Dodol Locker – Make Your Android Lockscreen AMAZINGLY COOL

The most awesome feature of Android is, how deeply you can customize it. The customization was one of the key things back in 2011, when Android became a super hit across the globe. This post is bringing you one of the great new locker that will replace the stock lock screen on your Android smartphone.

So why would anyone want to replace the lock screen? Well, keep in mind that not most of the Android smartphones come with a lock screen provided by the manufacturer, and while some custom lock screens work fine, others aren’t all that great.


Dodol Locker – The Awesome Locker

Brings You Great Wallpapers with Simplicity

First of all, the best feature of Dodol Locker that it presents a great UI with great simplicity. Nowadays, designs are often cumbersome and don’t please the eyes. However, after installing about 10 more locker apps, I knew I just found the right one for me.

Features of Dodol Locker

1) The world’s most beautiful themes

They offer really unique & cool themes, including beautiful and natural basic themes, simple, elegant, cute, pretty, and dazzling themes.
Themes that can be used to decorate your phone just the way you want to, are offered in Google Play Store, and can also be easily accessed through the ‘Theme Shop’, located in the Dodol Locker screen.

Screenshot of my Dodol Lockscreen

Dodol Locker Android
2) Decorate themes, just the way you want to!

– Add your photos to the colorful wallpapers the themes provide, replace button-type themes with your frequently used apps, erase battery status and dates… Change the themes to meet your needs!
– Decorate themes can be accessed easily through the Dodol Locker screen. Continuous improvements will be made to the service to provide users with more freedom to decorate!

The best locker we’ve seen!

3) Lock with patterns/passwords, and use with ease!
– Offers powerful security features (Pattern and PIN numbers).
– Can be used easily from the Dodol Locker security setting menu and is activated naturally.

Use Pin/Password from the App itself

Dodol Locker for Android 02Dodol Locker for Android 17

4) Use Your Custom Wallpapers

You can also use your custom wallpapers too as the locker wallpaper. There are some built in and nice widgets too. The date, clock and weather looks really great on the screen. If you use multiple wallpapers, each time when you open your smartphone, you’ll be presented randomly a newer wallpaper that you have predefined. This makes your smartphone fresh always!

Dodol Locker for Android 10 Dodol Locker for Android 11

Round Up

We’ve tested various lockscreen including Go Locker, Widget Locker, Holo Locker etc. Most of them, takes the usual way. But Dodol Locker has profoundly impressed us and we couldn’t wait to review this up. This is the best possible locker screen in our view. Go on and try it. Let us know what you think.

Can easily beat other locker in terms of User Interface

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