HP Releases Chromebook 13 With Sleek New Design

HP Releases its Premium Chromebook 13

It is true that electronic products have become the prime need of everyone and each person is seen dependent on these treasured entities. No-one could escape the benefits and hence either at the individual level or at the corporation level, digital and electronic devices are ruling.

There are many brands are coming up with some exciting digital commodities. Gratefully we have the names like HP and Chromebook that have merged their essential aspects to make the masterpiece called HP Chromebook 13. We have usually observed the smooth structure and efficient performance of every HP laptop but this good is quite being admired by the audience.

Chromebook is basically the series of laptops that operate via Chrome operating system designed by Google. The hardware structures are developed by various bright names like Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Adobe and Asus but this time, HP has shown its brilliant side. HP Chromebook 13 is released at the end of April 2016 in US and expected to be released worldwide in May.

HP Chromebook 13 specs – the features to flatter

This new Chromebook is all about its slim structure and smoothness. The thickness is nearly 12.9 mm. The entire body is metal based upon brushed aluminum. The total weight is 1.29 kg which is quite light to be effortlessly carried. Because of its lightness and thin body, it is said to have resemblance to Apple’s MacBook Air.

The battery life also matters a lot when we have to utilize the laptop for longer period of time. HP has proudly announced that this Chromebook will have the life of 11.5 hours which is quite a good number for an efficient computer system like this. On the other hand, the approximately 13 inches of screen resolution gives a broad view of the graphic with sharpness and clarity. Although it is a new product but many of the online marketplaces choose the latest entities to sell in reasonable amounts and with safety to each and every customer. Kaymu is one them which is soon making the availability of Chromebook in Bangladesh easier.

Other specifications include the ports, which encompass a headphone jack, a microSD card reader, two USB Type-C ports and one plain old USB 3.0. These aspects will surely be seen in the HP Chromebook 13 in the catalog of online portals like Amazon that never compromise on quality and always satisfy the customers, making it comfortable to get this HP laptop in Bangladesh.

The sophisticated design and a backlit keyboard makes this product the perfect piece for the office. Even if you are using it while sitting on the bench outside, it will still depict the same flattering beauty. The audio and video quality is also considered to be excellent and 3200 x 1800 pixels demonstrate the best pictures.

The initial HP Chromebook price is said to be just 499 dollars which means it will be nearly 39,147 takas in Bangladesh. Although this has just been introduced in US yet, soon the world will relish the sheer advantages and distinction of this new product.

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