Why WordPress 4.3 Will Increase Your Productivity

WordPress – we love it all. No matter if you’re a pro blogger, pro-WordPress developer, designer or just a casual blogger who likes to keep it simple. Moreover, WordPress is now used over 40% of the websites around the world and people are increasingly using WordPress because its superior support and user friendliness.

WordPress Productivity

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 icon-bullhorn Introducing WordPress 4.3

WordPress Team introduced WordPress 4.3 the last day with some mind blowing productivity features. The ones which will increase productivity for basic users. And I’m just enjoying these new features. Let me introduce you to some of those new features.

 icon-edit Markdown Syntax

  • Markdown syntax is a great way to write accurately and more promptly. For example, if you write ## [Yourtext] and press enter, WordPress will automatically make that a heading 2. Similarly, ### for heading 3 & so on.
  • Also, if you write things starting with an asterisk or hyphen it would be automatically formatted as bullets.
  • if you write a paragraph starting with ‘>’, it’ll be formatted as Quote.

  icon-youtube-play Demo Video


However, if you’re looking for a more featured WordPress editor, I haven’t yet found anything to replace Windows Live Writer – The killer WordPress editor. It still is one of the best editors around and I surely believe Microsoft will update the software with some modern touches & UX.

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