How to Root Symphony W15? [Easiest Way]

Root Symphony W15

Do you want to Root Symphony W15 handset? Want to get full access of your system. Want to move your softwares from internal sd to external micro sd? Rooting is a process, by which we can get complete access of Android system. If you already don’t know what rooting is, why do you need it, please read the article here.

Root Symphony W15

Root Symphony W15 – Pre-Requirements

How to Root Symphony W15?

1) Turn off your mobile & take out the sim card & memory card.

2) Go to Settings>>Applications>>Development>>Turn on USB Debugging

3) Connect your mobile via the data cable.

4) Install ADBDriver by double clicking on the exe file.

5) It’ll give a prompt to confirm your installation.

6) Your driver will be installed successfully & you’ll see device status: “OK”



7) Open Unlock Root Pro.

8) Click on 

8) Click the Root Button

9) You’ll see your mobile model with Android OS version. Click it.


11) If everything goes well, it will say to reboot your phone. Click no.

12) Disconnect USB & Reboot your phone.

13) Voila! You’ll see SuperUser Icon with full root access. That mean’s your phone is rooted 🙂

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Here you’ll find Stock Kernel, stock ROM, CWM & pretty much everything you need about W90. However, you should be very careful doing these “HACKING” things because if you can’t do it right, you’ll end up with a bricked phone. I’ll not be responsible if you do any harm to your device. So please, keep calm & patience & read each tutorial 5/6 times & ask yourself that “Do I understand the process clearly?” If the answer is YES, then you may proceed.

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