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Thank you for considering posting a comment! I love getting comments of many kinds. If you’re not sure what you should be writing about I’ve compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts to help you out. :)


  • leave a comment!
  • ask questions — I love answering questions and helping people out. If I don’t know the answer someone else might and we’ll both learn.
  • read and respond to other people’s comments — there’s nothing better than a site where people discuss things (and conversely, I don’t love sites where people just give their own opinion and don’t bother with anyone else’s).
  • subscribe to comments via email to follow the discussion and receive responses to your comments.
  • keep slightly on topic — I love tangents, but the best ones are ones that you can trace back to the original topic. If you have something unrelated to the post or other people’s comments use my contact page.
  • be respectful — it’s fine (sometimes even good) to disagree, as long as you do it in a reasonable manner. See this excellent post on how to disagree.
  • read over your comment for spelling mistakes, syntax errors and ambiguous sentences: it sucks when code doesn’t show up or people take your words the wrong way.
  • tell me about problems with my site — I’d hate for you to have to suffer bad layout, poor rendering or broken functions if there was something I could do to fix it.



  • be rude, name call, or swear excessively — I will edit (or delete) your comment if I think it’s unacceptable.
  • spam — I have a good spam filter installed, but if your comment gets through and looks spammy to me I will probably remove it.
  • repost your comment if it doesn’t show up straight away — it might be in moderation or you might be seeing a cached version of the page. If it’s been hours, then you can repost or contact me.
  • post any pirated links, link which is not appropriate for the topic.

Isn’t it nice that there’s so many more Dos than Don’ts?

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