Best Online T-shirt Store in Bangladesh – Includes Free Shipping

Time is changing fast, in this busy world in Dhaka, people nowadays don’t want to go shopping. Yes, that includes a handful of reasons, but the is maybe the traffic jam. None can guaranty how Dhaka traffic jam will behave today. In this mega city, it’s getting a common scenario for the past few years.

Best online tshirt store in Bangladesh

So, your question is,

What’s The Best Online T-shirt store in Bangladesh

There are a number of online t-shirt stores in Bangladesh including,, and so others, and it’s growing rapidly. However, what you need to know are all those produce good quality, do all of them ship to your home and do they take money for shipping?

Nonetheless, I haven’t mentioned yet the best online the Best Online T-shirt store in Bangladesh yet. I have contacted some of them (above listed) but they were not as professional as an online retailer should be. The best one I have found in Dhaka city is Graffiti. Don’t know about this emerging T-shirt company yet? Well, you should know.

Why Graffiti is the The Best Online T-shirt store in Bangladesh?

Well that matters. For me, these following reasons were enough to rate them in the industry.

  • Pretty descent cloth quality for its price: Their cloth quality is by far the best I have seen for its budget. They usually ship 180 GSM (Gram per square meter). You can ask for higher gsm though.
  • Best price on market: One of the major problem of online shopping is the overprice. But hey, that’s gone. Graffiti offers every t-shirt for 300 taka that includes the offer of free shipping in Dhaka as well as anywhere in Bangladesh. Isn’t that great? For 300 taka they will deliver your chosen t-shirt at your doorsteps and what’s even more great? You don’t have to pay before getting the t-shirt! The salesman will come, will give you the shirt for your trial, check and preference and if you like it; then buy it. Otherwise if you find any defect they’ll exchange for free.
  • Professional: They are much more professional in their business than others I have seen so far.

How do I order a t-shirt from Graffiti now?

It’s pretty easy and straight forward. First, head over to the Graffiti Facebook page. They do business via Facebook.

Navigate to the available tshirt store by clicking their Photo albums.

There is a number to place your order. Call/text your desired tshirt by mentioning its name, size and your address. You’re done. Wait for the arrival and take advantage of online shopping. :D


P.S: I have no affiliation with Graffiti. It’s just a review from an one year satisfied customer. It has saved me a lot of time as we’ll as money.

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