Let’s Join Into 1 Big Facebook Community-Desperately Seeking – Dhaka (DSD)

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So, you spend tons of your time into facebook. What do you actually do? You read your newsfeed over and over again, and sometimes you feel really bored! Besides, when you need something to know, you are actually too tired to Google or search on Wikipedia. Furthermore, If you google, then sometimes, the search results are in international and you cannot refine the information you really want.

What if you have a personal assistant of your own?

Personal assistants like Siri, Google Now and Cortana are useful in countries like USA/UK. They can easily ask

“What’s the nearest Pizza Shop in Manhattan?”

Nevertheless, I bet you could have never asked to Siri/Google Now/Cortana

How much time will I need to reach in Shadarghat if there is traffic jam?


Pizza Hut e jamu naki Pizza Inn?

Or Even

What’s the nearest public toilet in Farmgate bridge?

So we have an answer for that. We’re announcing a new group today on Facebook, in aspire to build a local community where you can questions like that and get pretty much instant reply.

Why did we create Desperately Seeking – Dhaka (DSD) Group?

The cause is simple. ‘Sharing information’.

In modern times, people live a hectic life, which depends on the exchange of a vast volume of information and reliable communication among themselves. Of many media, facebook has become the most available, reliable and cheapest.

There are also some small groups which claims to do the job we have focused on, however no community can sustain if the base is not strong, if there is no ethics. We’ll do what it takes to make a perfect community. We’ll ensure perfect harmony among the users. Our base is strong and we’ll take every step to grow a cleaner & helpful community.

We’ve learned that people have been ignoring some other groups because they don’t respect community members

Frankly, members are the soul of a community. So we will not be ignorant and ignore your suggestion or complain. We’ll listen to you, discuss with you and hopefully make a better decision out of it.

Well You can ask anything you like e.g: reports, features, advertisement, weather forecast, schedules of transport and TV programs’, horoscope, financial data and technology tips. in fact, a happy number of people will offer information you seek to know anything you like from above mentioned topics as well as many other aspects of our life. It is therefore going to be a storehouse of information and an immediate guide for daily life.

What You Can Ask and What You Can’t

You can ask pretty much everything you can. Just like I showed you some FAQs, you can always ask questions on different topics. Just make sure it’s not too lame to ask. I’m listing a few things what you CAN’T ASK.


  • be rude, name call, or swear excessively — I will edit (or delete) your comment if I think it’s unacceptable.
  • spam — We have a good moderation team already in place. If it looks spammy to our team we will probably remove it.
  • post any pirated links, link which is not appropriate for the topic. You can tell the software’s name but you can’t post any pirated link.


  • leave a comment! If you know about the topic, don’t hesitate to help out people
  • ask questions — We love answering questions and helping people out. If we don’t know the answer someone else might and we’ll all learn.
  • read and respond to other people’s comments — there’s nothing better than a group where people discuss things.
  • subscribe to comments via “Get Notifications” to follow the discussion and receive responses to your comments.
  • keep slightly on topic
  • be respectful — it’s fine (sometimes even good) to disagree, as long as you do it in a reasonable manner. See this excellent post
  • tell us about problems by reporting — we’d be happy to learn from you and fix it.

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