5 Wonderful Eid Gift Ideas of 2016

5 Wonderful Eid Gift Ideas of 2016

Eid is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims all over the world. This day marks the end of Ramadan, which is a month of fasting. Eid is a day full of happiness, joy and excitement. Everyone dresses up in their new clothes, the Morning Prayer is offered together and not to forget about food. There are a number of traditional dishes cooked at household that include sweet and savory dishes. Eid is also a day where people exchange gifts and purchase new products for themselves. Eid ul Fitr celebration are very important to everyone because people get to spend time with friends and family.

Shopping for Eid gifts is a tradition in every country. However it is not easy to shop while you are fasting. The markets are usually very busy before Eid and also it is very difficult to concentrate in the heat. This year make online stores your best friends where you shop for everything under one roof.

Popular stores like Kaymu Bangladesh and several other trusted stores make Eid shopping easier. All you have to do is order online and get everything delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Bangladesh. PriyoShop is another amazing online marketplace that offers shoppers with a wide collection of products at discounted prices.

Clothes for a Gift Item for Eid

One can never go wrong with clothing when it comes to giving gifts. Eid celebration is not complete without wearing traditional clothes. Perhaps you can give your loved ones traditional clothes which they might end up wearing on Eid. Look for light and comfortable materials that will keep the person feeling good for the entire day. For men you can select from shalwar and kurta. For Ladies, buyers can select from shalwar kameez, kurtas and so on forth. You can also gift people western clothes as well if they like them more compared to Eastern.

Religious Jewelry Eid Gift


Jewelry is always considered to be special and is the most adored gift out of everything. It is a very personal gift and stays with a person forever. Instead of giving regular designs, you can give your loved ones religious jewelry. A pendant with God’s name for ladies will work well and perhaps a ring with Arabic scripts for men. When Eid shopping, a jewelry is always on top of the list.

Flowers for Eid

Instead of giving your loved ones some regular boring gifts, sending a beautiful flower bouquet is a thoughtful gesture. You can select from a wide variety of flowers that you can hand pick yourself. You can select from thousands of colors and wrap the flowers in special papers.

Eid Sweets to celebrate Eid ul Fitr

No one minds a huge box of sweets to be delivered at their doorstep on Eid. Their day can be made happier by this box of joy. You can pick out different traditional sweets, get them boxed in fancy boxes and give it to your loved ones on Eid this year.

Monetary Gifts for Kids Especially

If you are still confused and all else fails, no one minds getting monetary gifts. Money is usually given to young children on Eid. This year get a nice customized envelope with their name printed in a fancy font.


How To Pay National ID Card Correction Fee With DBBL Mobile Banking

So if you have incorrect information on National ID Card / Voter ID Card and you are wondering how to correct the wrong info. The procedure is simple but takes time.

National ID Card Information Change or Correction Process

How to change the NID (National ID Card) Information and national id card/Voter ID Card? You can correct your incorrect information from online by registering at
Any one can change or correction their National ID Card Information if they had mistake. There are three option has given by Election Commission Bangladesh (ECB).


  • Want to update the information in your national identity?
  • What are the documents required for the national identity card info?

Changing Incorrect Information on National ID Card/Voter ID Card

  • You’ve to register online using your Voter ID/National ID Card No at
  • After registering, you’ll be able to login using the code they’ll send you in your given number.
  • After logging in, you’ll be able to see your ID Card information. If you have any mistake there, you can apply for correction from online.
  • After submitting online, you’ll be required to pay the fee. You can pay the fee by DBBL Mobile Banking. There are lots of DBBL Agents in Bangladesh and you can pay the fee from any outlet.  To pay National ID Card Fee by DBBL Mobile Banking follow this procedure
National ID Card/Voter ID Card Fee DBBL Mobile Banking
National ID Card/Voter ID Card Fee DBBL Mobile Banking

After paying fee, enter your transaction number in the next page. Take out the printed copy and submit it to your local Election Commission Office.

Want to update the information in your national identity? and What are the documents required for the national identity card info?

  • SSC Certificate – (Age proof certificate)
    • Date of Registration – (Age proof certificate)
    • Passport / Driving License / TIN- (Age proof certificate)
    • Utility bill copy / house rent receipt / holding Tax Receipt – (usually lives in the area of any such evidence)
    • citizenship certificate (if applicable)
    • father, mother, husband / wife Id copy cards (if applicable)
  • Categories

    Buy Valentine Gifts from Online | Now is the best time to save your time!

    Valentine’s Day: Talking About Love through Festivals

    Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to talk about love. Though the question arises that what we talk about when we talk about love, yet the overall discourse remains within the parameters of cultural and societal norms. Muslim countries at the state level usually tend to disregard any such eventfulness on this day but the educational institutes become the potpourri of these discussions and its related diatribes. Many universities and academicians try to organise events where youth can come up and talk about love. Bangladesh is one of those Muslim countries whose population is increasingly becoming aware of Valentine’s Day.

    Dhaka in the spotlight

    Dhaka being the capital of the country stands responsible for any movement in the country whether in the direction of political instability or any cultural revolution for that matter. Dhaka University hosts some programs where youth and many other adults get together to express their feeling of love with the opposite sex. The day does not have much scope for privacy though as it will witness mainly the young, spirited energy centred on the most exquisite feeling of youth i.e. romance. To add to this elegance, people exchange roses and cards that are usually available at online shopping centres such as Kaymu. People love to buy Valentine’s Day products to give it to their loved ones. To celebrate this day, on the other hand many food outlets give away amazing offers to the customers.

    It is also the day when florists make much of their profits. Their stalls are adorned with elaborate patterns of flowers and that too of different colours. Moreover, people buy all sorts of accessories that are related to Valentine’s Day products, for ideas visit here. Online shopping centres and markets become the major interface for the lovers of all the ages. It needs to be reminded that the red colour remains the favourite for everyone.

    Family and Food

    Food is another attraction for people on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants and hotels come up with new dishes on their menus to lure the public. Bengali traditional dishes also fill the pubs with delicious cuisine. Many people also arrange some family dinners to rekindle the family relations. Quite strangely, a survey also suggests that holding such sort of family gatherings strengthen the family ties.

    Though, it does not need any reminding yet, just for the sake of reminder, there is nothing to worry about if you don’t have a lover to celebrate this day with. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have anyone to spend this day with this year, you may want to consider giving the gift of babysitting to couples with kids. And speaking of people who aren’t currently in a relationship, although the majority of them usually say that they are not going to make anything special out of this day yet 37 percent of singles will share the day with someone –and that someone is usually a family member.


    Buy Trendy Shoes For The Winter Seasons from Online

    The much-awaited short months of winter are finally approaching us. Unlike the rest of the world, Bangladeshis cherish and look forward to the few months of morning fog and evening chill. It is the season of coffee, chocolates, sweaters and hoodies. You spend hours lazing around the house in cozy sleepwear. It is time to light up those fire pits and gather the family around for tea. It is advisable to keep yourself warm and cozy especially your feet because that is where people usually catch flu from. Below we discuss this winter’s latest trends that will not only keep you warm but also fashionable.

    Winter Shopping in Bangladesh

    For Women:

     Ugg Boots

    Feeling sick of the strappy sandals you have been wearing all summer? Try Uggs. Ugg is an official American company founded by an Australian living in California. Over the years it has ventured into other products as well like bags, sandals, slippers but initially it started with boots for women only. They are popularly known for their super comfortable goat skin boots, with comfortable sheep wool insole. These camel colored boots are a must have in the winter.

    Knee Length Boots

    Knee length boots ooze out high fashion. Pair these up with plain blue jeans and a white top for instant high fashion. These boots come in different materials like suede, leather, and Rexene. These boots will help you keep your legs warm and cozy as they add an extra layer of covering over the legs.

    For Men

     Leather boots

    Many confuse boots to be girls-only footwear, whereas their multiple types of boots available for men as well like dress boots, casual boots, winter and snow boots, military-inspired styles and desert and chukka boots. The best thing about men’s boots is that you can wear it to work as well as when you are out and about.
    They are made for the tough terrain with durable high-top design and waterproof upper. For the inside, there are also many options, like fleece insole to keep you warm in the winters.

    Colorful Socks

    Today markets are filled with bright and colorful pop socks which fit into your toes to give you complete comfort and solid grip. Ankle socks are also perfect to pair with loafers. Moisturize your feet with butter cream after taking a bath and cover them with these socks. It will leave your feet feeling not only warm but also soft as a baby.


    In order to avoid the hassle and cold, order winter shoes online. There are many online shopping websites like which have winter footwear like woolen slippers and cushioned insole shoes and much more, all at best prices.


    Best Online T-shirt Store in Bangladesh – Includes Free Shipping

    Time is changing fast, in this busy world in Dhaka, people nowadays don’t want to go shopping. Yes, that includes a handful of reasons, but the #1 is maybe the traffic jam. None can guaranty how Dhaka traffic jam will behave today. In this mega city, it’s getting a common scenario for the past few years.

    Best online tshirt store in Bangladesh

    So, your question is,

    What’s The Best Online T-shirt store in Bangladesh

    There are a number of online t-shirt stores in Bangladesh including,, and so others, and it’s growing rapidly. However, what you need to know are all those produce good quality, do all of them ship to your home and do they take money for shipping?

    Nonetheless, I haven’t mentioned yet the best online the Best Online T-shirt store in Bangladesh yet. I have contacted some of them (above listed) but they were not as professional as an online retailer should be. The best one I have found in Dhaka city is Graffiti. Don’t know about this emerging T-shirt company yet? Well, you should know.

    Why Graffiti is the The Best Online T-shirt store in Bangladesh?

    Well that matters. For me, these following reasons were enough to rate them #1 in the industry.

    • Pretty descent cloth quality for its price: Their cloth quality is by far the best I have seen for its budget. They usually ship 180 GSM (Gram per square meter). You can ask for higher gsm though.
    • Best price on market: One of the major problem of online shopping is the overprice. But hey, that’s gone. Graffiti offers every t-shirt for 300 taka that includes the offer of free shipping in Dhaka as well as anywhere in Bangladesh. Isn’t that great? For 300 taka they will deliver your chosen t-shirt at your doorsteps and what’s even more great? You don’t have to pay before getting the t-shirt! The salesman will come, will give you the shirt for your trial, check and preference and if you like it; then buy it. Otherwise if you find any defect they’ll exchange for free.
    • Professional: They are much more professional in their business than others I have seen so far.

    How do I order a t-shirt from Graffiti now?

    It’s pretty easy and straight forward. First, head over to the Graffiti Facebook page. They do business via Facebook.

    Navigate to the available tshirt store by clicking their Photo albums.

    There is a number to place your order. Call/text your desired tshirt by mentioning its name, size and your address. You’re done. Wait for the arrival and take advantage of online shopping. 😀


    P.S: I have no affiliation with Graffiti. It’s just a review from an one year satisfied customer. It has saved me a lot of time as we’ll as money.


    Be Safe! Scam/Cheating/Fraud Job Offer from Coral LTD. Since 2012

    Yesterday one of my relative was so excited that he got a job offer from a International Company. He was so sure that it’s 100% legitimate & he instantly thought that he was going to QATAR to have a job of $1100/month. How can you believe that a sudden email can offer you a job that’ll pay this amount of money! I was suspicious & was searching whether it was a scam or not! I found out at last that it is actually a cheating!

    How this scam starts:

    STEP 1:

    You will get an EMAIL like this (image):

    The attached doc will look like this after opening


    You’ll get a SMS along with the email. I don’t actually know how they got the mobile number. But they’ll send you a SMS to make you believe that it’s legit. The SMS will look like this.

    From a mobile number: 01686749425 may change (I got the SMS from this number).


    It’ll ask you to call a Banglalink number to contact about the Medical Report. Thank GOD that the number was off! If it wasn’t off my relative was going to get into this huge cheating! It asked me to call the number & have an appointment of health report with the man.

    This is a scam/Cheating/fraud JOB offer from Coral LTD. SINCE 2012



    The investigation:

    STEP 1:

    I called the hotline but I’m glad none picked up. But after doing some research, I found that others who called the number was linked to a speaking female assistant.

    STEP 2:


    found the JOB offering company has an official website which is

    A substandard website :

    STEP 3:


    I found out who owns this domain. It seems like one Bangladeshi (Md Jashim Uddin) own this company domain.

    How this can be possible? An International Company’s Official Website is own by a Bangladeshi who lives in United Kingdom? Isn’t that ridiculous? Hence, if it claims that they are a Canadian company, they are totally cheating!

    I blurred the address of UK as he (Md Jashim Uddin) may not know , his friends in Bangladesh (may be) doing fraud with the domain registered under his name .

    This domain ( Coral LTD.) is registered  on (2012/06/25) June 25  2012 means three and half months ago.

    may be for fraud


    STEP 4:


    I called the help line number again 01839841109 and the number 01686749425 all of them were switched off. Why those were switched off if they were professional company?

    STEP 5:


    I found the contact us page of the webpage. There was a name David Rozario, HR. Manager, Coral Ltd. 808-5079, Lawrence Ave SCARBOROUGH, Canada, M1V2S8

    Have you seen any company before which provides its HR manager contact number so openly? This HR manager is also the signee of the offer letter. Therefore, the frauds used this name here.

    Email Reply from their Contact Email

    When I sent a mail to their email at [email protected] my gmail said the email cannot be sent. There was some problem with their inbox. So I was pretty confirmed that it was fake!


    Finally I found:


    Many people are getting this type of mail from April 2012 in different name.

    The address is fake also!

    Some people already lost their money!


    (I got some real help while writing this post from Anexpertbd’s this post. I used some of their images in this post. Some of the images are mine.)