Electricity Bill Calculator

Electricity Bill Calculator Android App

Electric BIll Calculator Bangladesh is the first app in Bangladesh which can help you to calculate your monthly electricity bill. The electricity bill is calculated by the latest tariffs from DESCO (Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited).

The app now uses the latest tariff which was announced in 2015 September. We’ll update the app if BD Government changes the tariff.

The app not only shows you the total bill but also indicates in which purpose the bill is calculated. For example, if you have 200 Unit used in a month, the app will show how much it costs from 1-75 units and it also shows how much it costs from 76 Unit to 200 Unit. Then it sums up the whole tariff and adds 55 taka meter bill with it. After adding meter bill, it calculates the grand total by adding 15% VAT.

It is a very useful app for house renters and also for house owners. It makes your life easy as you don
t need to solve the bill manually by hand. Saves you time and money! Makes you efficient!

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