Getting Started With C++ [Part 1]


Before starting C++, you must know about some basic Programming Techniques. I suggest you start C language to have the gasp of C. This article will only help those who are already a bit acquainted with programming and how things work out in C. You can read more about it on Wikipedia

Intro To C++

Introduction to C++

C++ is a programming language. It was developed some days after of C. So you get all the things of C programming language with some added benefits. C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language. In short, we call this OOP. So why do we need OOP? Statistically lookin more than 50% of the software that were made in the 70s never were used after some usage. More than half was never used. And eventually only 2% were used to their potential.

Procedural Programming vs OOP

Here is a digram which shows key differences:

Procedural Programming vs Object Oriented Programming

C++ History

To build more robust and useful software the industry needed some more powerful tools. The ‘structure’ of C programming language wasn’t exactly cutting it for them. They wanted to bind function with a structure variable (in perspective of C). But in C, a variable can only be linked with, not a function. So in around 1979 Bjarne Stroustrup called ‘C with Classes’ which finally became C++ in ’83.

Object Oriented Programming

An approach that provides a way of modularizing programs.

Basic Concepts/Components Of OOP

  1. Classes
  2. Objects
  3. Data Abstraction/Encapsulation
  4. Inheritence
  5. Polymorphism


We’ll know more about CPP in next class. I’ll try to make things easier. This is just an intro so I know you guys will not understand all things. But I would really suggest to cover most of the topics of C, so this will be easier to understand.

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