The Best Bangla Dictionary with Unicode Bangla Meaning (14 MB)

Best Bangla Dictionary – Which One and Why?

There are lots of Bangla Dictionary available on market.  I use Google Translate for my small tasks. However, I felt there was always need for a better offline Bangla Dictionary for a long time. For example, I published an article back in 2012 announcing that one was better than any other. Nevertheless, time has passed and I saw better alternatives. Though there were better alternatives, they didn’t have friendly UI or exclusive materials to write about. I found a great Bangla Dictionary which is small in size, has about 20000 Bangla words with Unicode translation. It’s a great dictionary all of the words are written in Unicode, you don’t find it often. Kudos to the developers!

The Name of The Best Bangla Dictionary: Shadhin Dictionary

(This is an English translation of the Bangla post from Bangla blog Amar Thikana…)

Shadhin Dictionary is upgraded and add loads of features in their latest 2.0 release. Moreoever, with Bangla Dictionary they added Bangla Aid Kit (which is great for XP users & people who have problem viewing Bangla) & Education Kit

Shadhin Ovidhan 2x

Features of Bangla Dictionary?

  • Better searching ability
  • Better English searching
  • Pronunciation of English words
  • 19000+ translatable words
  • 1500+ Phrases and Idioms
  • 1200+ Abbreviation,
  • Adding words or editing them
  • Backing up database
  • Ability to change words
  • Greek Words (With Pronunciation)
  • Hotkey support
  • Clipboard feature
  • Many more


Standalone Software

No need to install any runtime. Download and go and you don’t need an internet action for using it.


Better speed than before.

Added Apps With it

Shadhing Dictionary boasts of several small apps like Metro Bangla Calendar, Bangla Aid Kit and Scientific Names.

Metro Bangla Calendar

  • A Windows 7 gadget which shows Bangla date in Modern UI guidelines

Metro Bangla Calendar

Bangla Aid Kit

  • Promises to solve all Bangla problem in Windows (including browsers)

Bangla Aid Kit

Collection of Scientific Names Built In

  • Boasts of 300+ Scientific Names of Plants and Animals!
  • Search by Bangla or English

Biological Scientific name in Bangla


Built In Bangla Fonts


[sociallocker]Download Shadhin Dictionary[/sociallocker]

*Filename: Shadhin Ovidhan [11 Nov 2014] |  14MB.

Download link will be updated if there are new releases. I feel you must share this post to get the download link because the more people will know, the better. It’s our responsibility to let people know of this great software. Share the software, share the love of our Victory Day. :)

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  1. Aparajeyo Dictionary is good but asks for purchase Pro version.Thats why uninstalled it from my pc.Do you know any best alternative? @Adnan


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