How to Root Symphony W15? [Easiest Way]

Root Symphony W15

Do you want to Root Symphony W15 handset? Want to get full access of your system. Want to move your softwares from internal sd to external micro sd? Rooting is a process, by which we can get complete access of Android system. If you already don’t know what rooting is, why do you need it, please read the article here.

Root Symphony W15

Root Symphony W15 – Pre-Requirements

How to Root Symphony W15?

1) Turn off your mobile & take out the sim card & memory card.

2) Go to Settings>>Applications>>Development>>Turn on USB Debugging

3) Connect your mobile via the data cable.

4) Install ADBDriver by double clicking on the exe file.

5) It’ll give a prompt to confirm your installation.

6) Your driver will be installed successfully & you’ll see device status: “OK”



7) Open Unlock Root Pro.

8) Click on 

8) Click the Root Button

9) You’ll see your mobile model with Android OS version. Click it.


11) If everything goes well, it will say to reboot your phone. Click no.

12) Disconnect USB & Reboot your phone.

13) Voila! You’ll see SuperUser Icon with full root access. That mean’s your phone is rooted 🙂


Walton Primo NX – Full Specifications, Release Date & Price

Walton Primo NX – Full Specifications, ETA & Price

It has been a great year for Android so far. The growth of the popular Android platform is growing & growing. Despite newly found security holes by Bluebox which can make 99% of Android devices vulnerable, the growth isn’t stopping.

Walton Primo NX
Walton Primo NX

Walton Primo NX – New Phablet from Walton

If you’re a big fan of Phablet (screen size more than 5 inches), Walton Primo NX is just for you. Walton Primo NX, can be said easily the bigger brother of Walton N1 (the previous 5.3 inch phone by Walton).

Walton Primo NX Brings The Camera You Always Wanted

What’s the catch? Why will you buy the set? What will make this a soothing gadget?

It’s easy. The 13 MP Camera is the most attractive features of them all. Except the flagship phones by OEMs, very few Android smartphones offer 13MP camera.

Walton Primo NX Offers Gorilla Glass 1

Besides, the upgraded camera, Walton Primo NX also offers a Gorilla Glass 1. That’s a standard glass that has been used in phones all over the world. However, it’d be better if they included Gorilla Glass 2.
Operating System: Android 4.2.1 (jelly bean)
Processor: 28nm Quad-Core 1.2GHz
GPU: PowerVR SGX 544
Memory: 1GB
Storage space: 4GB
Call mode: Dual card dual standby

Network parameters
Network type: UMTS + GSM
Network band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz
Network speed: GPRS / EDGE/ 3G / HSDPA / HSPA+

Screen parameters
Screen size: 5.3-inch HD
Resolution: 1280 × 720
Touch & protector: Capacitive touch screen with 1st generation gorilla glass
Screen type: ultra black level with vivid IPS
3.9 mm narrow frame

External Memory: Support Micro SD card, up to 32GB

Sensor: CMOS
Rear camera: BSI 13.0 Mega pixels with F/2.2 & Blue glass
Front camera: 3.0 Mega pixels
Video recording: Full HD (1080p) (1920×1080)
Flash: Support

Radio: Support with recorder

Battery: 3000mAh
Type: Lithium battery

WLAN b/g/n (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth V4, Micro USB V2
USB on The Go (OTG), Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL)
Wireless Display Sharing

Motion sensors: Gyroscope, Accelerometer (3D), Gravity, Linear Acceleration, Orientation, Corrected Gyroscope Sensor, Rotation Vector,
Light sensors : Light (Brightness), Proximity,
Magnetic Field (Compass),
dual mic noise reduction
GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function


Weight: 189 grams (with battery)

Dimension: 152 x 77 x 9.9 mm

Release date: End of July, 2013 [approximately]


A Noob’s Guide to Unlock Motorola AT&T Atrix Bootloader (4.5.141) & Flash ROMs

The best feature of Android – It’s open. You can modify Android to have the best performance from your phone. My previous Atrix’s hardware had some problem. So I didn’t root my/unlock my Atrix. However, after seeing the upcoming CM10 for my set & a battery friendly ROM yet 100% stable ROM, I finally decided to flash a custom ROM. What’s great? I’m successful. 🙂


How to Unlock Motorola Atrix Bootloader (4.5.141) AT&T

I’m a noob. So I was searching for a perfect & easy tutorial. The automatic bootlocker seems really confusing to me. So I decided to do it manually. It’s more easy & clear than the automatic version.

I’ll be writing this tutorial only for AT&T Atrix running 4.5.141 – Android 2.3.6 version. This tutorial will also work for AT&T 4.5.91 version. But don’t try this on AT&T 4.5.145/Bell/other international version. Once you flash CM7, you can never go back to Motorola’s Default ROM.

We’ll be flashing a custom ROM directly after unlocking the bootloader. So please download a custom rom & it’s Google Apps to your internal memory/SD Card. The main purpose of unlocking bootloader is to flash roms. So I don’t care whether Motorola’s buggy, laggy, sluggish, default blur ROM works or not.

Pre Requirements

We’ll be needing a couple of tools.

  1. We need the drivers for Atrix 4G. Download & install it from here (31.60 MB)
  2. We’ll need fastboot to unlock. Download fastboot from here 
  3. We’ll need RSDLite. Download RSDLite 5.3.1
  4. Only for AT&T Atrix running 4.5.91/4.5.141 – We’ll need the 1.1 MB Unlocker Only SBF for AT&T Atrix. This tool will make ready your smartphone to unlock via fastboot command.

How to Unlock Bootloader Now?

If you’ve rooted already, take a backup of your apps with Titanium Backup. If not, then you’re gonna loose all your apps.

Unlocking Atrix 4G Bootloader 4.5.145 Step-by-step

  1. First of all, install RSDLite & extract the file 4547-fix-try2.sbf on your desktop.
  2. Extract fastboot to C://fastboot.
  3. Open RSDLite.
  4. Power off your phone. Press power button+volume down together. You’ll see a text “fastboot”. Then start pressing the volume down again & and again until you see “RSD“. Once it comes, press volume up button. It’ll say “Starting RSD Protocol”
  5. You’ll see that RSDLite has detected your phone in the menu. (SE Olympus or something like that)
  6. Now Click the “…” button in RSDLite & navigate the 4547-fix-try2.sbf file from your desktop.
  7. Click Start.
  8. Wait 5/6 minutes It’ll restart your phone. You’ll maybe see a boot error. (Just ignore it. Cause we’re gonna flash a new ROM anyway).
  9. After waiting some minutes, it’ll say it’s saying “starting fastboot protocol
  10. We’re half done. We’ve extracted our fastboot files in C://fastboot
  11. Open Command Prompt with Admin Privilege
  • Type "cd.."
  • Type "cd.."
  • Type "cd fastboot"
fastboot unlocking process Atrix 4G
fastboot unlocking process Atrix 4G
  • Type “fastboot devices” & see if your device is recognized by fastboot.
  • Now type “fastboot oem unlock” it’ll give you a unique ID to unlock your phone.
  • Type “fastboot oem unlock “XXXXXXXXXXXX (Unique ID)”

Flashing ClockWorkMod Recovery

(I’ve downloaded the latest recovery from romracer from here  & placed it into the fastboot folder already)

  • Reboot your phone into fastboot mode again. (If power button doesn’t do it, do a battery pull. To get into fastboot, Press power button+volume  down together until you see fastboot & then press volume up)We’re in the command prompt still.
  • So write 
    fastboot erase recovery
  • Then write
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

YAY!!! BOOM! We’ve flashed unlocked the bootloader & flashed recovery!

To flash a rom now, go to recovery mode (Press power button+volume  down together until you see fastboot & then keep pressing volume down & until you see “Android Recovery”. Once you see it, press volume up.

The ROM flashing guide is easy. Choose install zip from SD card & select your rom package & it’ll be installed. Reboot to enjoy your first custom ROM 🙂

I’ll not be responsible if you do any harm to your device


Walton Primo X1 – Best Smartphone of Walton Yet [Specs+Price+Review]

The market of smart phones is emerging very rapidly. New devices are being brought to the market by several vendors in short time. Walton is almost a new fresh in the world of smartphones. But already it has earned huge popularity providing with some best quality of android mobile. After launching the Phablet N1, Walton is going to launch their latest product Walton Primo X1.


This phone is much awaited  for its configuration, performance, cheap price. Walton Primo X1 is configured with 4.65” display, 4.1.2 jelly bean, 1 GB Ram, Quad-Core 1.2 GHz processor. BEST ANDROID PHONE for UNDER 20000 TAKA. WE RECCOMEND IT. 






Walton Primo X1 Configurations And Specifications:


  • OS- Android  4.1.2 (jelly bean)
  • 2G : Yes. GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 3G : Yes. UMTS 900 / 2100
  • Sim Type: Dual Sim (Dual SIM Standby)
  • GPS  Yes, with A-GPS support


  • Weight-132 gm
  • Dimensions- 135.5 × 70 × 8.6mm


  • Screen size: 4.65-inch HD
    Resolution: 1280 × 720
    Screen type: Capacitive touch screen with 2nd generation gorilla glass (iPhone 5 and Samsung S3 use the same glass )
  • Screen material: HD SUPER AMOLED PLUS Screen
  • Screen Size: 4.65-inch HD
  • MultiTouch: Yes (5 Finger)


  • Chipset- :  MediaTek MT6589
  • CPU: 28nm Quad-Core 1.2GHz
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX 544 (Samsung Galaxy S4 uses the same chip. But that’s quad core & it’s only single core)
  • Internal Memory- ROM 4GB, RAM 1 GB
  • Extra Storage- Supports Micro SD card, up to 32GB


  • Sensor: CMOS
  • Rear camera: 8.0 Mega pixels
  • Front camera: 2.0 Mega pixels
  • Video recording: Full HD (1080p) (1920×1080)
  • Flash: Support


  • EDGE- Yes
  • GPRS-Yes,
  • WLAN-  b/g/n (Wi-Fi),
  • Bluetooth- Yes, V4
  • USB Modem- Yes, Micro USB V2
  • Sensor- Gyro/Accelerometer (3D), Light sensor, Gravity sensor, Proximity Sensor, Compass
  • GPS module: GPS with A-GPS network-assisted GPS navigation function


  • Battery Capacity- 2100mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium battery
  • Talk Time- N/A
  • Stand by: N/A

Other Advantages

  • FM Radio-Yes
  • SMS-Threadview
  • MMS-Yes
  • Email-Yes
  • Browser  HTML

Color: Noble black
Dimensions: 135.5 × 70 × 8.6mm
Weight: 132g

Color: Noble black

Camera Sample of Walton X1


Walton Primo X1 Price In Bangladesh: 18690 TAKA


Xiaomi MI-2: The Phone That Blows Away The iPhone 5

I really understand that people really want to be the first to get the latest Apple product. However, what I don’t understand is if they don’t mind waiting why not hold on for a few more months and grab much more powerful Chinese phones?

Xiaomi Mi-2

Xiaomi Mi-2 Buy Online

The Xiaomi Mi-2 will be on sale from next month but before you get super excited and start filling in pre-orders, there are 2 points I would like to mention:

  • The pre-orders are open to customers in China only.
  • Even in China, people will have to wait 1/2 months to get hands on one!
  • Nevertheless, don’t worry as international resellers will offer them (like

But this article is about waiting, and then blowing the iPhone 5 out of the water! Hence, let’s see what we get with the Xiaomi Mi-2.

Xiaomi MI-2 specification

The Xiaomi MI-2 is powered by the stunning Qualcomm Snapdragon 8064 CPU quad-core chip clocked at 1.5ghz and gets a mind blowing 2GB RAM. That’s it that’s all you need this phone is awesome. Buy one!

Ok, ok more details. The MI-2 also has a fantastic screen measuring 4.3 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and 342PPI (That’s more PPI than Retina/Super Amoled Plus/Any Display). Besides, the cameras’ are amazing on the Xiaomi MI-2 too! With the rear being an 8 mega-pixel unit with 28mm wide angle lens! (Just Apple gives on iPhone 4S) & rear one being 2 mega-pixel. What’s more both the front and rear cameras can capture 1080 video.


Read our review of Beidou’s Cheapest Quad Core Android for $156

Xiaomi MI-2 price

The MI-2 will go on sale for 1999 Yuan ($316) for the 16GB model. There will also be a 32GB version but pricing has yet to be set.

You can pre-order the phone from

  • They ship worldwide.
  • They only charge extra $10 for their profit. (So the original smartphone price is $318+their $10=$328)
  • They’ll set the language English so you don’t have to worry.
  • They’ll send it as a gift item so there will be no customs problem.

Cheapest Quad Core Android by Beidu-Costs Only $150

Why Chinese Phones?

  • Low cost.
  • Great specification.
  • Latest specification.
  • Unique designs.
  • Latest version of Android OS

Who doesn’t want a low-cost phone, with a rocking a unique style and with latest Android OS that can kill iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 specification?

Hence, now we have your interest in the prospect of buying a Chinese Android phone. Well here is the Cheapest Android Dual Core phones that costs around $150. Previously we covered Motorola Atrix 4G in our Android coverage.


Beidou Little Pepper

First, let me tell you first! It is made by Beidou, NOT Baidu! Beidou, if you have never heard of them, they are a Chinese e-seller of electronics who have decided to get involved with this Android phone business.

Bye Bye iPhone!

The Little Pepper is Beidou’s first Android phone, and it is actually the cheapest model here and in fact the cheapest quad-core (yeah 4 CORE!) Android phone in the world!

Beidou Little Pepper Specifications

I really want you to see just how much of an amazing bargain this phone is first!


The screen on the quad-core Little Pepper is larger. It looks almost HTC One X’s size of 4.65 inches and enjoys an improved resolution of 1280×720 pixels.


The upgrades don’t stop there. Moreover, the quad-core Chinese phone also gets an 8 mega-pixel rear camera which is a significant upgrade over the dual-core’s 5 mega pixel model.

CPU+Graphics+RAM of Quad-Core Little Pepper

The quad-core Beidou Little Pepper uses a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core CPU clocked at a very impressive 1.5ghz. The Little Pepper isn’t just the cheapest quad-core phone but also one of the most powerful!


Quad-core Little Pepper Specifications

  • CPU: NVIDIA Tegra3 Quad-core 1.5Ghz
  • GPU: Adreno 203
  • OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)
  • Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, others
  • Memory RAM: 1GB / ROM: 4GB
  • Micro SD Memory Card (TF-Card), MAX support 32GB
  • Size 136 x 68 x 9.9 mm
  • Weight 140 g
  • Screen 4.65 inch IPS Capacitive Multi-touch Screen
  • HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels)
  • 16 million colors
  • Network Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • 2G:GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 3G:WCDMA 900/2100 MHz
  • Supports GSM service all over the world
  • Color Black
  • GPS Built In GPS & A-GPS
  • Connection Bluetooth v2.0,A2DP Bluetooth Stereo
  • Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • micro USB 2.0
  • Rear camera 8.0 megapixel with Auto Focus and LED Flash
  • Front camera 0.3 megapixel
  • Supports recording of video 1080P
  • Sensor Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Acceleration Sensor
  • Radio FM
  • Video AVI , MP4 , FLV , 3GP , MOV , ASF , MPEG , RMVB , etc.
  • Audio MP3 , AAC , WAV , etc. / 3.5 mm Audio Jack
  • Special functions Electronic Compass, Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, FM Radio, Wifi, GPS, Multi-touch Capacitive Screen, Dual SIM, Schedule Power On/Off
  • Battery: Li-ion battery 1630 mAh

Why Should I buy the Beidou Little Pepper?

It’s the cheapest quad-core phone in the world and features a better specification than the iPhone 4S!! Plus’s it really is cheap!

How much is the Little Pepper Chinese Phone?

I couldn’t control myself after seeing! the price of the Little Pepper. It is selling on an amazing 699 Yuan ($156)!! It’s so cheap you could buy 4 Little Peppers for the same price as iPhone5.

How can I buy it now?

That’s the sad part! You can’t buy it globally! It’s made for China. The targeted customers are also Chinese. So the Android language is basically Chinese. But it has English built in. Maybe, it doesn’t have Playstore. They use their own Chinese version of Playstore. Though we are not sure about it. However, if anyone wants to give it a shot, they can look here.


The Cheapest & Best Dual Core Android Phone Yet in 2012-2013|Motorola Atrix 4G

Meeting expectation & meeting money, the two main factors to buy a cell phone. In this modern era, smartphone has become an integral part of our life. Many think that we are now in a post PC world (I don’t yet think so!). However, buying a smartphone needs a lot of homework (if your budget is low).

When I was thinking to buy an smartphone, the first & foremost thing I had to think that I need to get an handset that’ll support for the next 1/1.5 years. However, I researched pretty much before buying & on that time within my budget Motorola Atrix 4G was the best budget phone. So I made the choice & bought my first smartphone from Motorola. I say after using nearly 7 months, I had made a great decision to buy this set! (Think! I’m telling this when there is Lumia 900, S2, S3, One X already released & Lumia 920, iPhone 5 in the horizon). I’ll tell you why this Atrix 4G still kicking ass! Open-mouthed smile

Motorola Atrix 4G: Killer configuration with fingerprint reader

Remember when the Atrix 4G was launched in CES with the Dual Core processor? Man it’s the first Android that packs Dual Core processor! Just like S3 packed quad core for the first time! On that time, nearly every major reviewers like phonedog, phonearena, engadget, cnet – everyone took Atrix 4G pretty seriously wrote their review! Surprisingly, each one of them gave 4.0+ stars. You should’ve known already that it’s one of the best smartphone, ever Motorola produced!

Let me write why it has so killer configuration! 4″ LED qHD display (surely not as bright & saturated as Apple’s Retina or Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus. However, it really doesn’t matter in normal light. That only matters when you are in sunlight), dual core 1gHz processor (it does everything you throw! Besides, dual core 1gHZ still the standard for many company), NVIDIA tegra graphics, 5 megapixel camera and the most importantly the big Lithium Polymer 1950mAh battery. It is really powerful.

Atrix 4G Spec: Still Kicking Ass

You can see the specs at GSMArena. You’d know after seeing the specs that it’s pretty much still one of the high end phone in the market. But it doesn’t get the limelight. People really forget when one smartphone gets a bit older. When the major sites forgot about the set, the people who is going to buy, they just don’t know that Motorola has a set like this & still this is so cheap & acts like high end phone.

Battery of Atrix 4G: Best still!

One of the best thing of Atrix is it’s battery. Motorola’s brand new announced Razr M, Razr HD, Razr – (except the Maxx series) all has the battery around 2000-2100 mAh. They advertise it as ‘Best Battery Life on Android’. Just think a 2010 set has 1950mAh battery on board. Lack of 50mAh will not be a deal breaker for you.

Best Budget Android Smartphone around $200 & Best Budget Android Phone around $300

(Still on 2012..Probably will be on 2013 too)

You’ll ask me why this set is still the best budget Android Smartphone both in $200 & $300. Because if you take the dock it’ll cost $70 more. If you don’t take it (which I did) the set will cost you only around $200. Think just 200 bucks, 16000 taka or 11000 rupee can give you one of the best Android high end set that’ll be comparable to S2, S3, One X, iPhones & Lumias. Can you think that? Surprised smile


You can buy Motorola Atrix 4G Unlocked for nearly $200 on Amazon. Get it if you want a cheap set that’ll perform like the flagships.


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Atrix 4G-Best Android Budget Smartphone still in 2012.


Google’s Answer To Siri: An Updated Google Search in Jellybean!

Google’s Answer To Siri: An Updated Google Search in Jellybean!

As we all know Google unveiled Android’s next version named Jellybean in the Google I/O 2012. Jellybean doesn’t have some noticeable UI changes but it has really performance upgrade in the core. Google claims that Android doesn’t anymore lag. Jelly Bean is butter smooth! 😀

Watch this video & you’ll know Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri.

Siri VS Google Search: Head To Head Comparison


I think Google has really made Google Search now a Siri competitor. The voice really sounds like more human like. (Not like Robotic Siri! 😀 )

Looking forward a port of this to use on Gingerbread eagerly!