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Choosing the best theme for Hosting Business

We started Boss Host BD a little while ago. When starting Boss Host BD, we had three primary goals. The support system should be very easy, quality would be super awesome and the website should be fast and beautiful.

We thought about building Boss Host BD with regular hosting infrastructure at first. But seeing the local market we had to deviate from our decision and we tried to build as easy as possible. Both for us and for the customers.

We started Boss Host BD with a theme from athemes with page builder support. Surely page builder is a great way to build websites but I still think if you want a fast loading website page builder is not the way to go.

After a month with the page builder theme we knew we are not achieving the performance we would like to have. So our team began searching for the best WordPress theme. After three days of extensive research we settled down with Zerif. The awesome one page and multi page theme with almost all necessary features.

Why Zerif Is The Best Hosting Theme

Because it’s ridiculously fast! Very fast! And we love a fast loading theme. We tried Zerif Lite and we instantly fell in love with the theme.

The second thing caught our eye is how the theme can be customized from the customizer. Almost all aspects of the theme can be customized from the default WordPress customizer. We hadn’t needed any page builder plugin. And that means less db query per page and faster response

The third thing was the anesthetics and modern design. Zerif demo was very nice that instantly caught our eye. We loved the simple yet modern look that also provides user a great user experience. The pricing table looked super sleek.

Thirdly, clean code. We checked the theme for schema markup and Google snippet tool. It didn’t give any error! So we decided to go with the theme.

But for our hosting purposes we needed the pricing table. So we had to choose Zerif Pro.

Why Zerif Team is Awesome

Soon after deciding the theme we thought of buying the theme. However, in Bangladesh spending the money in theme is almost like idiotic. But we didn’t want to pirate the theme. So we asked nicely about it to the support team and they were really helpful

After verifying that our intention is really good and we are also trying to renovate the hosting and domain experience in Bangladesh like they are doing in the themes area, they gladly provided a free license to!

Kudos to Zerif Team!