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Hosting From Web Host Python – Should You Go For it?

After searching so many web hosting I have found a technical is a sound web hosting company which offers Litespeed hosting with a very robust platform of hardware. If you want Litespeed reseller with NVME SSD, it will be the best platform for you.

webhostpython review

What is the benefit of Litespeed server?

Litespeed serves static content faster than any other web server. It increases PHP performance due to its custom PHP LSAPI.


Why Web Host Python?

Their Venom Powered SSD Reseller Hosting plans use the latest in SSD technology, NVMe SSD drives. This results in improved SEO, unmatched WordPress, and E-Commerce website loading speeds, and a better end user browsing experience. Basically, Web Host Python provides blazing fast WordPress website loading speeds as well as lightning quick non-WordPress websites. Webhost python deploys all SSD Reseller Hosting plans on ultra-powerful Intel E5 powerhouse servers. With blazing fast speeds and the peace of mind the hard drive protection offers, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about the technical details that we’re here for.

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Benefits of Using NVMe SSD Storage

Web Host Python’s plans come with pure SSD storage. However, their so-called Venom Powered plans come with the latest in SSD technology, the new NVMe SSD drives. These drives reach outstanding speeds that are incomparable to the already fast standard enterprise SSD drives.

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WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting

Billions of websites are built using WordPress as it is free to download and gets installed on all types of hosting environments. The users who want to take benefit of WordPress features and functions can utilize the WordPress plan instead of the standard web hosting plan.

WordPress Hosting Vs Web Hosting

On the other hand, selecting a web hosting plan for the particular project is a tough job. There are multiple factors which you have to look upon before choosing the plans. In case, your requirement doesn’t match with the provider; you need to search for an alternative option.  Here, I will explain the difference between WordPress hosting and Web hosting which will help you to get in-depth knowledge.

Web Hosting Plans: Many Alternative; Many Platforms

The WordPress is an open source platform that can be used by anyone. Most of the hosting plans include WordPress as a site builder tool. Whereas a general web hosting company provides customer support for multiple site builders and solves the issues for the same.

Primary web hosting is a form of shared hosting, in which multiple sites are hosted on a single server that is managed and owned by the hosting provider. However, WordPress is also one of the sites that are hosted on the shared server. The resources like bandwidth and memory are shared by all the users. 

This type of provider should perform all the server management task like installing and updating the features. There are multiple sites present on the same server. Therefore, security is the foremost factor about which a hosting provider must be concerned.  

As the site gets expanded, resources get limited, and up-gradation of the plan is required. In such cases, you can consider the MilesWeb Cheap VPS Hosting plan where you will get managed VPS hosting plans powered by the KVM hypervisor available in four sizes with various technical components and cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD storage. Check below VPS plans:-

VPS Plans

In case, your site is expecting massive traffic then a VPS hosting solution will not meet your requirement, and you have to consider other options like a dedicated or cloud for your website.  All types of hosting solutions permit users to install and run a WordPress site, and the only thing is that they don’t offer services and support that is required to solve issues regarding WordPress. For that you need to consider Cheap WordPress Hosting, to avail the customer support service.

WordPress: A Perfect Solution

The normal web hosting provider offers support for WordPress but the support service offered is not specific to the WordPress platform. The provider can’t offer you a solution for dedicated WordPress to maximize the performance. This is because only WordPress hosting includes unique features of WordPress and hosting environment to meet the actual requirement of the business.

You can check: 

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WordPress hosting consists of the same spectrum of hosting solutions in contrast to general web hosting service, but WordPress is given top priority so that WordPress users will find it easy to get the web hosting solution at every stage of website development.

My Recommendation:- MilesWeb

For best WordPress hosting, you can consider MilesWeb. MilesWeb an Indian web hosting company located in Nashik, Maharashtra. They offer smooth, fast and secure WordPress hosting for all types of businesses. You can reach them via chat, email and phone and their support team is available 24*7*365 day.  If you are a blogger, web developer, WooCommerce store owner, web design agency and digital marketer, then MilesWeb WordPress hosting is the ideal solution to begin the business journey. Their servers are located in India and the USA. Check below plans for WordPress hosting:

plans of WordPress hosting of MilesWeb

Benefits of WordPress:-

  1. WordPress is free
  2. Easy to use
  3. Excellent support service
  4. Superior plugins and themes
  5. Security
  6. Offer themes for multiple niche site
  7. Budget-friendly
  8. Responsive

Benefits of Web hosting:-

  1. Have a control
  2. Customization options
  3. Safety is assured
  4. Online presence


It is ultimately your choice whether to buy general web hosting or WordPress hosting. If you have decided to start a static website, then the typical web hosting plan is good to go! If you are more interested in writing content and looking to enter in the blogging field, then WordPress is the best choice.

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Choosing the best theme for Hosting Business

We started Boss Host BD a little while ago. When starting Boss Host BD, we had three primary goals. The support system should be very easy, quality would be super awesome and the website should be fast and beautiful.

We thought about building Boss Host BD with regular hosting infrastructure at first. But seeing the local market we had to deviate from our decision and we tried to build as easy as possible. Both for us and for the customers.

We started Boss Host BD with a theme from athemes with page builder support. Surely page builder is a great way to build websites but I still think if you want a fast loading website page builder is not the way to go.

After a month with the page builder theme we knew we are not achieving the performance we would like to have. So our team began searching for the best WordPress theme. After three days of extensive research we settled down with Zerif. The awesome one page and multi page theme with almost all necessary features.

Why Zerif Is The Best Hosting Theme

Because it’s ridiculously fast! Very fast! And we love a fast loading theme. We tried Zerif Lite and we instantly fell in love with the theme.

The second thing caught our eye is how the theme can be customized from the customizer. Almost all aspects of the theme can be customized from the default WordPress customizer. We hadn’t needed any page builder plugin. And that means less db query per page and faster response

The third thing was the anesthetics and modern design. Zerif demo was very nice that instantly caught our eye. We loved the simple yet modern look that also provides user a great user experience. The pricing table looked super sleek.

Thirdly, clean code. We checked the theme for schema markup and Google snippet tool. It didn’t give any error! So we decided to go with the theme.

But for our hosting purposes we needed the pricing table. So we had to choose Zerif Pro.

Why Zerif Team is Awesome

Soon after deciding the theme we thought of buying the theme. However, in Bangladesh spending the money in theme is almost like idiotic. But we didn’t want to pirate the theme. So we asked nicely about it to the support team and they were really helpful

After verifying that our intention is really good and we are also trying to renovate the hosting and domain experience in Bangladesh like they are doing in the themes area, they gladly provided a free license to!

Kudos to Zerif Team!

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6 Reasons To Choose BossHostBD Your Next Hosting Provider

If you’re a webmaster or developer or just a regular blogger and have a few websites you already know how much a good hosting provider means to your website. I have been in these area for a long time and I have seen a lot of things in the arena. Moreover, in 2009 I started using a simple blog with shared hosting. Now I have more than 15+ sites to maintain, and it’s not an easy job. Boss Host BD to your rescue.

Boss Host BD

Managing a high traffic site without Cloud Hosting

Frankly, if your site doesn’t get heavy traffic or traffic spikes, any good host will get you the job done. Even a good shared hosting too. But if you’ve already created a site that gets incredibly high traffic often, you may already have been searching for better alternative.

Why not VPS – Virtual Private Server?

  • Many blogger starts as a normal site and soon after they unlock secrets of blogging and gets heavy traffic. That’s when the problem starts to happen. If your shared hosting cannot scale your site, you might look into VPS. And you might not want to do that.

 icon-question-circle Why? 
Because setting up a vps requires special skills to learn. You just simply can’t get a cpanel so you can start setting up things. Vps is a raw platforms and you’ve to set up PHP, MySQL, Apache/Nginx, WordPress cache all by yourself. it can be very cumbersome and can harm your productivity. And here comes the bad part, you need to do all these in Linux command line. If you aren’t familiar running
Sudo apt-get install example

 icon-quote-left You are not up for the job. icon-quote-right

Now let me describe 6 reasons to choose one of the best true cloud hosting providers, Boss Host BD in Bangladesh.

 icon-smile-o Incredibly Simple UI

Boss host BD has a custom made cloud panel for easily assessing the most used settings like MySQL, php version, file manager, auto cms installer and things like that. Moreover, it comes free with your purchase so you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to keep using it, unlike cpanel which requires a monthly license fee.

 icon-bolt Automatic scaling

Imagine a situation, you have got a major Reddit or StumbleUpon traffic and suddenly your visitors have been skyrocketed. Now, more than 90% sites cannot handle that type of traffic because they only allow fixed resources. On this scenario, boss host BD will automatically add required resources on the fly, so your site will be always online. Moreover, the company adds special optimization in the back-end that makes things more smooth.

 icon-tachometer Automatic load balancing

The company uses industry leading Cisco and dell hardware to balance loading. So you will always be on the safe side with the best cloud hosting, Boss Host BD.

 icon-gift Boss Host BD is an All In One Package

Boss Host BD not only gives 24×7 support but also their support extends to properly optimize the site. Their support team is hugely popular among customers and they are an expert on WordPress optimization. They’ll do security optimization to prevent hack attempts, will optimize plugin installation for a further performance boost and lastly they also do a database optimization.

icon-lock Backup always

The server backs up its data twice a day in a different server so even if you delete something or loose anything, they’ll always be safely backed up and you can restore them any time.

icon-dollar Money back guarantee and very friendly support

They offer no question asked money back guarantee for 30 days and their support team has got much appreciation as they are incredibly friendly and pretty much always eager to help you out in critical situations. If you still don’t believe me check their facebook review page and they’ve got incredibly good reviews there.

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Looking For Reliable Xen Provider With Cheap Price? Prometeus Is Here!

Everyone knows how vital is your hosting solution. This is by far the most important thing to run your online business. Everyone wants outstanding hosting performance with cheap price. However, both good & reliable doesn’t come in cheap price always. But at last, I’ve found a good hosting provider who really gives Xen VPS Servers in cheap price which really performs great & reliable. The company has also a great support team. If you haven’t been able to already guess the provider,



I’m a student & I’ve to run my business (websites) with this little money. I can’t pay more than $15 for a hosting provider per month. You know, it’s very difficult & hard to find a hosting solution that performs great & takes less money.

 XEN Packages of Prometeus.Net

Xen VPS Under $15 With 1GB RAM & 2 Core

That’s says all of it! If you want XEN VPS under $15 there won’t be any more option to choice after seeing Prometeus’s package. They’ve come up with a decent specs & asks less than most other hosting providers out there. Nevertheless, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s up to the mark. But I can assure you, Prometeus has been great with me. I’ve been running my websites on their XEN VPS hosting & I’m extremely satisfied.

What So Great About Prometues Xen VPS?

  • Great value for it’s quality service!
  • Decent specs
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Fast Customer Care Reply
  • No downtime. (Haven’t faced yet)

Reliable Service with cheap price.

That says most of it!

Why do I prefer Prometeus More?

I get very high traffic sometime. Sometimes it takes custom CPU & RAM upgrade too! When one day, my traffic overflowed its limit my sites went down! I didn’t know what to do because my CPU & RAM was using 100%. I was so helpless & nothing to do! Sad smile Then I opened a ticket to tell my condition & told them to upgrade my CPU & RAM for an week. They did it so fast that I got astonished to see this fast customer service! Smile I’ve been extremely satisfied with them! Besides, their professionalism proves how professional they are in this criteria.

Awards & Rewards

Prometeus won the LowEndBox Q4 2012 Top Providers award yet again! This is the 2nd time & that makes 2 in a row. They said,

Let’s see what LEB says,


In first place, for the second time in a row, with 148 Points, is Prometeus! Salvatore wishes to thank everyone who voted for Prometeus and to show his appreciation has sent us a special offer.

Want XEN VPS ($15-$20) in Cheap Price With Reliable Service?

Go For Prometeus.Net Now!