How To Save/Export WhatsApp Chat as PDF?

 icon-question-circle How to Save Whatsapp Chats as PDF?

So sometimes, if you have a conversation on Whatsapp, that you want to store as PDF which you can open or read offline or access in your convenient time, but you don’t know how this might be actually possible? Yes, it can be done and you just need to have a bit of patience through the process. Then, you can always read your bae’s chat history anytime you would like.

 icon-info-circle Apps Needed for Exporting Whatsapp chat as PDF

  • WPS Office
  • Whatsapp

 icon-file How to Export Whatsapp Chat As PDF?

  • Open your desired chat which you want to export and click the dot in the upper top-right corner.
  • Click More
  • Click Email Chat (Without Media because it takes time to export media files)
  • Select Without Media
  • Choose your email app and send to your own email.
  • Open your email
  • Download the attached txt file.
  • Open the txt file with WPS office.
  • Click Tools >> Export To PDF
  • Set your saving path and you’re done!

    You have your Whatsapp chat now exported as PDF which you can use for any purpose you want.

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