How To Change Seeking Time in MplayerX (5s/3s)

Mplayer X Seeking Time
Last night I configured Mac OS X Mavericks in my PC. This is performing well with 6GB RAM and ATI 5670 GPU. In Windows, I used to use Potplayer. That was a great player with some great advantages. The best alternative I found for Potplayer/VLC is MplayerX. This player is in my view, the best OS X player.

How To Change Seeking Time in MplayerX (5s/3s)

MplayerX defaultly seeks 10s per click. That’s too big for me. I had to edit the value. Sadly, you can’t do it from the GUI part. To do that, you’ve to open Terminal & run these codes.

cd ~/Library/Preferences
defaults write org.niltsh.MPlayerX SeekStepTimeL -float -3
defaults write org.niltsh.MPlayerX SeekStepTimeR -float 3

You can change the seconds as you want them. Just change the value from 3/4/5. AS you wish.

That was easy. :) But took time to find it :) Hope it helps you.

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