How To Fix Bangla Problem on Firefox?

Are you facing any problem seeing Bangla websites? Don’t your Bangla come properly? Do they often breaks? Do they have akar okar ekar problem? If you’re having problem seeing Bangla on Mozilla Firefox, then I’m goona show to you how to fix it. It’s rather easy. :)

Fix Bangla Problem on Firefox

Download Latest SolaimanLipi

Click here to read why I created SolaimanLipi 2 to have better Bangla everywhere. Download SolaimanLipi 2 from here first.

How to Solve Bangla Problem on Firefox?

1) Click Tools>Options [in older versions] or Firefox Button>Options [in newer versions].

Bangla problem in Mozilla Firefox

2) A new window will show up. Click on Content Tab. Then Select Default font to SolaimanLipi/Siyam Rupali/Nirmala UI. Then Click the ADVANCED button.

Bangla problem in firefox

3) Again, a new window will show up. Configure that window like the below screenshot. Or you can choose any other good Bengali font for Serif, Sans-Serif & Monospace. I’d recommend either SolaimanLipi 2/Nirmala UI Then click OK. Click OK on the previous window also.

Bangla font problem in laptop


Done! You’ve solved Bangla Problem on your Firefox easily. :) You’ll see all Bangla text rendering properly on your Mozilla Firefox. If you still have any problem viewing Bangla problem then please let me know via comments.


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