Top 5 Digital Point & Shoot Cameras of 2016

Top 5 Digital Point & Shoot Cameras of 2016

The world of photography is amazing. You experience new things every time you click the capture button. In order to build beautiful memories and have something imaginative in the future life, it is significant to store the sights in the eye of the camera. Although this useful entity was introduced decades ago but it has been altering its outlook since then. This era has gotten the opportunity to relish digital camera and capture the moments in a more unique way.

Although these new digital products are based on the latest technology aspects but still you don’t need to be an IT expert or engineer to use them. Just the basic knowledge is enough to get amused by the benefits. Many brands are manufacturing the wares like Canon cameras and also Nikon camera collection for the worldwide usage. But they are also focusing on the innovations. Each year some new features and specs are added to the previous versions and hence a distinctive piece comes out.

With the arrival of New Year’s celebrations, new digital cameras are also there to excite the photo-savvy people. Following is the list of five such valuable entities that is alluring the users internationally in 2016.

Sony A7R II

Nikon and Canon are not the only prime brands for camera. Sony is also the well-established and unique association in terms of producing quality wares. Although this Japanese company has also produced also other electronics like telecommunication equipment, consumer electronics and computer hardware, it has also done a wondrous job in creating Sony A7R II. With the weight of 625 grams, this is a pretty portable device for a traveler.

The front panel is constructed by magnesium alloy which makes the structure strong as well as a bit modish. Some of the other characteristics include 5-axis image stabilization, high speed AF with non-native lenses and 42 MP full frame BSI CMOS sensor. The digital camera price is not too high which makes it entirely comfortable for the customers to purchase online. Many of the marketplaces like Amazon are doing the same so that ordinary native of Bangladesh can also enjoy the services.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 II

Olympus Corporation was founded in 1919 and since then it has been wooing the audience with the set of distinctive electronics. Its product called Olympus OM-D E-M10 II has been inserted in the best digital cameras list of 2016. This is because it has introduced lots of interesting factors like Wi-Fi, time-tested 16 MP CMOS sensor and 4K time-lapse mode.

Among the best compact digital cameras, Olympus OM-D E-M10 also has made its name in terms of having apt size. Just a protective case and backpack is enough for you to place this device and go for a long ride. In this way you can capture the perfect sights in the year 2016.

TomTom Bandit

TomTom action camera is the radiant part of its inventory. TomTom Bandit, being recently invented, is admired worldwide by the adventure enthusiasts. With the water-proof feature, this action cam can offer the convenience in all sorts of harsh environments. You can also record action data like acceleration, rotation, speed, footage and integrated G-force. With the careful shipment and quality assurance before sale, few marketplaces sell TomTom Bandit in very reasonable price ranges. Even it has seen that many of the DSLR camera price range is also decreased. One of those is Kaymu which is easily accessible and made it convenient to buy digital cameras online in Bangladesh.

Sony RX100 III

Another product of Sony that has been arrived is Sony RX100 III. Thanks to the skillful developers and highly creative designers that Sony produces such astute items. RX100 III has customizable front lens ring and gives clean HDMI output which makes it the perfect product for high quality image result. Zebra pattern with focus peaking and 3-stop neutral density filter are few of the colors that make this product highly unique. This is also added in the list of finest digital cameras in Bangladesh.

Versatility comes with Panasonic and hence the supreme quality is observed in the end products. This Japanese multinational company has brought to the limelight a new title called Panasonic TZ70/ZS50. Although many people will go for the best DSLR camera collection but this is something more treasured because of the properties like 30x zoom range and Wi-Fi.

It is the time to make the year 2016 more exciting with the help of exciting collection of digital cameras and take the pictures in the new ways that have been never taken before.

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