Valentine’s Day Gift Idea & DIY Card

Valentine’s Day Origin History

It’s natural everyone wants to gift something to him/her on Valentine’s Day & you want some Valentine’s Day Gift Idea, however on this day, let’s look back on how Valentine’s Day first originate from Rome. St. Valentine was imprisoned in jail as he had been performing marriages for people who were forbidden to marriage. During his time in jail, he healed the jailer’s daughter. On the day of his execution, he wrote her a letter and signed “Your Valentine”


This practice of Valentine’s day became popular in 1950s and in Bangladesh the practice started around 2006/2007

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1) Gift Her/Him Some Movie Character Toy/Gadget


It’s simple. If she likes Baymax or Minions, gift her according to these according. There are lot of gifts around which resembles these characters. However, if you are gifting for him, make sure you pick up something more manly. For example, if he likes Avengers or Star Wars, you could gift him BB-8 or Iron Man figure. He would definitely like it.

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