Lightest Antivirus – Bitdefender 2014 Offline Installer (Always Updated)

What’s The Lightest Antivirus?

A burning question! Everyone wants the answer. Yet, it changes from man to man, varies from PC to PC and changes in time. As of this writing, We found out Bitdefender Free is the lightest and has the tightest protection. It’s a silent guardian and you don’t have to do anything other than installing after installing.

Why Bitdefender 2014 is the lightest antivirus?

Bitdefender 2014 is a great free alternative as a lightweight antivirus which doesn’t need much CPU or RAM. I’ve been a loyal customer of Avast Free for about 3/4 years. Avast does the job well. However, over the past couple of years, Avast itself has become a bit cluttery and takes pretty much amount of RAM and CPUs. We were searching for an even more resource free alternative.

After trying several antivirus like Baidu, McAfee, Avast – We can say Bitdefender is the lightest. 

System Resource Screenshot:

We can see, it takes almost 20MB RAM on average

We are not alone. PCmag also says about the same thing.

Extremely unobtrusive. Can work entirely in the background. No configuration settings. Good results in PCMag’s malware blocking and removal tests. Excellent results from independent testing labs. Excellent phishing protection. Free!

[tabs][tab title=”Pros”]Very well built for beginner users. No configuratin or decision making needed.[/tab] Well built for beginners [tab title=”Cons Title”]Can be frustrating for advanced users[/tab] [/tabs]

You can download the always updated Bitdefender 2014 Free Editon from here.

[button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”center”]Download[/button-green]

3 thoughts on “Lightest Antivirus – Bitdefender 2014 Offline Installer (Always Updated)”

  1. I am already using Bitdefender Anti virus. But it gives only 6 months free update edition. I heard that Bitdefender is a paid anti virus. Does your version works free alltime?


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