Xiaomi MI-2: The Phone That Blows Away The iPhone 5

I really understand that people really want to be the first to get the latest Apple product. However, what I don’t understand is if they don’t mind waiting why not hold on for a few more months and grab much more powerful Chinese phones?

Xiaomi Mi-2

Xiaomi Mi-2 Buy Online

The Xiaomi Mi-2 will be on sale from next month but before you get super excited and start filling in pre-orders, there are 2 points I would like to mention:

  • The pre-orders are open to customers in China only.
  • Even in China, people will have to wait 1/2 months to get hands on one!
  • Nevertheless, don’t worry as international resellers will offer them (like

But this article is about waiting, and then blowing the iPhone 5 out of the water! Hence, let’s see what we get with the Xiaomi Mi-2.

Xiaomi MI-2 specification

The Xiaomi MI-2 is powered by the stunning Qualcomm Snapdragon 8064 CPU quad-core chip clocked at 1.5ghz and gets a mind blowing 2GB RAM. That’s it that’s all you need this phone is awesome. Buy one!

Ok, ok more details. The MI-2 also has a fantastic screen measuring 4.3 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and 342PPI (That’s more PPI than Retina/Super Amoled Plus/Any Display). Besides, the cameras’ are amazing on the Xiaomi MI-2 too! With the rear being an 8 mega-pixel unit with 28mm wide angle lens! (Just Apple gives on iPhone 4S) & rear one being 2 mega-pixel. What’s more both the front and rear cameras can capture 1080 video.


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Xiaomi MI-2 price

The MI-2 will go on sale for 1999 Yuan ($316) for the 16GB model. There will also be a 32GB version but pricing has yet to be set.

You can pre-order the phone from

  • They ship worldwide.
  • They only charge extra $10 for their profit. (So the original smartphone price is $318+their $10=$328)
  • They’ll set the language English so you don’t have to worry.
  • They’ll send it as a gift item so there will be no customs problem.