I lost my dad this month, and it’s tough coping up without him

Bruce Falling

I want to share a story that happened to me in 2016, but I signed a legal NDA with Microsoft not to disclose it for a certain period of time.​

In 2016, I got connected with Microsoft’s Windows Vice President of that time (how I got connected with him is a whole different story). I started emailing him regularly with many of my thoughts about improving Windows 10 as it was in very early beta. ​

Just like how Bruce Wayne falls down to a pit when he lost his dad, my emotions reflect the same.

We exchanged many ideas and he often asked me to give prototypes and demonstration of the features. I sent the demo, prototypes with more enthusiasm each time the next day. ​

Many of my ideas and feature ideas later got shipped with Windows 10. (Windows Defender self-security, the new screenshot tool which is replacing Snipping Tool, many improvements in Windows 10 Mobile, Automatic Sign in with Microsoft Account are just some of the ideas that got deployed in later years). I also gave an idea of a browser that updates itself, detaching from Windows 10, which I was surprised to see because the idea was pretty similar like the new MS Edge.​
Anyways, the reason I’m sharing this is not about these features that got deployed later on. For these contributions, the Microsoft team wanted to gift me something back in the days. They sent a brand new top-tier Core i7 Surface Pro 3 with a stylus and everything to me. As I had been a tech guy since I was a teen, this was like my wildest dream come true. Freaking Microsoft’s Windows Vice President sent me a top-tier, max spec’d Surface Pro 3! I couldn’t wait to use it.​

So after getting it shipped to Bangladesh and unboxing, my father couldn’t believe it. He was so astonished and was so awe’d by the laptop. I could see he loved the computer. Since it was mine, he never could have asked it for himself because he knew I was damn excited for the Surface Pro 3. But seeing his excitement, I took a decision that day. I thought to myself – I am still pretty young, and an expensive gadget like this – doesn’t suit me. It would be best if my father uses it and I instantly gifted one of my most precious gifts to him. He was delighted, and he used it till the last week before he went into a coma and eventually passed away.​

My father would have been 62 today (it was his birthday today). I had to open the laptop today to collect some old data files. I’m proud that I gave it to him as a gift a few years back (and made him a bit proud). ​
It’s tough coping up with the situation. If you have your parents, do take care of them. If you can, please pray for my father’s departed soul in your next prayer.

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