10 Ways Technology Can Make Your LIFE EASIER

There is no doubt that technology has changed our lives to such an extent that if a person from the previous century comes back, he won’t be able to understand that it is the same world in which he lived. In the present century, technology has made unprecedented progress and changed the entire course of the world. With the help of technology, we have better access to things and we are spending a more comfortable life. The man has to work less; automatic machines are there to help him in any regard. Such are the optimistic aspects of technology that we have developed so far.

On the other hand, there are pessimists who think that technology is leading us towards destruction and they have their own arguments. For instance, they argue that the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence will be a turning point in the human history and human beings will be the slave of such artificial but far more intelligent robots.

We must keep in mind that the development of technology in itself is not a bad or destructive thing, but how we use it is the matter of concern. We can use technology in positive as well as in negative ways. We can use nuclear energy for destruction as well as in the generation of power for more beneficial purposes. Ultimately, these are the human decisions that make technology good or bad. Keeping such view in mind it won’t be deniable to say that technology has made our lives easier and secure, and for your better understanding, here is a list of 10 ways that how it did so

  1. Telecommuting opportunities

One can clearly notice the shift from physical force to mental force and genius of a person. In old days, physical force was the standard, but in our days, intelligence is the standard and it is because of technology. Gigantic machines have replaced human beings in heavy physical tasks, the only task that man has to do is to run those machines, and for that purpose, he uses his mind.

Keeping in mind this scenario, in old days, people used to go far off places in search of work because trade and physical labor were among few professions that persons could choose. With the advancement of technology, you can work from your home. You might take this thing for granted, but for a person who was born few centuries before, this could mean a heaven.

Working from home has also reduced many risks like the risk of theft and risk of accidents. With the help of the high-speed internet, you can access whatever you want instead of rushing into crowded streets only to stress yourself.

  1. Instant answers to everything

Do you want to learn? Learn sitting at home. In this advanced world, where technology offers us so many pleasures, it also offers us opportunities to educate ourselves. In this world, remaining ignorant is a choice, not compulsion. In old days, when there wasn’t any press, people used to copy books with their hands and there were few libraries in the entire world.

In today’s world, you can have access to each and every book in the world only with the help of your tablet. You can attend classes online, you can take tests online and you can study on your own by accessing books from the online database.

In many intellectual circles, debating is a charm. In old days debate could last for months because people weren’t sure that what the opposite party quoted, really exists or not. Today, we just search on the internet and the debate is concluded in less than three hours.

We can also find many of our solutions online and it has resulted in the developed awareness among people. They no longer have to rely on clichés and norms. They can read multiple perspectives on the internet and decide for themselves what is better and what not.

  1. Bringing families together

Technology has made this vast earth a little village. As in old days, people only had access to nearby villages at most. Today, we have access all around the globe. We know exactly – by virtue of news channels – what is exactly happening in the world. On the other hand, it is no longer difficult for persons to go abroad for work availing excellent opportunities because whether they remain at home or abroad, they can talk to their family members anytime they want.

In the domestic or local scenario, technology also brings people together. For instance, everybody remains busy all the time, thus it becomes very difficult for him to spare some time for relatives or other friends. As time passes, the distance among people keeps on increasing resulting in the final isolation. But, with the help of technology, people remain connected. It is proved by scientific reports that the people who use social media services are 10 percent closer to their friends and relatives that those who don’t.

  1. GPS makes it difficult to get lost


When people started exploring the water routes, they started their journey keeping in mind that it is possible they would never be able to come back again. Naval journeys far apart, people even were lost in their own cities. Today, we have GPS which not only tells us our place but also gives us directions about how to reach a specific destination. It has made the journeys easier and comfortable.

  1. Exercise incentive

Exercise is vital for health and as the common saying goes, they healthy body contains the healthy brain. If anyone wants to be efficient in his work, he must realize the importance of exercise because if not done properly, lack of exercise initially can cause frustration leading to serious health issues.

It is claimed by many critics that when the technology developed, people confined themselves to their rooms without showing any interest in physical activities whatsoever. This is true and cannot be denied keeping in mind the mind absorbing games etc. But, technology has again changed its course and your mobile or other gadgets can provide you incentive to exercise on regular basis. One such example is the newly trending game, Pokémon Go. The more you walk, the more you are rewarded in this game.

  1. Reduce wasted resources with used items

Can you imagine how people found old or used items in earlier times? They certainly bought used items because the industry wasn’t developed much and they relied on hand-made domestic things and exchanged these things for other materials like food which they needed. Today, we can buy a used or second-hand thing from almost any corner of the world. We can do say by exploring on the internet and then contacting directly with the person who owns that thing without any mediators.

On one hand, it has made our live easier; on the other, it has also helped us in making our environment clean because we tend to use more and more second-hand things. Buying old things reduces landfills, thus resulting in the comparatively cleaner environment. You can find everything in second-hand good condition ranging from books to most developed technological gadgets.

  1. The rise of smart cities

Technology can also persuade us to be more eco-friendly by spreading awareness. Many social organizations start their campaigns on social media services and as it is most likely that you use social media service, you will be aware of it instantly.

In a more systematic way, many companies have developed software which helps you set your goals regarding the consumption of natural resources. For this purpose, companies are building smart cities. In such cities, you will have a dashboard installed in your home which will tell you about the daily usage of the natural resources. By setting goals, you can make sure that you are consuming less and consequently, making less waste.

  1. Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the most helpful and distinguished features of the modern technology. First technology created a global village in which you could have access to anything you want and then it created ways in which you can get things sitting at your home by giving you the assurance of delivery services and transactions.

As most people are busy today, they cannot spare much time to go to shopping centers for grocery shopping or for other necessary things that they want. Now, they can simply pick their tablet, buy anything they want – ranging from food items to household things and furniture – and the things will be delivered to their house. Isn’t it amazing? It saves your time as well as gives you best possible deals. There are many websites that offer outstanding discounts if you are shopping online and Groupon is one such website.

  1. Safe

    Online Payments

Keeping in mind the increasing scope of the online shopping and how identity thieves are making use of it for theft and other negative inclinations, many companies pondered to develop a new and secure way for transactions, and finally, they succeeded. The result is safer online payments and easier transactions.

For instance, one such example is Apple’s Pay App, which stores all your accounts data at a much secured source and if you want to make any transaction you can use this app and can access your account with the help of a fingerprint. No matter where you are, you remain safe and unworried from the physical heft as well as from the online robbery.

The other such example is PayPal. This service also keeps your information secure and lets you do shopping and other online transactions without any discomfort.

  1. Improved healthcare

Technology has improved healthcare because of the awareness people receive by using social media services. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the technology has improved the health care to such an extent that such improvement is never recorded in the entire course of history. It was because of two different reasons: the first one is the development of some apps related to healthcare and the second is the manufacturing of machines that help you in doing exercise.

Many applications are developed which let you test your blood sugar or heart beat only with the help of your mobile. You don’t have to go to a faraway hospital for check-ups; you have all the necessary instruments in your house which you can use to make sure that your health is perfect.

On the other hand, the presence of exercise machines inside houses has given people a great incentive for regular exercise. Even though it is better to do exercise in the open air but the main thing is doing it, and you can do it anywhere you want. Some people are afraid to go outside and other feel shy; so the presence of exercise machine ensures your fitness.

All these things conclude that technology has made our lives much easier and secure.