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Looking For Reliable Xen Provider With Cheap Price? Prometeus Is Here!

Everyone knows how vital is your hosting solution. This is by far the most important thing to run your online business. Everyone wants outstanding hosting performance with cheap price. However, both good & reliable doesn’t come in cheap price always. But at last, I’ve found a good hosting provider who really gives Xen VPS Servers in cheap price which really performs great & reliable. The company has also a great support team. If you haven’t been able to already guess the provider,



I’m a student & I’ve to run my business (websites) with this little money. I can’t pay more than $15 for a hosting provider per month. You know, it’s very difficult & hard to find a hosting solution that performs great & takes less money.

 XEN Packages of Prometeus.Net

Xen VPS Under $15 With 1GB RAM & 2 Core

That’s says all of it! If you want XEN VPS under $15 there won’t be any more option to choice after seeing Prometeus’s package. They’ve come up with a decent specs & asks less than most other hosting providers out there. Nevertheless, cheap doesn’t always mean it’s up to the mark. But I can assure you, Prometeus has been great with me. I’ve been running my websites on their XEN VPS hosting & I’m extremely satisfied.

What So Great About Prometues Xen VPS?

  • Great value for it’s quality service!
  • Decent specs
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Fast Customer Care Reply
  • No downtime. (Haven’t faced yet)

Reliable Service with cheap price.

That says most of it!

Why do I prefer Prometeus More?

I get very high traffic sometime. Sometimes it takes custom CPU & RAM upgrade too! When one day, my traffic overflowed its limit my sites went down! I didn’t know what to do because my CPU & RAM was using 100%. I was so helpless & nothing to do!

Sad smile
Then I opened a ticket to tell my condition & told them to upgrade my CPU & RAM for an week. They did it so fast that I got astonished to see this fast customer service!
I’ve been extremely satisfied with them! Besides, their professionalism proves how professional they are in this criteria.

Awards & Rewards

Prometeus won the LowEndBox Q4 2012 Top Providers award yet again! This is the 2nd time & that makes 2 in a row. They said,

Let’s see what LEB says,


In first place, for the second time in a row, with 148 Points, is Prometeus! Salvatore wishes to thank everyone who voted for Prometeus and to show his appreciation has sent us a special offer.

Want XEN VPS ($15-$20) in Cheap Price With Reliable Service?

Go For Prometeus.Net Now!

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