Why Friends Matter and Why It Mattered To Me


A 7 character word. It sounds so simple, yet the true meaning of this word is more substantial than we realize.

Friendship is more complicated as an adult, especially in your 20′s and 30′s. You get a lot busy with your work, meet a lot of new people which you do blunder considering friends, explore new paths, make new roads, but amidst the city rush – they stand by us when we’re down, and they’re always up for a night or an afternoon.

Unlike our relationships with our partners or family members, there’s no outright expectation that we have to stay involved in our friend’s lives. Our friendships are voluntary, and it’s the ongoing choice we make to stay connected to our friends that makes the support we received from them so incredibly validating and essential for our overall well-being and self-worth.


I made this cool little video, as a tribute to my friends and to celebrate the 15 long years.

Simply put, having friends, good friends, is essential. Our friends can help us figure out who we are and what it is we really want in life. They encourage us to reach our goals, make it easier to cope with life’s ups and downs, and shield us from mental health struggles, like anxiety and depression.

Even though we’re learning just how meaningful our friendships are for our health, well-being, and success, we just don’t talk about our friendships as much as we do with our other connections.

My friends had a significant and profound influence on me, leading a stress-free life with excellent mental health. And this helped me a lot to focus better, being more productive, be in good health, having a better concentration on learning, and more. Above all, they made me a BETTER HUMAN BEING, and I cannot be prouder for them.

We often take these for granted; however, this pandemic situation has taught us a bit more why friends are absolutely crucial.

Happy friendship day to all. Here’s a thank you note to all those crazy nights, afternoons, hangouts, fights, debates, support, criticism, and more.

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