Download Impossible Five – A MUST WATCH WORST NATOK!

So you’rIe fan of Airtel’s Natoks & want to watch this year’s Airtel presented Natok? Don’t worry bro! Impossible Five worth a watch & I’ll provide the Youtube Link to watch Impossible Five at the end of this post.

Impossible Five – Impossible To Tolerate!

Impossible Five was hyped as previous Airtel natoks. The expectation was certainly high because of the previous Airtel natok. “18@All Time Dourer Upor” was really an awesome enjoyable natok in our scenario. That certainly represented the culture of youth of our country. So, everyone was expecting a fairly good installment after highly succesfull 18@all time dourer upor.


But here it comes! Impossible Five. I don’t afraid to declare that this is THE WORST NATOK I’VE EVER SEEN. Even BTV shows better than this one. I mean c’mon man! The director must be joking with the audiences! My feeling while watching the natok is kinda this!

Download Impossible Five

Yeah I wanted to break my monitor :|

Impossible Five – Short Review

My initial reaction after seeing this goes like this. I also posted this as my Facebook status.

Want to slap me thrice to even think to watch the so called, Impossible Five! Natok is recorded by the worst camera I’ve ever seen, didn’t seem to me there was even any screenplay. & story? Don’t even tell me about it.

My feeling: You got to be kidding me Mr. Director!

I want to suggest everyone to download & watch it. You’ll have a clear thought how worst a natok can be! #‎GOnWatch

There are tons of status like this, flying in facebook. Still I wanted to watch it because I needed to know how bad it could be!

Why You Need To Watch Impossible Five

I wouldn’t write this review if you don’t need to watch it. You certainly need to watch this PATHETIC, WASTE OF MONEY, WASTE OF TIME, NO BRAINER, WORTHLESS, WORST Telefilm because you need to know how bad a natok can be! How worst can be its direction! How faltu can the screenplay be! Just watch it from Youtube below!

Download Impossible Five

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