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Free Modern UI Skin for Thesis – Get While It’s Hot!

What is Modern UI

Well, if you use Windows 8, Windows Phone you already know what Modern UI is. Modern UI, formerly known as Metro UI,  is a typography-based design language created by Microsoft. Metro was invented by Microsoft Research in order to reduce noise from the UI and better focus on the content, relying more on typography and less on graphics. You can download Free Modern UI Skin for Thesis Theme here.

The apps that you see on Windows Phone & Windows 8 use that design theme.

Connecting Metro with Thesis

Frankly speaking, I loved Modern UI in my first glimpse. It was pretty enough for the eyes & still fast enough because it takes very less resources to render the UX.

Free Modern UI Skin for Thesis

I really wanted to take the idea of Modern UI & make a Modern UI based skin for the so popular Thesis WordPress Theme. I worked actually 4/5 days to make this skin for thesis.

Free Modern UI Skin for Thesis Theme – Screenshots
Metrofy Thesis preview


Free Download Modern UI Skin for Thesis

Metrofy Thesis is a modern UI based tasty style theme for use with the Thesis WordPress theme. It possesses Metro UI/UX design principles.


  • Styles for multi-level dropdowns
  • Clean & elegant style.
  • Unique fonts
  • Metro UI inspired.
  • CSS3 supported
  • Unique in-post styles
  • Smooth & works perfectly in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Opera.

Metrofy Thesis 1.0  requires Thesis 1.8.2+.


  • Upload custom.css directory to your Thesis custom folder
  • Set font and colours by uploading the included design options file with the Thesis Options Manager.
    If you have other design options you wish to keep make a note of them, because uploading this file will set all except the custom options for the skin to Thesis defaults.


That’s it! Enjoy!

Download Metrofy Thesis