Why Windows 10 Mobile Absolutely Sucks!

Windows 10 Mobile Sucks

Another day, another Windows 10 mobile post when the writer is bashing the platform? Seems, a bit regular no? Yes, Microsoft has been pushing the windows mobile platform for quite some time now and there’s no result. When I tried the first Insider Release, I pointed out what Windows 10 Mobile needs to fix in order to be alive in the mobile game. Seems, they didn’t notice that much. So today, after trying the near final RTM build of Windows 10 Mobile, I had to write a post explaining why Windows 10 Mobile sucks!

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Since July 29, Windows 10 Desktop has been installed in more than 75 million PCs. A recent blog post from Windows Chief Terry Myerson, says that Windows 10 has been installed on 110 million PCs. Today Microsoft released Build Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10586, which is the RTM version of Windows 10 Mobile. Means, this version of Windows will be preloaded on the latest Lumia 950/950XL.

Windows 10 Mobile Sucks

What Went Wrong With WP7/WP7.5/WP8

Let’s be honest. According to the latest numbers, WP has only 1.7% market share. The main reason Microsoft never could get any market share because they hadn’t cooked the basic features in an OS. For example, WP7 didn’t have any copy-paste until WP7.5 came a year later. WP8 was a reboot, abandoning all super loyal Windows fans, hoping to leave the mess of WP7. While the design of WP8 was cool but they still lack functionality. They said they’re bringing features “soon” from 2012, and it still hasn’t changed much.

What Microsoft didn’t learn & make the same mistake again

Microsoft didn’t learn from its mistake. It still gives people hope that they are going to add features “Soon”. They’ve killed all Lumia exclusive apps. Made OneDrive users angry by cutting up their storage quota, their Skype, Outlook apps run far better in Android/iOS and their Windows 10 Mobile is a half baked OS again.

Windows 10 Mobile Has No Design Language

I already penned what needs fixing and all of the flaws are still there.  Windows 10 Mobile design inconsistency has made things worse. After trying the RTM build, problems I faced

  • The Windows Store keeps trying updating apps that have been removed from Store. It keeps trying updating them and fails
  • Buggy start screen and transition. The smoothness of WP8 is nowhere to be found.
  • Apps crash every 5/7 minutes.
  • Tried to turn on flashlight from Quick Access, the whole OS hanged. Had to pull out battery to fix it.
  • The Store doesn’t show what’s been downloaded or downloading via Notifications.
  • The Design has gone worse. There are old style dialogue buttons somewhere, some has new styles, pictures are circular despite 5000+ feedbacks against it.
  • The app store downloading app list goes black while I’m using a light theme.
  • App list crashes coming from another app

….. And thousands more.

A Bad Strategy of Releasing Unfinished Product And Improving It Gradually – The very reason why Windows 10 Mobile Sucks!

What went wrong all over again with Windows 10 Mobile? It’s the core strategy. They’re releasing a 50% finished product on November 20 thinking that people will be happy with it and wait for the gradual improvement. Hahaha! They maybe didn’t give a thought that people use mobiles and smartphones as primary devices. Not as a secondary OS on PC like you can always switch to Windows 7 if you want. Gabe Aul, Windows Insider lead said they sat down with designers to fix “Context Menu” across the OS after insiders complaints. Wait what? Isn’t it a regular thing to have a good design? Why you “HAVE TO” do it after complaints? What are the designers doing without complaints then?

Infographic – Windows Phone

How Windows Mobile Failed To Achieve Everything
How Windows Mobile Failed To Achieve Everything

At the end of the day, I can only say to drop Windows Mobile completely, fork Android, put their version of Android w/ all Microsoft services and sell those super awesome Lumia hardwares. Otherwise, go home Microsoft, you’re drunk!

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