A Noob’s Guide to Unlock Motorola AT&T Atrix Bootloader (4.5.141) & Flash ROMs

The best feature of Android – It’s open. You can modify Android to have the best performance from your phone. My previous Atrix’s hardware had some problem. So I didn’t root my/unlock my Atrix. However, after seeing the upcoming CM10 for my set & a battery friendly ROM yet 100% stable ROM, I finally decided to flash a custom ROM. What’s great? I’m successful. :)


How to Unlock Motorola Atrix Bootloader (4.5.141) AT&T

I’m a noob. So I was searching for a perfect & easy tutorial. The automatic bootlocker seems really confusing to me. So I decided to do it manually. It’s more easy & clear than the automatic version.

I’ll be writing this tutorial only for AT&T Atrix running 4.5.141 – Android 2.3.6 version. This tutorial will also work for AT&T 4.5.91 version. But don’t try this on AT&T 4.5.145/Bell/other international version. Once you flash CM7, you can never go back to Motorola’s Default ROM.

We’ll be flashing a custom ROM directly after unlocking the bootloader. So please download a custom rom & it’s Google Apps to your internal memory/SD Card. The main purpose of unlocking bootloader is to flash roms. So I don’t care whether Motorola’s buggy, laggy, sluggish, default blur ROM works or not.

Pre Requirements

We’ll be needing a couple of tools.

  1. We need the drivers for Atrix 4G. Download & install it from here (31.60 MB)
  2. We’ll need fastboot to unlock. Download fastboot from here 
  3. We’ll need RSDLite. Download RSDLite 5.3.1
  4. Only for AT&T Atrix running 4.5.91/4.5.141 – We’ll need the 1.1 MB Unlocker Only SBF for AT&T Atrix. This tool will make ready your smartphone to unlock via fastboot command.

How to Unlock Bootloader Now?

If you’ve rooted already, take a backup of your apps with Titanium Backup. If not, then you’re gonna loose all your apps.

Unlocking Atrix 4G Bootloader 4.5.145 Step-by-step

  1. First of all, install RSDLite & extract the file 4547-fix-try2.sbf on your desktop.
  2. Extract fastboot to C://fastboot.
  3. Open RSDLite.
  4. Power off your phone. Press power button+volume down together. You’ll see a text “fastboot”. Then start pressing the volume down again & and again until you see “RSD“. Once it comes, press volume up button. It’ll say “Starting RSD Protocol”
  5. You’ll see that RSDLite has detected your phone in the menu. (SE Olympus or something like that)
  6. Now Click the “…” button in RSDLite & navigate the 4547-fix-try2.sbf file from your desktop.
  7. Click Start.
  8. Wait 5/6 minutes It’ll restart your phone. You’ll maybe see a boot error. (Just ignore it. Cause we’re gonna flash a new ROM anyway).
  9. After waiting some minutes, it’ll say it’s saying “starting fastboot protocol
  10. We’re half done. We’ve extracted our fastboot files in C://fastboot
  11. Open Command Prompt with Admin Privilege
  • Type "cd.."
  • Type "cd.."
  • Type "cd fastboot"
fastboot unlocking process Atrix 4G
fastboot unlocking process Atrix 4G
  • Type “fastboot devices” & see if your device is recognized by fastboot.
  • Now type “fastboot oem unlock” it’ll give you a unique ID to unlock your phone.
  • Type “fastboot oem unlock “XXXXXXXXXXXX (Unique ID)”

Flashing ClockWorkMod Recovery

(I’ve downloaded the latest recovery from romracer from here  & placed it into the fastboot folder already)

  • Reboot your phone into fastboot mode again. (If power button doesn’t do it, do a battery pull. To get into fastboot, Press power button+volume  down together until you see fastboot & then press volume up)We’re in the command prompt still.
  • So write 
    fastboot erase recovery
  • Then write
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

YAY!!! BOOM! We’ve flashed unlocked the bootloader & flashed recovery!

To flash a rom now, go to recovery mode (Press power button+volume  down together until you see fastboot & then keep pressing volume down & until you see “Android Recovery”. Once you see it, press volume up.

The ROM flashing guide is easy. Choose install zip from SD card & select your rom package & it’ll be installed. Reboot to enjoy your first custom ROM :)

I’ll not be responsible if you do any harm to your device

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