •  After reaching there, you’ll see a road that’s going left (opposite side of Central Jail). Start walking there or tell rickshaw to go there. (The Road is named Satrouja BTW)
  • You’ll soon find it

Kolkata Kacchi Ghor on Google Maps

icon-picture-o Gallery

How can a post end without some delicious pictures?


  • Photo collected from various facebook posts & Google images.

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