Why I Absolutely Loved Sleepless in Seattle Even Watching It After 27 Years of Its Release

Today I watched Sleepless in Seattle 27 years after the film got released. And I loved it.

I don’t know why I didn’t see this movie earlier in my life. I usually avoid RomComs because I am keener in thrillers, sci-fi but missing this movie for so long was an utter stupidity.

I should have watched it right after I watched “You’ve Got Mail.” Nora Ephron was behind some of the greatest romantic comedies of all time, including When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, and, of course, Sleepless in Seattle.

I was browsing through the Netflix catalog and somehow found it, and I instantly remembered that it was in my watch list for so long; nevertheless, I kept procrastinating because of the genre.

But after seeing this movie today, I have liked the film SO MUCH, more than I initially hoped so. Some films stick with you beyond its stories, screenplay.

There are some moments in films you keep coming back to see (Cap wielding Mjolnir, Run Forrest Run, I wanted it to be you so badly, I’ll be back, etc.) again and again. This movie is that kind of film.

It starts with a phone call to a late-night radio host, and, suddenly, we are introduced to the ever beautiful Meg Ryan and ever charming Tom Hanks. And they have electrifying chemistry that’s almost palpable.

Sleepless in Seattle tells the story of a bereaved architect (Tom Hanks) who confesses his loneliness to a radio DJ and is subsequently sought out by a woman who lives on the other side of America. A boy wants to see his dad (Hanks) happy after his mother died of cancer. Hanks and Meg Ryan comes into the play as the perfect duo with unparalleled chemistry. The story is full of innocence and a pure heart.

27 years later, the film is still as fresh as it was 2 decades ago. The story is simple, but it was done masterfully.

The movie offers a lot of hard-to-believe scenarios, like meeting on the top of Empire Street Building but still, as a 90s rom-com – you can give that a pass.

A heartwarming movie perfect for a lazy afternoon. It’s also available on Netflix.

Watch the movie on Netflix

Watch Sleepless in Seattle on Netflix

Watch on Netflix

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have a chemistry that’s hard to come by today. Still a classic. See it with your girl.

Bored? Frustrated? Can’t decide what to do?

Give this movie a chance, and I hope you’ll have a smile when you end the movie.

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