Terry Myerson – The New Windows Guy To Fix Windows 9 [Win9 Concept]

Windows 9 Concept UI

Past Sinofsky Era

When Steven Sinofsky left last year, leaving an unfinished, amateur Windows in the wild, Microsoft temporarily divided his duties between two people, Julie Larson-Green, a top Sinofsky lieutenant, and Tami Reller, who many feel should be in the running for Microsoft’s next CEO job. But when the software giant announced its massive reorganization this year, both Larson-Green and Reller were out, with the former heading off to a new Devices business and Reller being put in charge of the overall marketing at the company.

Who Runs Windows?

If you’re not closely following Microsoft’s internal dramas, you might be wondering: Well, who’s running Windows then? The answer to that question is Terry Myerson. And the next obvious question is: Who the heck is Terry Myerson?

It’s an important question. Terry Myerson previously looked Microsoft’s Windows Phone business. He’s been considering Windows 8.x, Windows RT, and Windows Phone into a much simpler lineup. And I’m really starting to like this guy.

Terry Myerson IS THE OS GUY

Myerson has quietly removed the people who backed up Sinofsky-era players to produce a “MESSY WINDOWS 8.” Jon DeVaan and Antoine Leblond were left without leadership positions when the reorganization was announced this year. Dean Hachamovitch, who was looking Internet Explorer development for years, quietly left the IE organization in November to an unknown part of the company (Finally some desktop IE love? Probably a new UI?)

And now Ted Dworkin (Windows Store) and Jensen Harris (user experience) have been shifted to the Bing team.

However, Myerson isn’t just taking away those who backed Sinofsky’s product vision for Windows. He’s also trying to make sense of the mess they made. Although, I like Windows 8 just fine—Windows 8.1 is particularly good—but no one can deny Windows 8 is the worst Windows release—a completely uncompleted and unfinished OS that combines separate mobile and desktop platforms into a single, messy OS.

Google’s Android and Apple iOS are offering marvelous experiences for the masses, and Windows is getting worser.

Fixing Windows 8

Microsoft made the first steps to fix these problems in Windows 8.1. There’s a strong rumour Microsoft will release service pack+feature pack combined in the April 2014. Further reporting shows, Microsoft is ready to completely move on from the Windows 8 brand, which created mass confusion & hesitation in the PC industy. The PC industry had the worst year this year and many indicates that it’s because of a hybrid type OS that’s no better in desktop/tablet.

Windows 9 Visions in BUILD 2014 Conference

It is known that “Threshold” update to be called Windows 9 and this will ship in April 2015. This is a good sign because Microsoft is listening to the consumers and in a “SHUT UP & FIX” mode for Windows 9.

It’s predicted that Microsoft will return the START MENU (cause of the mass confusion), Fix Metro Apps to run on Desktop & can be resizable with minimize, maximize, close button, Metro 2.0 (which should improve overall Metro app performances), simpler Xbox integration etc.

However, I’ll be very happy (90% Windows users will be) if Microsoft simply takes the solution of Jay Machalani – FIXING WINDOWS 8 A young lad who brilliantly solved all Windows 8 problems without anything that goes against Microsoft vision.

I hope Microsoft is listening 🙂

For Users Delight, here are some screenshots from Windows 8.2 – Jay Machalani










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