Why I hate self-driving cars – Frustration Increased in Locals

Self-Driving Cars under criticism – A hate factor is developing among the general public One of the largest self-driving cars development and research company Alphabet has its test facility in Phoenix suburbs in Arizona state. One of their new self-driving car Waymo has been under testing phase for more than a year now. Locals in … Read more

Cyclelife Exclusive’s Veloce Legion Cycle Price & Specs

As you all know, the most renowned bi-cycle manufacturer Meghna Group has a long tradition of producing good & quality bikes. Meghna group, is the topper when there is a question of exporting bicycles to other countries like United Kingdom. Since January 2014, Meghna group has decided to launch a new set of QUALITY BIKES … Read more

Toyota Car Prices in Bangladesh (From 20lakh to 50lakh)

Toyota is the most popular & most used car brand in Bangladesh. People buy a lot of Toyota cars each year. Today I’m going to write about Toyota Car Prices in Bangladesh. Toyota Car Prices in Bangladesh The most popular Toyota Cars in Bangladesh includes Toyota Prado, Toyota KLUGER, Toyota VEROSA, Toyota PREMIO F, Toyota ALLION, Toyota AXIO Toyota Prado … Read more

Toyota Unveils The New Toyota Corolla 2014 Model (11th Gen)

Toyota Corolla 2014 – 11th Generation BAMM!!! Toyota has unveiled the new, shiny, revamped, a dramatically styled, sleeker, more dynamic Toyota Corolla 2014 Model that will change consumer perceptions of this iconic compact. After selling more than 40 million Toyota Corollas, this loyal compact gets some stylish look in its step for the 11th generation Corolla … Read more

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