Free GP Internet On PC (Download with IDM Support)

Using Free GP Internet On PC

So you want to use GP internet for free on your PC. There’s a lot of tricks are our there but most of them are outdated and does not work. We have a way, you can use GP Internet free. If you are short on money, and try it, let’s follow through!


GP Internet Free Procedure

1. Activate any GP internet package you like. It can be pay as you go or any other package.

*If you buy 3G, you’ll get 3g Speed

2. Download this software, FREE

3. Open the software and click listen

4. Change proxy and port of your browser.


Port: 8080

5. If you want to download with IDM, change the proxy and port of IDM too.
Let us know if it works or not in comments/

By Saif Hassan

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