[Solved] Can’t Charge My iPad/iPhone/iPod from Regular Adapter/USB Port?

Can’t charge your iPad/iPhone/iPod from USB?

No problem! I just solved it!

So here’s the thing. You’re out of Apple’s official charger. And you need to charge your iPad/any iDevice from PC. Usually, iPad charges when you connect it through USB. However, when there’s not sufficient amount of power, iPad will not  charge and Instead it’ll say, Not Charging on the top.

Let’s suppose another theory. You’ve bought a local USB Adapter/you have Android’s adapter & iPad’s 30 PIN connector cable. However, when you plugged in Apple’s USB onto Android Adapter, it’s saying “Not Charging”! That’s crazy! I mean WHAT THE HECK?

How To charge iPad/iPhone/iPod from PC? / How To Charge iPad/iPhone/iPod from Laptop?

Even if your iPad/iPhone/iPod rejects to take charge from your PC, you can make it work. You can charge your iDevice. For that, you just need to install a small software which is made by ASUS, names Asus AI Charger. The process is simple. Download it, install it.

Connect your iPad/iPod/iPhone. You’re ready to go!


Hip Hip Hurray! :D :P

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