How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database using Best Techniques Available

Description – Do you want to recover damaged SQL database? If yes, then follow this blog and learn how to repair corrupt SQL database in the best possible way.

Find Out How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database

repair damaged SQL database

If are having a damaged SQL database and you want to fix the database then it can be a tedious task if you don’t know the proper technique. There are two ways to recover damaged SQL database, first is a manual method and the second one is a professional third party software which is a reliable and easy solution as well. There are a lot of applications available to perform the recovery procedure but getting the best one is also a difficult task. But, before knowing the apt solution for recovery, we will first discuss the reasons of the corruption.

What is SQL Server?

SQL is a database management system mostly used to store and retrieve data by other applications. It is developed by Microsoft and uses three types of files to store and manage data. The three types of file formats managed by SQL Server are Primary Files (MDF), Secondary Files (NDF) and Log Files (LDF).

  1. The primary database files of SQL Server have a .mdf file extension. Every database has one primary file and it contains data and objects which include Indexes, Columns, Views, Tables, Keys, Functions, Values, Stored Procedures, Default Values, Triggers, etc. It also stores the startup information of the database.
  2. The secondary files of the SQL Server are the optional files and have .ndf file extension. You can create n number of NDF files as per requirement. These files are commonly used to spread data across several disks. NDF files can also be used to store user data in them.
  3. Log files are the backup files of SQL database. These files are used to recover the database in case the SQL data gets corrupt. Log files have .ldf file format and every database has at least one log file. It stores log information of the database.

Reasons Behind SQL Database Corruption

SQL Server database can get damaged due to various possible reasons. As MDF files are the primary database files which contain users data. So, its corruption can cause the entire SQL database corrupt. The multiple reasons that can cause damage to the database are mentioned below:

  • Corrupt storage media where the MDF files are stored.
  • Saving SQL database in compressed folders.
  • Modifications in SQL Server account.
  • Accidental deletion of data.
  • Damaged file header.
  • Bugs in disk drives.
  • Network failure while the database is in working condition.
  • Unexpected system shutdown.
  • Virus attack on the database.

When the SQL database gets corrupted then it becomes inaccessible i.e. you cannot access the database and throws multiple error messages until you don’t fix damaged SQL database. If you are a database administrator, then you have to take immediate action to prevent data loss present in the database.

How to Repair Corrupt SQL Database Manually

There are some manual solutions available to recover damaged SQL database but they do not ensure efficient and secure recovery.

You can use LDF file i.e. Log files available to restore the database. Although, log files are not capable enough to retrieve the entire database and in some cases, these backup files also get damaged if the corruption level is severe.

Another solution to fix corrupt SQL database is to use the database console commands i.e. DBCC DEBREPAIR and DBCC CHECKDB. These commands can be useful to recover the damage if it is a minor one and these commands are not efficient enough in all corruption cases. One more point which is to be kept in mind while executing these commands is that you should have certain technical knowledge which is not easy for non-technical users.

Expert Solution to Recover Damaged SQL Database

As there are both manual and automated solution available for the recovery of the database but the third party solution is always suggested. As the manual solutions have some limitations like they are not time efficient and requires so many efforts. While performing the database console commands, you should be technically sound as if any mistake occurs either intentional or non-intentional, it can cause permanent loss of data residing in the database. On the other hand, the automated solution is designed specially to fix corrupt SQL database whether it has minor or major corruption level. It has the ability to recover all kind of data items present in the database such as Tables, Columns, Indexes, Values, Functions, etc.


After analyzing the issues faced by the users while using MS SQL, we have discussed both manual and expert solutions to repair corrupt SQL database in this article. The reasons behind the corruption of SQL database are also discussed.

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