Toyota Unveils The New Toyota Corolla 2014 Model (11th Gen)

Toyota Corolla 2014 – 11th Generation

BAMM!!! Toyota has unveiled the new, shiny, revamped, a dramatically styled, sleeker, more dynamic Toyota Corolla 2014 Model that will change consumer perceptions of this iconic compact.

Toyota Corolla 2014 Model

After selling more than 40 million Toyota Corollas, this loyal compact gets some stylish look in its step for the 11th generation Corolla

The world’s most used car is finally looking modern again.

Toyota unveiled its new Toyota Corolla 2014 Model (11th Generation) earlier this morning, proving that it can throw some aggressive curves.

Toyota’s ultra-conservative designers have slackened their ties with this 11th-generation model. People bought nearly 290,000 Corollas last year, branding it as the fifth-best-selling car in the U.S.

More than 40 million have been sold since 1966, they have revamped the new Corolla. Behind the new skin, the car is carrying over engine and transmission, the same 1.8-liter 132-horsepower 4-cylinder engine and the outdated 4-speed automatic transmission. It works just as you expect.

Presumably the most surprising feature is standard LED low-beam headlights, an expensive detail seen as an option on luxury cars and not seen anywhere in the compact segment.

Pricing of Corolla 2014 Model

Pricing will be announced closer to the car’s fall (October 2013)  launch, nevertheless  the Corolla faithful customers shouldn’t expect any big jumps. No matter how trendy and avant-garde this new Corolla is, Toyota isn’t about to rock their wallets.


[Source: Toyota]

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