Painting the Day Red – Language Movement Day 2015

Known as the red-letter day of Bangladeshi history, the Language Movement Day is celebrated with zeal and fervor every year on 21st of February. The day is observed all across the country in real patriotic spirit; for it is the day that a nation declared its right to speak its native tongue without any outside oppression. In spirit of the day, Kaymu offers a variety of accessories and clothing to make it even more special, for more details click here. You can find wristbands, head- bands and shirts as well as cups, key chains, wallets and show pieces specially designed in honor of the day.


  • History Behind The Language Movement:


The national holiday that is observed on this day is done so in the memory of the martyrs who gave their life away to stand up for the right to speak their native tongue. In year 1952, East Pakistan’s Bengali students got together and held protests against the Pakistani government of that time for the unfair declaration of Urdu as the national language. At that time, majority of the people living in East Pakistan were Bengalis. During this protest, many young students lost their lives. They are remembered this day for their bravery and for standing up to preserve their mother tongue for future generations.


  • The Day of Protest:


Around nine o clock in the morning, Bengali students started to gather at University of Dhaka to defy section 144. Heavily armored police started to surround the building and by 11, the protests started to grow aggressive. Many students tried to break the line of police and as an answer to that, the police started to fire tear gas shells at the entrance. At this point, vice chancellor requested the police to stop the shelling and ordered the students to retreat at once. However, despite the request, many students were arrested in violation of section 144.

Outraged by the arrest of their fellow students, many angry youngsters decided to block the legislator’s way, and to ask him to present their case at the assembly. During this conflict, many students started to storm inside the East Bengal Legislative Assembly building and were shot dead by the police. As the media announced the killing of students, disorder erupted all across the city, as the public places were instantly shut down. The strike shook the nation but the chief minister, Nurul Amin, put down the movement against section 144. However, this was not the end of it: in February of 1956, the efforts and sacrifices of many a students bore fruit when Bengali was declared the second national language of the country.



  • The Language Movement Celebrations Today


To remember of 21 February 1952, today Bangladeshis observe a nation wide holiday. Moreover, they celebrate this day by wearing patriotic clothes, bands and other accessories and several events are held in the memory of the martyrs. Apart from that, at you can also find CD’s with songs dedicated to the martyrs and in honor of the Bengali language, paying tribute to the proud nation that didn’t bow down to oppression and stood up for its rights.


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