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Valentine’s Day: Talking About Love through Festivals

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to talk about love. Though the question arises that what we talk about when we talk about love, yet the overall discourse remains within the parameters of cultural and societal norms. Muslim countries at the state level usually tend to disregard any such eventfulness on this day but the educational institutes become the potpourri of these discussions and its related diatribes. Many universities and academicians try to organise events where youth can come up and talk about love. Bangladesh is one of those Muslim countries whose population is increasingly becoming aware of Valentine’s Day.

Dhaka in the spotlight

Dhaka being the capital of the country stands responsible for any movement in the country whether in the direction of political instability or any cultural revolution for that matter. Dhaka University hosts some programs where youth and many other adults get together to express their feeling of love with the opposite sex. The day does not have much scope for privacy though as it will witness mainly the young, spirited energy centred on the most exquisite feeling of youth i.e. romance. To add to this elegance, people exchange roses and cards that are usually available at online shopping centres such as Kaymu. People love to buy Valentine’s Day products to give it to their loved ones. To celebrate this day, on the other hand many food outlets give away amazing offers to the customers.

It is also the day when florists make much of their profits. Their stalls are adorned with elaborate patterns of flowers and that too of different colours. Moreover, people buy all sorts of accessories that are related to Valentine’s Day products, for ideas visit here. Online shopping centres and markets become the major interface for the lovers of all the ages. It needs to be reminded that the red colour remains the favourite for everyone.

Family and Food

Food is another attraction for people on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants and hotels come up with new dishes on their menus to lure the public. Bengali traditional dishes also fill the pubs with delicious cuisine. Many people also arrange some family dinners to rekindle the family relations. Quite strangely, a survey also suggests that holding such sort of family gatherings strengthen the family ties.

Though, it does not need any reminding yet, just for the sake of reminder, there is nothing to worry about if you don’t have a lover to celebrate this day with. Whatever the reason, if you don’t have anyone to spend this day with this year, you may want to consider giving the gift of babysitting to couples with kids. And speaking of people who aren’t currently in a relationship, although the majority of them usually say that they are not going to make anything special out of this day yet 37 percent of singles will share the day with someone –and that someone is usually a family member.

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